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Fresh Produce

Sweet Celebration Seedless Red Grapes

Crispy with wonderful flavour!

21st Mar 2019 | Fresh Produce

Sweet Celebration is one of a new generation of red seedless grapes with excellent eating qualities. Its size is medium to large with the colour being a pink-red to magenta-red. Its texture is crisp with very little mouth-feel from the skin, and the taste is nicely balanced between sweetness and acids. This is a very sweet grape, but with the acid balance, may have wider appeal. Firm texture with crunchy skin, wonderfully juicy & deliciously sweet. Now available from our produce department!

Baby Pigface

Australian Bush Tucker

15th Mar 2019 | Fresh Produce

Pigface is a salty-sweet fruit with an awkward name, but it's all kinds of delicious. That somewhat unfortunate name is apparently a reference to its looks: the pigface plant's flowers are said to resemble a pig's face -  perhaps you might need to use your imagination here. It is also known as karkalla, ice plant or even the beach banana. The fleshy, juicy leaves have a slightly salty taste and because of this it makes for a great salt substitute - it works wonders in salads, and as a great accompaniment to meat, seafood or even egg dishes - perhaps your next breakfast addition? Now available from our produce department!

R2E2 Mangoes

$1.99 each*

8th Mar 2019 | Fresh Produce

Highly aromatic R2E2 mangoes are bigger in size than your average mango! They have a deep orange skin tinged with red and a sweet, mild flavour. A small seed means there is more delicious, fibreless flesh to enjoy. They are juicy, yet hold their shape when cut and eaten fresh. Our large R2E2 mangoes are grown locally in Carnarvon and have an exceptional shelf life. Simply eat as they are or incorporate them into smoothies, home-made popsicles and sweet desserts. Now available in our produce department!

*Special available until 13 March 2019, whilst stocks last

Heirloom Tomatoes

Oxheart & Beefsteak

6th Mar 2019 | Fresh Produce

Heirloom tomatoes are old open-pollinated tomato varieties that were grown before world war II.  Or as Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary states “a horticultural variety that has survived for several generations usually due to the efforts of private individuals”.  In general heirlooms are touted for their superior and complex flavors and equally for their fragility and perishability.  For this reason they are best eaten straight! 

Amongst our wide range, we have 'Beefsteak' and 'Oxheart'. 'Beefsteak': Large, meaty, juicy red tomatoes, often taking interesting shapes with excellent flavour. 'Oxheart': Heart-shaped fleshy tomatoes with excellent flavour.

Kensington Pride Mangoes

Locally grown in Gingin, WA

4th Mar 2019 | Fresh Produce

Trays of golden Kensington Pride mangoes arrived from Gingin! These ready-to-eat Kensington Pride Mangoes have a firm texture and are not stringy. Also known as the KP or Bowen mango, these are Australia's most popular mango! They are bursting with sweetness and very juicy! Try Grilled Mango with Frozen Vanilla Yoghurt recipe by Donna Hay for a delicious, simple dessert.

Sugarloaf Cabbage

3rd Feb 2019 | Fresh Produce

Sugarloaf cabbage is smaller with a distinctive conical shape. It has a sweeter flavour and is ideal raw in salad. A Sugarloaf is not just any cabbage – it’s the adored variety found in Denmark and has a loose-leaf structure more similar to a butter lettuce - it’s sweet, and when charred becomes more interesting. Danish chef Bente Grysbæk adds a peppery grating of fresh horseradish, her fast version of preserved lemon using just the rind …plus lashings of burnt butter - the result is a taste sensation! Now available in our produce department.

Queen Garnet Plums

Superfood plum with amazing health benefits!

31st Jan 2019 | Fresh Produce

Queen Garnet Plums are a win-win fruit! Not only are they delicious but also incredibly healthy. One plum contains 5 - 10 times more anthocyanins than a normal plum. Anthocyanins help the body protect arteries and prevent the DNA damage that leads to cancer. Now available in our produce department!

Padrón Peppers

26th Jan 2019 | Fresh Produce

Pimientos de Padron, the Padron chilli is most commonly consumed when small and green, when it has a fresh and sweet flavour. It is traditionally sauteed in olive oil and sea salt, and served in tapas bars across their hometown of Spain. When fully mature, they are red in colour and much spicier than their green counterparts. Whilst generally a mild chilli, measuring in between 500 to 2500 Scoville Heat Units, the occasional rogue Padron has earned this chilli the nickname of the 'spanish roulette' as some individual pods are significantly hotter.


Boiled, roasted or fried like potato

23rd Jan 2019 | Fresh Produce

Breadfruit is a member of the Jackfruit family, and is native to the South Pacific. Breadfruit has a thick, warty, greenish skin and white starchy flesh with a bread-like texture and tastes sweet when eaten ripe. It is normally eaten as a vegetable and can be peeled and boiled, roasted or fried like potatoes, baked whole in the oven or barbecued. Breadfruit seeds are used in a similar way to Jackfruit seeds. If breadfruit is allowed to ripen, the flesh becomes light yellow, soft and very sweet. Now available in our produce department!

Black Genoa Figs

Locally grown in Manjimup

21st Jan 2019 | Fresh Produce

These fresh Black Genoa figs are from Rustlers Farm which is located in Manjimup, Western Australia. They are large and have a very sweet, rich flavour as we are at the height of the fig season! Figs are a wonderful stand-alone fruit but are also a fantastic companion to cheese - balancing out the taste and texture. These figs are the perfect addition to your Summer grazing board!


Fresh & tangy

18th Jan 2019 | Fresh Produce

We have a very limited amount of tomatillos available in our produce department! The tomatillo is also known as the Mexican husk tomato. The colour of the fruit is a beautiful bright green, which fades a bit once you cook them. Tomatillos have a slightly more acidic, slightly less sweet flavor than ripe and unripe tomatoes. Overall, the flavor is more vegetal and bright, and the interior texture is denser and less watery. Try this tomatillo salsa recipe by Marcus Nilsson.

KP Mangoes

Sweet and tangy

16th Jan 2019 | Fresh Produce

The succulent mango speaks of an Aussie summer. Perfect eaten on their own, mangoes are also delicious in salads, paired with chicken, in desserts or grilled on the barbecue. Our Kensington Pride mangoes are at their eating best! They are sweet, juicy and are most certainly the taste of summer. Now available in our produce department.


70% plum and 30% apricot

13th Jan 2019 | Fresh Produce

Our Pluots are smooth-skinned like a plum and has a luscious flavour. It has the chin dripping juciness of a fully ripe plum without the notoriously tough skin and tart center that is typical of the parent plum! Our Dapple Dandies make for a fantastic snack and are at their best at the moment - perfectly ripe and ready to be eaten!

Swan Valley Seedless Grapes

White & red seedless grapes - farmer direct!

11th Jan 2019 | Fresh Produce

Our premium seedless grapes are delivered fresh to our produce department directly from the farmer in the Swan Valley, WA. Red Flame is one of the most popular red grapes with a crunchy skin and a sweet-tart flavour. Superior Seedless is a delicious green grape that offers a delicately sweet taste wrapped in a crisp texture. These grapes are vine-ripened and bursting with flavour!

Fresh Salad Greens

Locally grown

22nd Dec 2018 | Fresh Produce

You can't help but feel great when you are eating a bowl of big, healthy, vibrant green salad leaves! We source our mix of fresh greens from local farmers, and get them delivered fresh to our produce department. They make for the perfect base for any salad and are just as good drizzled with good quality olive oil, salt and freshly cracked pepper.

Australian Desert Lime

Intense with exceptional flavour

19th Dec 2018 | Fresh Produce

Now available in our produce department! The Australian Desert Lime is small with an intense, piquant flavour. An extremely versatile fruit they can be used in any product or process where ‘normal’ limes or lemons are used, the main difference being their small size, lack of peel and more intense flavour.

Desert limes require no peeling or preparation. They have the valuable attribute of freezing down without losing flavour or presentation characteristics when thawed later for use. The fruit has been analysed as a very healthy food source, having three times the amount of Vitamin C compared to oranges.