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Queen Garnet Plums

Superfood plum with amazing health benefits!

19th Jan 2020 | Fresh Produce

Queen Garnet Plums are a win-win fruit! Not only are they delicious but also incredibly healthy. One plum contains 5 - 10 times more anthocyanins than a normal plum. Anthocyanins help the body protect arteries and prevent the DNA damage that leads to cancer. Now available in our produce department!

Green Figs

Locally grown in WA

16th Jan 2020 | Fresh Produce

Green figs are generally larger and plumper than black figs.The flesh contains a rusted strawberry colored jellied pulp laden with the seeds of the fruit. The pulp exudes a candied syrup and confectionery flavors that darker figs cannot achieve. Tese figs are full, plump and have a luscious sweet pink flesh. Paired with a creamy blue cheese or fresh mozzarella, they make for a wonderful addition to your grazing board - perfect for summer time entertaining!

Morel Papaya

Locally grown in Canarvon, WA

8th Jan 2020 | Fresh Produce

Papaya is an incredibly healthy tropical fruit, loaded with antioxidants that can reduce inflammation. Our Papaya is locally grown right here in WA, it is sweet and delicious! For recipe ideas on how to use this delicious, summer fruit head here. Morel papayas are now available in our produce section.


Australian grown!

6th Jan 2020 | Fresh Produce

Lychees are a wonderful, luscious fruit. The season for lychees ranges from November to the end of January. They come in a range of colours and sizes. We have boxes of the largest bumpy red variety known as Er Don Lee. Lychees need to be looked after. When bought they must be kept cool, out of the sun, and damp to keep them red.


Delia Blood Plums

2nd Jan 2020 | Fresh Produce

The plums are ready. They are the highlight of summer! The fruit of this very popular blood plum is great for eating, stewing, preserving and making juice. It is rich, juicy and dark red from skin to stone and is sweet and flavoursome.

Coastal Winds Farm - Garlic

Small plot, traditionally grown!

16th Dec 2019 | Fresh Produce

Coastwinds Farm is a small, family-owned property nestled behind the beautiful Boranup Karri forest. It is small-batch garlic that is hand-sewn, hand-picked and hand-processed! The result: a premium, high quality, local garlic that is far superior in taste and flavour! 

Sweet Cherry Valley Farm - Lapin Cherries

1 kg giftbox - $19.95

14th Dec 2019 | Fresh Produce

$19.95 per 1 kg giftbox
Special available until 18 December 2019, while stocks last!

We source our delicious Lapin cherries from local grower Michael Cusato, a third generation orchardist who owns and operates Sweet Cherry Valley Farm in Donnybrook, Western Australia.  These cherries have been conveniently packed in 1 kilo boxes, making them the ideal gift! Lapin cherries are known for their deep ruby colour, their lush, plump size and their juicy sweetness. Perfect in a festive dessert or simply on their own!

Premium Merchant Cherries

Just in time for the Festive Season!

26th Nov 2019 | Fresh Produce

Marchant cherries are a large heart‐shaped variety. They have dark red skin and golden‐red flesh. They are sweetly flavoured and are available early in the season. We source our cherries from Wandin Valley Farms have orchards scattered throughout the valley which is located in Victoria. The Sebire family has a proud history - since 1893 - of growing fresh cherries, with their first orchard located at the Mont De Lancey farm in Victoria's Yarra Valley, at Wandin North. Wandin Valley Farms has been fully owned and operated by the Sebire and Jones families - with three generations of the family actively involved in the business. The love of growing only 'the finest fresh cherries' continues within the Sebire family to this day. 

Solar Nugget Apricots

Sweet & delicious

13th Nov 2019 | Fresh Produce

New to our produce department are these delicious Solar Nugget Apricots, in very limited amounts! They are medium large in size, with a clean, bright deep orange skin. They are tangy sweet and not overly juicy. They are perfect for a snack and delicious in any dessert. Try this Poached Apricots recipe which uses cardamom and rose water.

Summerina Mandarins

Seedless, juicy, easy to peel

21st Oct 2019 | Fresh Produce

Summerina Mandarins are now available from our produce department. They are sensationally sweet and burst with flavour that is utterly delicious. They are a wholesome and healthy, guilt-free snack. Perfect for big and little hands, anytime of day. They are only around for a limited time as their season only lasts for 8 short weeks!

KP Mangoes

First of the Season!

13th Oct 2019 | Fresh Produce

The succulent mango speaks of an Aussie summer. Perfect eaten on their own, mangoes are also delicious in salads, paired with chicken, in desserts or grilled on the barbecue. Our Kensington Pride mangoes are at their eating best! They are sweet, juicy and are most certainly the taste of summer. Now available in our produce department.

Brussel Sprouts

Locally grown in the South-West, WA

6th Oct 2019 | Fresh Produce

Brussels sprouts are high in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, making them a nutritious addition to your diet. Brussels sprouts are delicious when cut in half and oven roasted which brings out a balancing sweetness - they should have a few little burned leaves for best flavour!

Spruce up Brussels sprouts with the addition of garlic, lemon and chilli. The result is a flavourful vegan side dish that's healthy too. Click here for recipe.

Torbay Asparagus

Arriving direct from Albany!

4th Oct 2019 | Fresh Produce

Now is the time to enjoy fresh picked Albany asparagus. This premium asparagus is grown in the Torbay region, near Albany. The flavour is sweet and intense. Enjoy fresh asparagus grilled, drizzled with olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt.

Broad Beans

A spring time favourite!

1st Oct 2019 | Fresh Produce

Broad beans offer one of spring's best seasonal flavours! Our Broad Bean pods are firm and crisp. They're a great source of protein and carbohydrates, as well as vitamins A, B1 and B2. In the US, they're known as fava beans. For wonder recipie ideas visit BBC's Good Food guide on "what to do with broad beans". 


Carnarvon, WA

3rd Sep 2019 | Fresh Produce

The tantalising, tropical taste of summer! These locally grown rockmelon are sweet and refreshing. They are delicious on their own or paired with prosciutto as an elegant canapé! 

Baby Carrots

Locally grown, WA

2nd Sep 2019 | Fresh Produce

Our baby carrots have their leafy green tops and have been farmed by local, WA farmers just for us! They are freshly picked just at the right time making them sweet and tender, with a much slimmer core than the standard size carrot. Now available from our produce department.