Boatshed Market


Fresh Produce

Green Almonds

Soft & Delicately Nutty

10th Dec 2017 | Fresh Produce

Green almonds have the briefest whisper of a season before their shells harden and start looking and tasting more like the almonds we know. They are tart and crisp and subversively addictive around cocktail hour! They are fuzzy light-green orbs filled with soft jelly-like skinless almonds—soft and delicately nutty with a wholly different texture than fully mature almonds. When fresh, they can be eaten whole. They’re crunchy, tart, and reminiscent of unripe peaches - in a good way. When the outer layer is removed, the young almonds are delicate, milky, and subtly floral and grassy. They are no available in our produce section!

Christmas Cherries

1kg & 2kg Giftboxes

7th Dec 2017 | Fresh Produce

We have 1 kg and 2 kg, locally grown cherries available in our produce section which make the perfect gift box this festive season. The 1 kg cherries are from Manjimup - they are sweet, firm and plump! The 2 kg boxes are Lapin cherries and come from Donnybrook.

Calypso Mangoes

Sweet & Delicious!

4th Dec 2017 | Fresh Produce

Ready-to-eat Calypso mangoes are the taste of summer! These mangoes have a firm texture and are not stringy! Due to the abundance, we have priced them at $1.99 each for the week or until stocks last!

Shark Bay King Prawns

$19.95 per kilo

1st Dec 2017 | Fresh Produce

Our new season WA King Prawns are wild caught from the pristine clean waters of Shark Bay in Western Australia. These prawns are of a premium export quality, are world renowned and sought after for their superb quality and sensational sweet flavor! Offer is valid in our Fishco until Sunday, 3 December or until stocks last!

Seasonal Apricots

Soft texture & juicy

25th Nov 2017 | Fresh Produce

We have an abundance of deliciously sweet seasonal apricots in our produce sections. Fresh, ripe apricots are juicy and taste both sweet and a bit tart. With a tender texture that's not to be missed. Try these in pies, tarts, cobblers, and more. Apricot season lasts less than two months!

T-Bone Steak

An old favourite

24th Nov 2017 | Fresh Produce

Our T-bone steaks are sourced from Greater Southern, who use an English breed of cattle that are grass fed and GMO free. T-bone steaks are a hero piece of meat because there are two tasty cuts in one. The flavoursome sirloin on the one side of the bone and tender fillet on the other, its the best of both worlds! T-bone is at its most tasty when simply seasoned, then quickly pan-fried, grilled or barbequed.

Banana Blossoms

Nutritious and delicious

19th Nov 2017 | Fresh Produce

The darker, tough husks that are often a magenta hue, need to be stripped away to reveal to tender and delicious yellow-green leaves inside. Cut into fine strips, the heart can be eaten raw in salads with a hot spicy sauce, as in the Thai dish nam prik or the Indonesian sambal –also excellent when teamed up with prawns and macadamia nuts. Like those of the artichoke, the petal-like leaves of the banana flower will quickly oxidize on coming into contact with the air once cut: because of their iron content, they will turn brown so it is advisable to dunk them in acidulated water.

Potted & Freshly Cut Hydrangeas

It's hydrangea season!

2nd Nov 2017 | Fresh Produce

With immense flower heads, hydrangeas flaunt an old-fashioned charm that is hard to resist. Colors also beguile with clear blues, vibrant pinks, frosty whites, lavender, and rose—sometimes all blooming on the same plant! We have both small and large potted hydrangeas as well as freshly cut ones for the vase!

Le Delice Des Cremiers

Mini Promotion

1st Nov 2017 | Fresh Produce

Delice des Cremiers is a rich, indulgent triple cream cow’s milk cheese with a soft, sweet and buttery flavour. Crème fraîche is added to the milk during the manufacturing process and gives a slight sourness and a hint of spice on the palate. It is covered in a fully white mould that will soften the outside of the cheese when allowed to ripen. Now priced at $11.95 from $19.95 - for a limited time only!

Ord River Mangoes

Priced at $1.95 each for a limited time only!

27th Oct 2017 | Fresh Produce

Aussie mangoes mean summer is on its way! We now have a range of varieties from the first flush of Ord River mangoes available in our produce section. They are quick and easy to prepare, bursting with nutritional value and there are a range of varieties to be enjoyed. Delicious as a healthy snack on their own, perfectly pared with chicken or prawn, light summer salads, smoothies and sweet desserts.

Asiago Cheese on Promotion

Usually $39.99/kg, but for this week only it is priced at $19.99/kg

27th Oct 2017 | Fresh Produce

This is a delicious Italian cow's milk cheese that can assume different texture according to its aging with the flavor reminiscent of Parmesan. Be sure to have a chat to one of our Cheesemongers for more information!

Wild Mountain Peonies

24th Oct 2017 | Fresh Produce

Our flower market has the most stunning array of wild mountain peonies! They are different to the standard peony in that their foliage is more prominent! Large, deep rose-pink and yellow blossoms, when fully open central tuft of golden stamens and deep rose stigmas is visible. They are less structured and a little bit more wild looking, as their name suggests!

Broad Beans

Fresh Seasonal Spring Greens

21st Oct 2017 | Fresh Produce

Nothing quite heralds the end of Winter like humble Spring greens! Our broad beans are fresh, vibrant and have a distinctive nutty flavour. We have the most delicious garden peas that are firm, sweet and can be enjoyed raw or cooked. We source our asparagus from Albany, the flavour is sweet and intense. Fennel adds a unique flavour to everything from salads to roasts, our bulbs still have their green feathery leaves.

Uni - Sea Urchin

Now available in our Fishco

20th Oct 2017 | Fresh Produce

Uni is the Japanese word for sea urchin. It has a very rich flavor that has been described as tasting like the ocean but not tasting fishy, and it's known for its creamy texture. Exotic and excessively praised by foodies, food critics and chefs alike, uni enjoys an almost untouchable status on the food scene. We Fishco has a limited supply of uni, be quick!

King George Whiting Fillets

Now available in our Fishco

19th Oct 2017 | Fresh Produce

King George Whitings are prized for their sweet, delicate flavour. They are versatile fishes that can be prepared in a number of ways including steaming, baking, barbecuing and grilling, with frying the most common. Careful handling is required because of their soft and delicate texture. They are now available in our Fishco for a limited time only!

Chincherinchee Season!

18th Oct 2017 | Fresh Produce

Our flower market has stock of these beautiful blooms which are from Southern Africa. Ideal as a cut flower they have a long vase life, these plans carry lovely white star shaped flowers in dense clusters.