Boatshed Market


Fresh Produce

Black Genoa Figs

Grown in Manjimup

7th Mar 2018 | Fresh Produce

We now have the most delicious Black Genoa Figs in store! Grown by our very own local WA farmers, they are a large sized fig with purple skin and red flesh that has a very sweet rich flavor. The can be enjoyed on their own, with a wheel of creamy cheese or part of a dessert!

Finger Limes

Native to Australia!

5th Mar 2018 | Fresh Produce

Finger lie season is almost upon us! We have the first pick in our produce section. When sliced open, it reveals ‘caviar like’ pearls, which are filled with lemon-lime juice. With a delicious aroma of fresh, zesty citrus and a hint of cooked apples, the taste of the Finger Lime is tart with some astringency and bitterness. Finger Lime can be used in dressings, jams and sauces, cordials and cocktails. It can substitute for ordinary lemon or lime, wherever they are used.

Betel Leaf

Perfect for Asian cooking!

1st Mar 2018 | Fresh Produce

With its peppery taste, the Betel leaf are used to add flavour to your dish! Our produce section now has limited stock. Betel leaf is used in a variety of ways in Asian cuisine and brings a traditional element to the meal! 

New Season Apples

Manjimup. WA

26th Feb 2018 | Fresh Produce

Our produce section is overflowing with an array of new season apple varieties! Grown and packed in Manjimup, these apples are all delicious and perfect for snacking. We have Early Golds, Fuji, unwaxed Royal Gala as well as a red Royal Gala apple that is so shiny it looks like a toffee apple! If you are a seasonal eater, who enjoys locally grown produce, then now is the time for apples! 


Chinese Dates

22nd Feb 2018 | Fresh Produce

The fruit has a thin, dark red skin surrounding a sweet, white flesh. These fruits are eaten fresh, dried or processed as ‘Chinese dates’. Fresh they taste like a crisp apple and dried they are sweet and chewy.  They are delicious and nutritious! Now available in our produce section. 

Dawn Seedless Swan Valley Grapes

Locally grown

16th Feb 2018 | Fresh Produce

We have a range of locally grown grapes in our produce section! These Dawn Seedless grapes are firm, fleshy and have a Muscat flavor. They are tasty and make for the perfect snack or to add a bust of flavor to salads or a grazing board.


Carnarvon, WA

15th Feb 2018 | Fresh Produce

The tantalising, tropical taste of summer! These locally grown rockmelon are sweet and refreshing. They are delicious on their own or paired with prosciutto as an elegant canapé!

Dapple Dandy Pluots

70% plum - 30% apricot!

2nd Feb 2018 | Fresh Produce

This Pluot is smooth-skinned like a plum and has a luscious flavour. It has the chin-dripping juciness of a fully ripe plum without the notoriously tough skin and tart center that is typical of the parent plum! Our Dapple Dandies make for a fantastic snack and are at their best at the moment - perfectly ripe and read to be eaten! 

Pink & White Dragon Fruit

Perfect for your smoothie!

1st Feb 2018 | Fresh Produce

It’s one of the most beautiful and eye-catching fruits with it’s hot pink color and green spikes. Dragon Fruit is loaded with fiber, antioxidants, healthy fats, and protein. Dragon fruit is naturally grown in Central America and Asia. It’s in the cactus family which makes complete sense when looking at it’s spikes and unique characteristics. Dragon fruit can also be referred to as pitaya (pit-ah-ya) and the flesh of the fruit comes in both red/pink and white. The pink variety is shown here and is the most popular in “bowls” for it’s beautiful color.


Now avaliable in our produce section!

31st Jan 2018 | Fresh Produce

The tomatillo also known as the Mexican husk tomato. A staple of Mexican cuisine, they are eaten raw or cooked in a variety of dishes such as  in stews, soups, salads, curries, stirfries, baking, cooking with meats, marmalade and desserts! They can also be dried to enhance the sweetness of the fruit!

Thai Limes

Highly fragrant and flavoursome

30th Jan 2018 | Fresh Produce

Now available in our produce section - they bring the most delicious taste and flavor to your dish! They are fantastic in Asian cuisine but can also be used as part of a great cordial or lemonade as well as being the perfect garnish for your drink of choice!

Butterflied Grass-Fed Lamb

Perfect for Australia Day!

19th Jan 2018 | Fresh Produce

We source our lamb from the Three Ryans Farm’s which are located near Manjimup, WA. These lambs graze freely on pristine pastures and have a moist, succulent flavour. Our meat comes into the butchery whole and our experienced butchers debone and butterfly each piece by hand. If there is something specific you are looking for, ask one of our friendly butchers - they are there to help!


Australias native spinach

10th Jan 2018 | Fresh Produce

Warrigal , Australia native spinach, is one of the better known of our edible native plants. Food foragers and gardeners have long appreciated it for its accessibility and now chefs and the are catching on to Australia's own native spinach; a hardier and, some would say, tastier version of its English cousin. The leaves must always be blanched before eating. Warrigal greens are naturally very high in antioxidants. In fact, James Cook took them on voyages to prevent scurvy among his crew. This wild plant is also high in fibre, has sedative properties and is also believed to be effective in the prevention of ulcers. Look out for this new product in our produce section!

Swan Valley Grapes

Red Flame & Dawn White

7th Jan 2018 | Fresh Produce

There is no better feeling than buying fresh produce from our very own WA farmers! We have two grape varieties that come out of the Swan Valley - Red Flame and Dawn White. Dawn Seedless grape are golden, medium in size, oval and seedless with a tough skin that can be difficult to chew, but have a firm, dense flesh. Flame red seedless result from the crossing between Thompson Seedless, Cardinal, and other varieties. It displays typical medium-sized, round and deep red, seedless berries. Bunches are medium to large, conical and well filled. The berries have a crisp skin, and firm, crunchy but juicy pulp, with a sweet-tart flavor.

Mandurah Cooked Crabs

Directly from the fisherman.

7th Jan 2018 | Fresh Produce

The taste of summer and perfect for entertaining! Enjoy the unique flavor of these fresh caught crabs that are widely regarded as the best tasting crabs in Australia. These local simmer crabs are caught and delivered fresh every morning from our fisherman who used sustainable fishing techniques.

Target Beetroot

A lovely earthy sweetness.

6th Jan 2018 | Fresh Produce

Target beetroot when sliced has a pink and white target pattern on the inside; these are served sliced thinly raw. Can be served warm or cold. Matches perfectly with meats and a natural partner to bitter salad leaves, orange rind, sour cream, yogurt, walnuts, chives and horseradish. Chef Shannon Bennett uses this target beets in a beetroot salad with feta and a delicious hazelnut dressing!