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Fresh Produce

Spanish Mackerel

$19.95 per kilo*

27th Jun 2018 | Fresh Produce

Our Spanish Mackerel is line caught off the coast of Shark Bay in Western Australia and is delivered directly from the fisherman. Spanish Mackerel can be enjoyed as sashimi, pan-fried, baked or grilled and is considered by many to be the best fish to barbeque! We recommend it pan-fried in butter with fresh sprigs of thyme, sliced lemon and coarse sea salt.

*$19.95 per kilo until Wednesday, 4 July or until stocks last.

Carolina Reaper

Worlds Hottest Chilli

19th Jun 2018 | Fresh Produce

Ranked by the Guinness World Records, the Carolina Reaper has beaten itself and is officially the Worlds Hottest Pepper! The Carolina Reaper has a unique stinger tail that is unlike any other pepper. It gets this insane heat from being a cross between a Pakastani Naga and a Red Habanero. A pepper’s heat is measured in Scoville units. A jalapeno measures 8,000 Scoville units, the Carolina Reaper measures 2.2 million and the Scorpion measures 2 million. The next pepper down on the scale is the Ghost pepper at 1 million. If you are brave enough to give it a try, it is available in our produce section!


9th Jun 2018 | Fresh Produce

The bright green florets of broccoli are one of the most nutritious vegetables, containing vitamins A and E, folate, calcium and iron. Broccoli has a higher vitamin C content than orange! We source our broccoli from local West Australian farmers, meaning ours is the freshest available! The best way to eat this delicious vegetable is to lightly steam small florets and then toss in a pan of cooked chilli and garlic!

Green Mango

Perfect for Asian cooking

3rd Jun 2018 | Fresh Produce

We have a limited amount of Green Mangoes in our produce section and they are extremely hard to find! They are fantastic in salads and curries and really become the hero when used in Asian cooking. When cooked, the green mango becomes soft and almost carbohydrate-like while still maintaining a natural sourness. Try this delicious Sri Lankan Green Mango Curry


Locally grown & delicious!

2nd Jun 2018 | Fresh Produce

Persimmons are very versatile in the kitchen and their unassuming sweetness marries brilliantly with flavours like smoked poultry, cured meats, cheese, nuts and bitter salad leaves. They also go very well in South-east Asian style salads, as the ‘sweet’ element, together with hot, sour and salty. Now available in our produce section. For some amazing recipe ideas head here

Cavalo Nero

Black kale

31st May 2018 | Fresh Produce

Black kale (Tuscan kale) is a member of the brassica family which hails from Tuscany where it was developed in the 18th century. To use, remove center ribs from all but the smallest leaves then blanch leaves for 3-4 minutes. Cool then squeeze out the leaves and sauté them with garlic and olive oil. This is a very hearty green and pairs well with rich dishes of pastas, beans or pork. Now available in our produce section. 

Red Rio Grapefruit

Carnarvon, WA

25th May 2018 | Fresh Produce

Our Rio Red Grapefruit are at their eating best! They are super-juicy and have an excellent sweet flavor with a subtle bitterness. One of the most stunning features of the Rio Red is the intense red colour of the fruit, making it full of antioxidants and immunity boosting properties. These locally grown grapefruit are now available in our fresh produce section.

New Season Naval Oranges

Grown in Moora, WA

21st May 2018 | Fresh Produce

Moora Citrus Navel oranges are available from May to October to boost your immune system and Vitamin C intake through those chilly Winter months. Aside from the seasonality, how else do distinguish a Navel orange from other varieties? From it’s bellybutton, of course! Next time your pick up your local fresh orange, turn it upside down to see the little protuberance reminiscent of a human’s navel. These fascinating fruit are some of the most popular and common oranges around.

Mandarin Clementine

Locally grown

14th May 2018 | Fresh Produce

We have the most delicious new season mandarin clementine's available in our produce section. They are sweet and juicy - the perfect healthy snack! They are locally grown right here in very own Western Australia! 

Fuji Apple No.1

WA grown and packed

6th May 2018 | Fresh Produce

The classic Fuji apple is a brilliantly coloured and crisp apple. If you are not into tart apples, this one will probably jump to the top of your list. It's sweeter than any other apple we tried, and while it may not have the most complex flavor, it's pretty tasty! Perfect as a snack and for school lunches!

New Season Apples

Locally Grown, Direct from Manjimup

2nd Apr 2018 | Fresh Produce

It is apple season! We have a wide variety of crisp, juicy and delicious apples that are grown locally! We get our apples from Manjimup farmers meaning they are as fresh as an apple can be! Kanzi, Jazz, Fuji and Royal Galas are in our produce section with Pink Lady apples on their way! They are at their eating best and make for a great snack.


Tropical Fruit from the Amazon Basin

27th Mar 2018 | Fresh Produce

Delicious, refreshing, exotic, tangy, effervescent . . . no wonder the name translates as “honey kiss”! It is refreshing to eat at ambient temperature, when served cold, or even frozen. There is a fine balance between its sweetness and its acidity, creating a unique taste sensation. It has exotic appeal similar to the mangosteen, longan, rambutan and lychee.

Black Genoa Figs

Grown in Manjimup

7th Mar 2018 | Fresh Produce

We now have the most delicious Black Genoa Figs in store! Grown by our very own local WA farmers, they are a large sized fig with purple skin and red flesh that has a very sweet rich flavor. The can be enjoyed on their own, with a wheel of creamy cheese or part of a dessert!

Finger Limes

Native to Australia!

5th Mar 2018 | Fresh Produce

Finger lie season is almost upon us! We have the first pick in our produce section. When sliced open, it reveals ‘caviar like’ pearls, which are filled with lemon-lime juice. With a delicious aroma of fresh, zesty citrus and a hint of cooked apples, the taste of the Finger Lime is tart with some astringency and bitterness. Finger Lime can be used in dressings, jams and sauces, cordials and cocktails. It can substitute for ordinary lemon or lime, wherever they are used.

Betel Leaf

Perfect for Asian cooking!

1st Mar 2018 | Fresh Produce

With its peppery taste, the Betel leaf are used to add flavour to your dish! Our produce section now has limited stock. Betel leaf is used in a variety of ways in Asian cuisine and brings a traditional element to the meal! 

New Season Apples

Manjimup. WA

26th Feb 2018 | Fresh Produce

Our produce section is overflowing with an array of new season apple varieties! Grown and packed in Manjimup, these apples are all delicious and perfect for snacking. We have Early Golds, Fuji, unwaxed Royal Gala as well as a red Royal Gala apple that is so shiny it looks like a toffee apple! If you are a seasonal eater, who enjoys locally grown produce, then now is the time for apples!