Boatshed Market


New Arrivals

Potted Silton

Unique Blue Cheese

11th Dec 2017 | New Arrivals

Sweet and salty with the biscuity crumb that a proper Stilton requires. This Pot of Long Clawson Stilton, attractively presented in a Ceramic presentation jar are great gifts. Stilton cheese is unique among blue cheeses as it has a really long, slow set. Today only 5 producers of Stilton remain of which Long Clawson is one!

Christmas Catering Menus

Now available online and in store!

9th Dec 2017 | New Arrivals

Our Christmas catering menus are now available to download online here or can be picked up in store! We have a fantastic selection of fresh seafood, organic hams and turkeys, seasonings, sauces and condiments! We are able to provide everything cooked for you, or raw so that you can cook it in the comfort of your own home.

Potted Christmas Trees

Lemon Scented

8th Dec 2017 | New Arrivals

A delightful medium height conifer with a soft, natural cone shape and golden-green aromatic, lemon-scented foliage. Cupressus Wilma makes for a fantastic Christmas tree! We have limited stock available in our flower market!

The Wonderful Mount Mary 2015 Vintage

Just landed in the Wine Loft

24th Nov 2017 | New Arrivals

We were very excited when we had the chance to taste the 2015 wines from Mount Mary with Sam Middleton a few weeks ago. On the 2015 Pinot Noir they have to say “Time will dictate where this vintage of Pinot noir sits in relation to other great vintages, however we cannot remember a vintage that excited us more on release."

We are pleased to be able to offer a selection of the whole 2015 range – please get in contact if you’d like to secure an allocation!

Ma Mere Confections

Exclusive to the Boatshed Market

22nd Nov 2017 | New Arrivals

A delicious range of soft nougat and Turkish delight can now be found on in our grocery section. Ma Mere Masion makes confectionary items in the most tradition way for an authentic tasting product. Their goal is to produce high quality artisanal sweets with unusual and exotic flavours, using suppliers who have ethical and sustainable business practices. Their Turkish delight is in the most beautiful box, and would make for a lovely gift. We have a limited supply of the Festive nougat which is a blend of Christmas spices, folded into the softest nougat you have ever tried!

Boatshed Christmas Menus

Out Now!

6th Nov 2017 | New Arrivals

We have finalised our Boatshed Christmas Menus 2017! We take all the hard work and stress out of Christmas day for you. We have a variety of options, from traditional Christmas hams, turkeys, duck, pheasants to fresh, local seafood and everything in between! For our full catering menu's head on our to our catering page.

Four Pillars Chirstmas Gin

Now in the Wine Loft

5th Nov 2017 | New Arrivals

Four Pillars in the Yarra Valley have once again made a special limited release gin made from distilling Christmas puddings have been distilled in the botanical basket with a base of juniper, cinnamon, star anise, coriander seed and angelica. “It still smells like an interesting, complex, juniper-driven gin, but it tastes like a mouthful of Christmas pudding.” – Distiller Cam MacKenzie. Be quick, there aren’t many!


4th Nov 2017 | New Arrivals

CHIA provides children and adults with a vegetarian form of omega 3 along with essential nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium and naturally occurring electrolytes. CHIA is rich in both soluble and insoluble fibre, fibre is usually extracted from other juices but is important for blood sugar regulation and digestion which makes CHIA more like a food than a drink. Chia seeds hold more than 10 times their weight in water; hydrating the seed helps increase your body’s ability to absorb the nutrients. It is also what creates the fun gel around the chia seed in our CHIA drinks.

Gemchi & Me Cashew Cheeses

31st Oct 2017 | New Arrivals

Hand crafted in the Perth Hills, Gemchi & Me grew from the need to provide a Gluten, Dairy and Soy Free alternative to dairy products. There are 3 delicious flavours: chilli, herb and onion & garlic! Preservative free, non GMO and organic! A wonderful addition to any cheese board!

Knot & Bow Pure Beeswax Candles

30th Oct 2017 | New Arrivals

Knot & Bow make the most beautiful range of party candles! Proudly manufactured in the United States their products are lovingly finished and assembled in their Brooklyn studio. We are now stocking their pure beeswax party candles, that are hand-dipped. These unique birthday candles have a light natural beeswax scent and a 10-15 minute burn time, perfect for reuse!

Cuvee Chocolate

Now in the Wine Loft

28th Oct 2017 | New Arrivals

Hand-made artisan chocolate from Melbourne by chocolatier and Master Pastry Chef Deniz Karacas. This is a premium pure chocolate bar that can be paired with wine without compromising either. Visit his website to find out the perfect way to pair his chocolate with your favourite drop!

Raw Earth Lupin Flour

25th Oct 2017 | New Arrivals

Raw Earth Produce sources the highest quality lupins to manufacture a variety of lupin products to replace your everyday pantry staples such as crumbs, flakes and flour. Lupins are the world’s richest natural source of combined protein and dietary fibre along with being gluten free. Now available in our groceries section!

Seven Seas Tea

Now stocking

23rd Oct 2017 | New Arrivals

After returning home to Margaret River, Western Australia owner, Cathy Horan-Anderson set about sourcing the tastiest loose leaf teas she could find from around the globe. Each tea has been carefully selected and blended by hand. It is packaged with love in the fresh country air with the roar of the mighty Indian Ocean close by. Organic, pesticide-free and best practice tea farming methods are her first choice.

Seven Seas Tea promises to bring you the flavours of the world in your tea cup. Take a journey of discovery to India, Africa, the Orient and beyond. 

Kehoes Kitchen

Raw Organic Products

18th Oct 2017 | New Arrivals

Kehoe’s Kitchen is a family owned and operated business that has a strong commitment to producing healthy whole foods of the highest quality for healing and nourishment. Kehoe’s Kitchen is Australia’s first producer of Certified Organic raw fermented sauerkrauts, award winning kimchi, probiotic cashew cheese and wholefood sparkling probiotic drinks. You can now find their range in the Market!

Raw By Chris

Raw Desserts now in stock

28th Sep 2017 | New Arrivals

You are now able to find the deliciously healthy Raw By Chris treats in our health food fridge! Raw By Chris offer you raw, nutritious and ridiculously delicious guilt free treats that nourish from the inside out. Everything is made from scratch to give you the best of what nature has to offer.

Shine+ Smart Drink

26th Sep 2017 | New Arrivals

Scientifically formulated with highly functional and evidence-based ingredients designed for optimal brain function and health, Shine+ is very different to any other drink on the market and it’s known as Australia’s first ‘nootropic’ drink. Nootropics are defined as "compounds that enhance mental performance, memory recall or learning capabilities with no adverse side effects." Shine+ is a functional beverage designed to optimise brain function and health. You can now find it in our grocery section!