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New Arrivals

PRIMA Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Great Southern Groves

Picked, pressed, bottled & delivered within 48 hours!

24th May 2019 | New Arrivals

$29.95 each - only 150 bottles available!

Great Southern Groves - PRIMA Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the first picked and pressed fruit of each year’s harvest. PRIMA has a sweet fruity aroma with clean grassy and herbal flavours followed by a lingering peppery finish. Grown in the Great Southern region, this limited release olive oil has an intense freshness and flavour that will make your pallet sing. Each bottle is individually numbered with only 150 bottles being sold exclusively through the Boatshed Market.

Smeaton's Bristol Method Dry Gin

1870s Bristol Gin

21st May 2019 | New Arrivals

Just arrived in our Wine Loft! Smeaton’s recreates a hand-written 1870s recipe discovered in the historic Bristol Archives on Smeaton Road. Crafted according to the original Bristol Method, fresh botanicals are individually distilled in traditional copper pots according to their season.This single-minded approach to distillation captures the pure essence of each botanical, from Tuscan Juniper to hand-cut Valencia Orange. Rested for three months before
release, Smeaton’s is a dry gin of exceptional balance, complexity and length.

WA Cheese & Wine Showcase

Saturday, 25 May 2019 from 12 pm to 3 pm

20th May 2019 | New Arrivals

12 PM - 3 PM

In celebration of WA cheese week,  we our putting our local produce in the spotlight, presenting a selection of our favourite WA cheese and wine. In true paddock to plate spirit, meet the producers of our state's best artisan cheese and sample a range of their products. A selection of our favourite local wine producers will have their wines open to taste.

- Suzette: Vibrant and approachable washed rind, inspired by the French 'Pont L'Eveque'

- Local Goat Camembert: Rich and complex goat's milk Camembert style

- Gouda  - Sweet and nutty Gouda with a smooth and full mouthfeel
- Ashover - Fresh lactic cheese with bright citrus notes and a cloud like texture
- Washed Rind Brie - Brie with a slightly fruity edge
- Cream Brie - Silky smooth, cream enriched Brie style

- Metricup Camembert - Earthy, nutty and traditional style Camembert with a hint of mushroom mushroom
- Wildwood Brie - Gentle and creamy soft cheese, ripened to perfection
- St Julian - Delicate and creamy take on the famous St Marcellin from Lyon
- Marinated Feta- Creamy feta marinated in local oil and a combination of garlic, peppercorns and local herbs

A5 Kagoshima Japanese Wagyu Sirloin

The highest grade given only to the finest beef!

18th May 2019 | New Arrivals

Kagoshima has become the number one producing area of Wagyu beef in Japan with its fertile land, abundant wild grasses and clean water. There are four different breeds of Wagyu cattle of which Japanese Black is one. The principal characteristic of this delicious Sirloin is its tenderness and full-bodied flavour, together with well-balanced marbling. We are proud to offer this A5 grade, Japanese full blood Wagyu Sirloin, which is the highest grade given only to the finest beef.

2017 Ravensworth Shiraz Viognier

$39 per bottle*

17th May 2019 | New Arrivals

The much-anticipated release of 2017 Ravensworth Shiraz Viognier is finally here, and, it’s looking better than ever. After spending a decade as winemaker at iconic Canberra winery Clonakilla, Bryan Martin has become a master of this blend. Layers of dark fruit spice, silky tannin and seductive aromatics combine to create this beautiful wine that is undoubtedly one of the best value for money reds currently on the Australian market.

*Special available until 22 May 2019, while stocks last.

Australian Chestnut

15th May 2019 | New Arrivals

The Australian Chestnut season is well underway and there's no denying that these deliciously healthy and ultra-tasty nuts are proving to be a hit! When it comes to aroma, taste and texture, chestnuts tick all of the boxes! When roasted and eaten straight from the shell the aroma is sweet and the texture is reminiscent of crispy roast potatoes with a soft centre. This easy to make chestnuts and chicken meatballs recipe makes for a tasty mid-week meal. 

The Yoghurt Shop

Thick, creamy, and totally different to anything in Australia!

12th May 2019 | New Arrivals

New to our dairy department is a range of The Yoghurt Shop yoghurt products! This is a  winning combination of strained greek yoghurt, topped with delicious and fresh toppings. The yoghurt is traditional, free from preservatives and artificial colours and flavourings. In May 2017, The Yoghurt Shop was awarded Australia's Best Greek Yoghurt as decided by The Dairy Industry Association of Australia.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Sambo

Now available from the bakery!

11th May 2019 | New Arrivals

Delivered fresh to our bakery, these crinkle-top fudgy rich chocolate cookies are filled with delicious peanut butter cream and made into a chocolate peanut butter sandwich. Made right here in Perth, by the creators of Nutta Butta, you will not find a softer cookie with a tastier filling! They go very well with a coffee from our barista!

Hall's Family Dairy - Suzette

Using milk from Normande cows!

4th May 2019 | New Arrivals

Hall's Suzette is a 'Pont L'Eveque' style cheese made by 4th generation dairy farmers in the Harvey Area. The Hall family own and run the dairy where they have a commercial herd as well as a small herd of pure bred Normande Cow's. The only in Australia! Normande cows are a breed that was developed in the Normandy region of Northern France. This is where the original Pont l'Eveque cheese (protected by PDO) is made.

The use of this milk is significant not only because of the origin of this style of cheese, but also because of the quality of the milk they produce. These Normande cows produce a milk richer in protein and butterfat than your conventional dairy cow (Holstein). Perfect for cheese making. All this contributes to an extremely high quality and flavoursome cheese made right here in WA.

The cheese itself is a washed rind cheese made for the family by the head cheese maker at Harvey Cheese, less than a kilomtere away from the dairy. It is a square cheese that is rich and milky when young, full of lactic sweetness. As it ages, it becomes fudgier, developing nutty and smokey flavours.

Cold Smoked Spiced Sirloin

House-smoked grass fed beef

2nd May 2019 | New Arrivals

Our cold smoked spiced sirloin is made from grass fed beef. Our experienced butchers traditionally smoke this sirloin, on-site, using apple, hickory & beech wood chips from Narrogin wood-chip specialist Jimmy Jesus. Smoking beef infuses a natural, smoky, aromatic flavour that brings an unrivaled tenderness to the cut.

Mexican Cheese

String-type mozzarella

23rd Apr 2019 | New Arrivals

Now available in our cheese department - Amore Mexican Cheese. This is made from pasteurised cows milk, non animal rennet, citric acid and salt. It has a mild and clean flavour, is stringy and moist. It is the perfect cheese for all Mexican dishes, sandwiches and patters!

Picardy Chardonnay New Vintage

$39 per bottle*

21st Apr 2019 | New Arrivals

The new vintage Chardonnay has just arrived in our Wine Loft and is tasting as good as ever! Picardy is one of Australia’s leading premium boutique wine producers. In 1993 Margaret River wine region pioneers Bill and Sandra Pannell (Moss Wood) turned their attention to Pemberton, with the view of creating cooler climate wines inspired by the great wines of the old world. 

*Special available until 24 April 2019, whilst stocks last

Cambray Cheese

Handmade, farmhouse cheese

20th Apr 2019 | New Arrivals

We are excited to introduce a range of delicious cheese from Cambray Cheese who are farmhouse cheese makers in Nannup, WA. Their cheeses are handmade, using traditional farmhouse methods and fresh milk right from their farm! Every stage involved in producing their range of cheese happens on their family farm using age-old techniques. The result? Pure, award-winning farmhouse cheese of exceptionally high quality. 

Matured ewes milk cheeses are available year-round, soft ewes milk cheeses are only available seasonally from August to March. During this time Cambray produce an interesting selection of soft cows milk cheese to tide you over until the next milking season. 

Juice Station

100% pure & raw cold pressed juice

17th Apr 2019 | New Arrivals

We are now stocking Juice Station in our health food fridge! Their range of cold pressed juice is 100% pure,  free from sugar, processed food and preservatives - making the best juice possible without adding any nasty elements. They are a 99% plastic free company!

Moreish Menu Lavosh Shards

Artisan crackers made using organic Australian ingredients

13th Apr 2019 | New Arrivals

Made using only exceptional Australian and organic ingredients sourced from our country's finest producers. This includes organic olive oil from the Grampians region, organic roller-milled flour from New South Wales, premium Australian salt flakes and pure filtered water. We then infuse our lavosh with carefully sourced organic herbs and spices. Based in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Moreish Menu craft their lavosh in small batches. They are hand-roll, bake and then partially snap them into uniquely-shaped shards, allowing you to crack your own crackers into your desired size.

There are no artificial additives, preservatives, colours, fillers or numbers. Just pure food with exceptional flavours!

Premium Easter Chocolates

A fantastic range of delicious chocolates!

11th Apr 2019 | New Arrivals

We have an amazing selection of premium Easter chocolates in store! Koko Black, Monsieur Truffle, Sue Lewis, Whistlers, Chocolatier and Xocolatl - all of these are artisan chocolate makers who use only the best ingredients. Each individual chocolate is meticulously handcrafted, bringing you the best there is!