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New Arrivals

Honest Sea

Organic Roasted Seaweed Snacks

21st Feb 2018 | New Arrivals

This superfood from the sea is an honest tasty snack that packs a punch with nutrients and minerals.  These snacks are crunchy, papery thin and delicious -perfect for  healthy snacking! Certified organic, Australian owned, gluten free and vegan.

The Furious Bee Honey

Hand-made, no processing, unfiltered and unrefind.

19th Feb 2018 | New Arrivals

The Furious Bee Honey Co is owned by three very unique characters! Romo Fernando, Jason Baird and David Jenkins - who own South City Boxing & Fitness and have a great love for bees! The forager bee will travel up to 15 km to find nectar - their hives are located in isolated native forests and bush land to make sure that the forager bees do not source nectar and pollen from polluted or sprayed plants making their honey the cleanest honey around! The honey and honeycomb has incredibly high Total Activity which is a measurement for honey’s anti-microbial quality. The TA is like a bacteria killing scale; the higher the TA the greater the antimicrobial strength.

Everything is done by hand, from the building of the hives and frames, to the harvesting, to the 'old school' hand extraction technique and the bottling. There is minimal to no processing. Their creamed honey is small-batch and made by hand. We are now stocking the full range - Banksia & Eucalypt, Redgum, seasonal and creamed as well as two honeycombs - Mallee and Redgum!

The Daily Bar

Superfood snack bar

18th Feb 2018 | New Arrivals

We are now stocking the full range of Daily Bars in our grocery department. They are organic, low sugar, healthy fat filled, plant based bars that are the perfect snack when you are in a rush or a healthy alternative when you have a sugar craving! All the bars are handmade and have no numbers, colours, preservatives gums - just natures most nutrient dense ingredients!

Luke Lambert

2017 Syrah & Chardonnay

17th Feb 2018 | New Arrivals

Just landed in the Loft! The extremely limited supply of both Luke Lambert Syrah and Chardonnay. We only have 4 cases of the Syrah and 2 cases of the Chardonnay. Said to be Luke’s best vintage in 15 years! Luke Lambert is undoubtedly one of Australia's most heralded wine makers. His distinctly ‘old world’ style has earned him a cult following, both in Australia and overseas. The Syrah - purple fruit, herbaceous, soft tannins, lavender, violets, blackberry, spice. The Chardonnay is whole bunch press, wild yeast with old oak fermentation. No fining or filtration. A leaner and more mineral focused style of Chardonnay. 

Glowed-Up Nuts

Activated, dehydrated nuts

14th Feb 2018 | New Arrivals

Pure Glow’s very own unique small batch blend of activated, dehydrated nuts. Perfect pre or post cleanse, or if you are needing a little protein hit mid cleanse. Highly addictive and delicious. They soak them in a lightly salted alkaline water to deactivate phytates, those nasty anti-nutrients bound to minerals found in nuts. If left unchecked they then bind to the minerals in our digestive tract which cause them to be less bioavailable to the human body and simply excreted in our waste. There is no point eating the good stuff if our bodies cannot easily absorb the nutrients. Their aim is to make digestion easier for our cleansing bodies. Once soaked, they are slowly dehydrated at very low heat, keeping all the delicate nutrients, minerals intact, to be utilised to our bodies benefit. These are high in fibre, unsaturated fatty acids, protein, vitamin E, riboflavin, manganese, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium and phosphorous!

12 Score Wagyu Scotch Fillet

Exclusively to the Boatshed

13th Feb 2018 | New Arrivals

Master Kobe is produced at Wylarah Station and part of the Westholme Wagyu Stud. Awarded Australia’s finest Wagyu beef, it has gone on to be named Grand Champion at the world Wagyu Forum. Boatshed is proud to exclusively offer the amazing ‘12 score’ Wagyu scotch fillet along with a 9 score ribeye, sirloin and prepared shabu-shabu.

Vegan Chipotle Mayonnaise

Made with aquafaba

12th Feb 2018 | New Arrivals

Naked Byron Foods range of Vegan Mayo’s and Aioli are made and taste like no other. The first vegan mayo made with aquafaba - the natural egg substitute made simply from the leftover water after boiling chickpeas for their Hoummus. Other vegan Mayo’s are often made with processed starches and pea or soy powders as thickeners.

La Belle Miette

Exquisite Macarons

11th Feb 2018 | New Arrivals

La Belle Miette use exquisite ingredients to make their macarons, with pure fruit purees, premium vanilla beans and Fleur de Sel de Guérande. Their current range solely uses chocolate from the French chocolate house Cacao Barry and Belgian Callebaut. They only use Girgar butter – high quality Australian dairy made in the European tradition. To give their macarons their signature texture, premium grade South Australian almonds are dried, ground, sifted; then reground and re-sifted with sugar until a fine, powder-like tant pour tant (half-almond, half-sugar) is achieved. 

Queen Garnet Plums

Australia's own superfruit

10th Feb 2018 | New Arrivals

The Queen Garnet contains between three and six times the antioxidant content of blueberries and at least five times the antioxidant level of other commercial plum varieties.

Valentine's Day Hampers

Order online for pick up or delivery!

9th Feb 2018 | New Arrivals

Let us help you spoil your loved one this Valentine’s Day! We have a range of beautiful hampers available to order online that includes complimentary delivery within the Perth metropolitan area. Our florists have created the loveliest arrangements that sit along side hand-made Sue Lewis chocolates and Champagne!

Riesling Mixed 6

A few of our favourites!

5th Feb 2018 | New Arrivals


L’enclos du Tertre 2017 Riesling - Frankland River WA
Flor Marché ‘Malabre’ 2016 Riesling - Denmark WA
Chalari 2017 Riesling - Frankland River WA
Lowboi 2017 Riesling - Porongorup WA
Xabregas 2017 Riesling - Mount Barker WA

New Norcia Hot Cross Buns

First delivery of the season!

3rd Feb 2018 | New Arrivals

Our bakery will receive their first delivery of New Norcia hot cross buns on Saturday 3 of February! New Norcia Bakeries have established a reputation as Western Australia's finest artisan bakers producing a range of breads, pastries, biscuits and cakes. Their hot cross buns are all kinds of doughy delicious, topped with a lovely glaze that provided much finger-licking goodness and just a hint of spice. They are the perfect combination of salty and sweet with the perfect amount of sultanas!

Vitis Botanica

Alcohol Free

22nd Jan 2018 | New Arrivals

Vitis Botanica is a great alternative to wine and a sophisticated substitute for artisan water! Made from Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and carbonated water, it is refreshing and delicious! Now available in our Market.

La Sirene

Pale Ale

19th Jan 2018 | New Arrivals

The Urban Pale is a hop-driven juicy Farmhouse Pale Ale. Expect grapefruit & pine-cone characters with an assertive bitterness that is enveloped seamlessly with melon, black pepper and citrus rind. Perfect for hot summer days!

Honey Bugs

Deep-sea whitetail bug

16th Jan 2018 | New Arrivals

Just landed in our Fishco - Balmain Bug or more commonly known as Honey Bugs. They are a deep-sea whitetail bug that are the sweetest-eating prawn caught in our very own Rotto waters! We have them both cooked and raw.

Potted Lisianthus

To last a lifetime.

13th Jan 2018 | New Arrivals

Our flower department has the most beautiful potted Lisianthus in a wide range of colours! With delicate petals and oval shaped leaves, it has been said to symbolise appreciation, making the lisianthus an absolutely ideal gift for giving to loved ones whom you think the world of.