Boatshed Market


New Arrivals

Norwest Squid

Directly from Shark Bay

12th Jan 2018 | New Arrivals

Our Fishco now has stock of the most delicious northwest squid. This squid is caught in the pristine waters of Shark Bay, WA and delivered directly to our Fishco. They are tender, sweet and make for a perfect summer time meal. We recommend you season this squid with sea salt, cracked pepper, a few chilli flakes and a squeeze of lemon to taste after flash cooking on the barbeque!

La Veen Coffee

Drip pot.

11th Jan 2018 | New Arrivals

You are now able to find the very conveniently La Veen Coffee drip pot in our groceries section! It does not get easier than this! Simply add boiling water and you have yourself a delicious coffee to drink.

Kourellas Tartufeta

With wild black truffle

9th Jan 2018 | New Arrivals

The Kourellas family dairy, use the finest Greek ingredients in exciting new ways.Their refined Tartufeta is a creamy feta studded with wild black truffles! This product is now available in our fromagery and is a must-try!

Touchwood Mushrooms

100% WA owned & grown

8th Jan 2018 | New Arrivals

We have Touchwood's full range of delicious mushrooms: Cream Oyster mushrooms, Shiitake mushrooms and Tan Oyster mushrooms. These mushrooms are grown in Denmark WA and are 100% WA owned. The secret of Touchwood's success lies in compost - it is purpose made in a specially designed tunnel, and allowed the mushrooms to grow in natural conditions using amounts minimal of chemical. Now available in our produce section.

Alaskan King Crabs

Uniquely sweet & delicate!

4th Jan 2018 | New Arrivals

These crabs are from the ice cold waters of the Bering Sea in Alaska where no fish farming is permitted. They are cooked and blast frozen at sea, are 100% natural with no preservatives. Alaskan king crab legs have a sweet and succulent flavor with firm and rich meat! There is a very short fishing season of 4 weeks - now available in our Fishco!

Tarago River Triple Cream

Rich and buttery!

3rd Jan 2018 | New Arrivals

Tarago River Triple Cream is a farmhouse cheese made in Neerim South, Gippsland. Additional cream is added during the cheese making process and this develops into a rich buttery texture when the cheese matures! Visit our fromagerie and have a taste!

Thank you!

To all of our wonderful staff.

29th Dec 2017 | New Arrivals

Our staff do an incredible job ensuring that the Boatshed Market is consistently looking beautiful, fresh and full. We are very lucky to have a wonderful team of dynamic people on board. Thank you to each and every one of our staff members who have once again, worked very hard over this busy period. You have all gone over and above, and we appreciate you. We wish you and your families all the best in the year ahead - Happy New Year!

Guilloteau Fromager d'Affinois Truffle

Triple Cream

22nd Dec 2017 | New Arrivals

Discover the sophistication of the most noble of products, the black truffle of Périgord. Small pieces are distributed throughout the cheese to ensure a delicate and refined profile. The pâté is sweet, dissipating quickly leaving the elegance of a satiny buttery texture to linger with a delicate truffle flavor. Available from our fromagerie.

Old Mans Salt Bush

Native to Australia

21st Dec 2017 | New Arrivals

Old Man Salt bush is grown right here in WA. The large fresh or blanched Salt bush leaves can be used as a wrap around meat or fish, in salads or as a leafy bed for grilled meat or vegetables. The dried Salt bush flakes are also a wonderful addition to bread, grills, pasta and Dukkah. You can find Salt Bush in our produce section next to the herbs!

La Sirène

Bìere Artisanale

20th Dec 2017 | New Arrivals

La Sirène Brewing began as a response to a calling to create modern day artisanal farmhouse-style beers with character and identity, which quickly evolved into our life-long obsession.An independent family owned & operated Urban Farmhouse Brewery, focus on producing New World Farmhouse beers in their House Style with finesse, texture and above all crisp drinkability in humble honour of these age-old styles.

Ediable Flowers

More than just a garnish!

19th Dec 2017 | New Arrivals

Edible flowers contain unique and enticing flavours and aromas which can be used as key ingredients to enhance a wide range of sweet and savoury dishes. Speciality edible leaves are stylish alternatives to traditional salad forms and contribute complex savoury and fresh flavours. Edible flowers and leaves are perfect for entertaining, dessert decoration, cakes and baking, salads, event catering or to add style to any dish.

Noshing Naturally

Vegan Cheese

16th Dec 2017 | New Arrivals

Unique, plant based, vegan, allergy friendly, healthier whole food alternatives. All of the Noshing Naturally cheeses are made from homemade almond milk and are soy free and dairy free. Their full range can be found in our refrigerated section.

Berkshire Christmas Hams

Local WA free-range hams

15th Dec 2017 | New Arrivals

We source our hams from Linton Batt who runs unfashionable black Berkshire pigs on his small farm in Beverly, WA. Linton has recently won the top champion prize at this year’s Sydney Fine Food Awards!  Our experienced butchers traditionally smoke our free-range Berkshire Christmas hams, on -site, using apple, hickory and beech wood chips from Narrogin wood-chip specialist Jimmy Jesus. These hams are handcrafted and full of delicious smoky flavour. Only available from our Butchery, while stocks last!

Rottness Island Delivery

Everything you need, right to your door!

13th Dec 2017 | New Arrivals

Complimentary shipping to Rottnest! Sip on an Iron Balls Gin and Tonic across the channel at Rottnest Island. Organise your produce and wine delivered right to your accommodation door without any stress!

Zalto Stemware

Hand-blown Austrian Crystal

12th Dec 2017 | New Arrivals

Zalto glasses are an astonishing range of hand-blown stemware from one of Austria’s finest small glass blowing houses. Our favourite glassware is the perfect gift for the wine drinker in your family, the range is available in the Wine Loft. 

Potted Silton

Unique Blue Cheese

11th Dec 2017 | New Arrivals

Sweet and salty with the biscuity crumb that a proper Stilton requires. This Pot of Long Clawson Stilton, attractively presented in a Ceramic presentation jar are great gifts. Stilton cheese is unique among blue cheeses as it has a really long, slow set. Today only 5 producers of Stilton remain of which Long Clawson is one!