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La Tradition Delice Cremier

Rich, indulgent triple cream cheese

6th Sep 2018 | News

This rich, cows’ milk cheese is made with whole milk enriched with cream. It has a dense, creamy texture similar to ice cream when young which gradually becomes softer due to the ripening action of the fluffy, white rind. This cheese is at its best when the rind has slightly discoloured and the texture inside has become soft and luscious! Now available from our Fromagery!

Knutsford Gourmet

Made with love

5th Sep 2018 | News

 Knutsford Gourmet has grown from a small hobby to a  business of pleasure, supplying biscuits, crackers and pastes to families, cheese lovers and amazing communities of people for everyday use, birthdays, gifts, hampers and all manners of celebration, that call for cheese! Chef Lisa Richards is from Perth and makes an amazing range of delicious items that are now available in our grocery department!

Blue Shropshire

Creamy Textured Blue Cheese

27th Aug 2018 | News

The beautiful taste and creamy texture of our Blue Shropshire cheese are matched by its wonderful appearance, with blue veins radiating through its deep-orange body. Our Blue Shropshire has an exquisite, nutty flavour, shot through with spicy notes. This cheese has been awarded Supreme Champion out of 910 cheeses at the 2016 British Cheese Awards. It was also awarded a Great Taste Award in 2015 and again in 2017. 


$29.95 per kilo*

23rd Aug 2018 | News

We source our Tomahawk from Great Southern Pinnacle, a collective that is renowned for its rich full flavoured cuts with just the right amount of marbling. They produce some of the world’s best, naturally raised, grass fed beef. It’s the bone where the Tomahawk takes its name from - the large rib bone left on the cut gives it a distinct Tomahawk shape. It’s a cut of meat that is designed to be brought to the table, then carved and shared! Now available in our Butchery! 

* Special available until 29 September 2018, while stocks last!

Le Dauphin Double Creme

Soft, silky and deliciously creamy

21st Aug 2018 | News

This unusual hexagonal cheese is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser and takes its name from the term once used to describe the heir apparent to the throne of France.

Made from rich cow's milk collected from the beautiful green mountain pastures surrounding the Rhône Valley, it was specially created for Will using a combination of modern techniques and a careful selection of traditional surface moulds.

The wooden box is important because it protects the cheese, and also creates a unique micro-environment for maturation. Best enjoyed fully ripened when exceptionally soft, silky and deliciously creamy.

Shaun Byrne Exculsive Book Signing

Sunday 5th August, Boatshed Wine Loft

3rd Aug 2018 | News

This Sunday, the 5th of August we are hosting Shaun Byrne for his exclusive book signing and pre-release of his and author Gilles Lapalus’s book ‘The Book of Vermouth’. Shaun has developed his love and understanding of the beverage industry through a rich career at some of Australia’s best bars and will be sharing his knowledge on the day in our Wine Loft. We will also be sampling Classic Negroni’s and Spritz with Maidenii Vermouth!

A few things to know about Vermouth, it’s a wine not a spirit, it’s the key to the best Negroni, it should be kept always in the fridge and it works so well in cocktails as it is so full of flavor, it’s sweet, sour, bitter and even has a salty note depending on the brand. We look forward in seeing you in our Wine Loft between 11am and 1pm this Sunday.

Garden Island Mussels

New season

26th Jul 2018 | News

The perfect time of the year to enjoy a generous bowl of fresh local Garden Island mussels steamed with our own homemade chilli sauce. 

Serve with fresh crusty bread or a Boatshed garlic loaf!

$3.95 Kilo (Special available until Thursday 02 August 2018)

Tour de France Mixed 6

Sip your way through the race!

1st Jul 2018 | News

$245 for 6 wines - valued at $275
Sip your way through the race! Our sommelier has picked 6 of her most favourite drops from the regions this epic races takes us through! Pre-order your mixed 6 online here or email For more information on the wines, download the pdf below. 

Boatshed Market Mix 6 Tour De France 2018

Fourme D'Ambert

Produced in the Auvergne region

28th Jun 2018 | News

This cheese is made in the town of Ambert and the first part of the name comes from the Latin word fourme, which means shape. The blue mould is introduced first into the cheese and then, air is injected into the pate, which allows the mould to develop. The cheese is mild with a firm but creamy texture and a subtle aromatic flavour that resists being too salty. It has a savoury, nutty aftertaste. The rind is dry and wrinkled with patches of mould. The blue moulds are more erratic in location than the usual streaks of blue produced in the pâté. Available from our cheese department and perfect with a generous serve of honeycomb!

White Hydrangea

Beautifully delicate.

20th Jun 2018 | News

Our florists have outdone themselves and found the most beautiful, elegant and delicate white hydrangeas! Their heads are made up of many smaller, more petite flowers. They are incredible quality, and the most pristine white you can image. The perfect bloom to bring style to any space in your home. Now available in our flower department. 

Pink Snapper

Direct from Kalbarri WA

13th Jun 2018 | News

$19.95 - whole fish
$69.95 - per kilo, filleted

Our Pink Snapper is line caught, sustainable and dry filleted on site. Directly from our fisherman in Kalbarri, it is fresh, soft textured and delicious! Snapper is an easy to cook and delicately flavoured fish perfect for a variety of different dishes. Pan fry, bake whole, crumbed the fillets or used pieces in a curry - it is fantastically tasty in all applications! 

Baked Brie

Fromager des Clarines

7th Jun 2018 | News

Fromager des Clarines is made from Mountain milk, yielding a smooth, very creamy cheese that is a must to serve as close to room temperature as possible to release it’s fresh white truffle butter flavours. The undulating moist golden crust, tinged with pink. gold and slightly reddish colours, shows faint imprints from the cloth markings used to mould it.

Place the brie on a baking tray covered with wax/parchment paper and drizzle with the honey.
Bake for 5 to 7 minutes, or until it starts to ooze but not melt.

Cravero Parmigiano Reggiano

The best Italy has to offer!

28th May 2018 | News

he Cravero family has been affineurs since 1855 with knowledge that has been handed down from father to son for five generations. The Cravero family cave is located in Bra, the northwest Italian region of Piedmont. It is in this cave that the cheese matures naturally at a constant-temperature environment for a minimum of 24 months. Each wheel is routinely cleaned, flipped and tapped with a small mallet to detect the pitch of ripeness! Pop into the store this weekend and have a taste of this delicious, freshly cracked Parmigiano Reggiano.

Beef Cheeks

From local, WA Free Range Beef

26th May 2018 | News

This is cut of meat is best cooked long and slow! It will absorb the flavours of braising liquid well and when you cut into it, it is almost like pulled pork or brisket. Melt-in-your-mouth and perfectly portioned, not to mention made for your slow cooker - this is a winter staple! Now available in our Butchery.

Garlic & Rosemary Beef Shin On The Bone

Perfect for the colder weather

19th May 2018 | News

Cooking a shin of beef gives you some really fantastic comfort food! This is a versatile cut is perfect cooked in a various ways - slow roasted, braised or in a casserole - it is delicious! Made from free range beef that is sourced locally from our own WA farmers. Expertly butchered by our experienced in house butchers.

Dad's Oats

Premium Quality Oats

15th May 2018 | News

Brekky does not get any better than a healthy bowl of porridge or muesli made from Dad’s Oats. Using the finest Echidna Oats known to grow in Australia, Dad's Oats produce Traditional Rolled Oats, Quick Oats and Groats. For five generations our family farm has grown oats which are nurtured from birth on the foothills of the Pyrenees Ranges in Dad's Paddocks, North Central Victoria, Australia.