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Wine Tasting with John Kosovich

Friday, 5 April 2019 from 5 pm

3rd Apr 2019 | Tasting & Events

John Kosovich Wines was established in 1922 by Johns father and his brothers, who emigrated from Croatia shortly before WWI. Originally selling sweet sherries to the Aussies and some ‘rough reds’ to the local European community, John quickly realised that these wines were not right for the Perth climate. In the 1960’s he made the bold move to begin producing dry white wine. Later he was awarded both the Order of Australia medal and the Jack Mann Medal for his contribution to the wine industry.

John Kosovich Wines remains as a boutique family owned and operated winery today. Their reputation for producing quality wines over a long period is unmatched by any other contemporary traditional Swan Valley winemaker.

This Friday we are joined by Arch Kosovich to taste a selection of both his Swan Valley and Pemberton releases. 

Open to taste:
2017 Verdelho
2012 Bottle Aged Chenin
2016 Pemberton Chardonnay
2014 Pemberton Pinot
2016 Malbec

New Season Kanzi Apples

Crunchy, sweet-tart & juicy

2nd Apr 2019 | Fresh Produce

Kanzi® is not just any apple, it is an apple of quality. The luxurious appearance is an alluring promise of the crunchy bite and deliciously well-balanced sweet and sour flavour. Now available from our produce department.

Gin Showcase

Saturday, 6 April 2019 from 12 pm to 3 pm

1st Apr 2019 | New Arrivals

Join us in the Wine Loft for a celebration of all things gin! We will be showcasing unique local and international gins giving you the opportunity to try a huge variety of gins from all over the world including exclusive gins that you will not see anywhere else!

Generous Organic Gin, France
Love Gin Eden Mill, Scotland
Iron Balls, Thailand
VOR, Iceland
Hernö Old Tom Gin, Sweden
Poor Toms Strawberry Gin, NSW
Never Never Gin, SA
Applewood Gin, SA
Four Pillars x Hernö Dry Island Gin , VIC
Tattarang Springs Australian Botanical Gin, WA
Tattarang Springs Bottle Blush Gin, WA