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Bread in Common

Hot, freshly baked bread

22nd Aug 2018 | New Arrivals

Bread and Common is now delivering fresh, warm fresh to our bakery at 7.30 am every morning! You do not get fresher or more local than this! Situated in Fremantle, hand built ovens named Hansel & Gretel are the heart of Bread in Common.The use of a long ferment and a slow mixing technique pays homage to the specially sourced flour, spice, salt and fruit. All hand molded to produce the purest and most nourishing wood fired bread possible. 

Le Dauphin Double Creme

Soft, silky and deliciously creamy

21st Aug 2018 | News

This unusual hexagonal cheese is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser and takes its name from the term once used to describe the heir apparent to the throne of France.

Made from rich cow's milk collected from the beautiful green mountain pastures surrounding the Rhône Valley, it was specially created for Will using a combination of modern techniques and a careful selection of traditional surface moulds.

The wooden box is important because it protects the cheese, and also creates a unique micro-environment for maturation. Best enjoyed fully ripened when exceptionally soft, silky and deliciously creamy.

Boatshed Market Pinot Festival

Saturday, 1 September 2018 - 11 am to 2 pm

20th Aug 2018 | Tasting & Events

With over 30 premium local and international Pinots open to taste, our inaugural Pinot Festival is not to be missed. Join us for an exclusive tasting of some of the world’s finest Pinot Noir wines! We will have wines open to taste from Australia, New Zealand, France and more! Favourite’s such as Ata Rangi, Dry River and By Farr will be open along side some of Australia's brightest stars Garagiste and Mac Forbes. There will also be a strong focus on up and comers such as CRFT and Gentle Folk. Our passion and focus is small batch, artisanal wines, and those made with minimal intervention and a strong focus on terroir. Pinot Noir is regarded by many to be one of the world's most elegant grapes, producing wines of finesse, complexity and beauty. 

This event does not have a cover charge however, registration for this event is essential. Register here.

Fine Food WA - Vegan Salad Bowl

Healthy & delicious

19th Aug 2018 | New Arrivals

New from Fine Food WA - this delicious Vegan Salad Bowl is made by hand, using fresh WA ingredients. Fine Food WA focus on simplicity, using real, local ingredients. Their meals are free from any additives, have no added sugar or artificial colouring and are gluten free. 

Furious Bee - Creamed Honey

Small batch, slow churned

18th Aug 2018 | New Arrivals

If you’re looking for a bit of tender loving, this fine crystallised honey is for you! Smooth, creamy and comforting with hints of vanilla slice and chocolate for those rainy days. Furious Bee's Seasonal Honey as the base for their creamed honey. The seasonal honey is from our hives that are located in a secluded grove of native West Australian bush in Jandakot. After the raw honey has been extracted and strained, it goes into a bowl and it is churned on a very slow speed until it is at the perfect consistency.

  • 100% Pure West Australian Honey
  • Unfiltered
  • Unpasteurised
  • High in antioxidants

Hickson Mandarins

Sweet and juicy!

17th Aug 2018 | Fresh Produce

Hickson Mandarins have a high juice content, with orange–red sweet flesh and thin easy to peel skin. The high juice content makes them ideal for juicing as well as eating. Now available in our produce section.

Cheese from Around the World - Masterclass with expert Valerie Henbest

Thursday, 23 August 2018 from 6 pm to 7.30 pm

16th Aug 2018 | Tasting & Events

Valerie Henbest has been quietly revolutionising the cheese drawers of Australia, as well as the way people think about their food, for years. Born in France, Valerie migrated to Australia in the early 1990’s. She has always been interested in cheese, having grown up in Normandie – the home of Camembert.

Valerie’s knowledge, appreciation and enormous passion for cheese has taken her around the world. Settled in Adelaide, Valerie has developed The Smelly Cheese Shop’s successful series of Cheese Master Classes which are now presented nationally.

We are incredibly excited to announce that Valerie will be joining us Thursday 23rd for an intimate cheese and wine masterclass. Join us for this rare and exciting opportunity with one of Australia’s most highly regarded cheese experts as she takes us through some of her favourites all paired with premium wines from around the world.  

To purchase tickets go here.

Honey Joy Butterbing

Limited edition

15th Aug 2018 | New Arrivals

For a limited time only, Butterbing have created this delicious new edition to their range which can now be found at our cofee bar! Exploding with honey, corn flakes and memories of childhood birthday parties. Sweet honey buttercream with smashed up honey-joys, inside and out. Golden, crunchy and smiles of joy. Butterbings do not contain any sources of gluten and are baked with gluten-free flour.

Brash Higgins - New Release Tasting with Live Jazz!

Friday, 24 August 2018 from 5 pm

15th Aug 2018 | Tasting & Events

Brash Higgins is the label of winemaking American-turned-honorary-Aussie, Brad Hickey. In his former life, Hickey was one of America’s top sommeliers, working for many years crafting some of New York’s finest wine lists. He came to Australia and fell in love with McLaren Vale and local vigneron Nicole Thorpe, with whom he now produces highly characterful, minimalist wines. The wines are extremely expressive; trailblazers of their genre! 

CHN 2017 Chenin paired with Crottin Affine Goat’s Cheese
ZBO 2017 Zibbibo paired with Feta stuffed and marinated Olives
MCC 2017 Mataro, Cinsault, Carignan paired with Jamon Iberico
FRNC 2017 Cabernet Franc paired with Salumi Classico
MATO 2016 Mataro paired with Pyengana Aged Cheddar
OMENSETTER 2012 Shiraz, Cabernet paired with Wagyu Biltong

Rio Star Grapefruit

Sweet and tangy

14th Aug 2018 | Fresh Produce

Grapefruit is known around the world for its unique colors and tangy flavour. The Rio Star variety is highly prized, and is the result of years of selective fruit breeding. This grapefruit is sweet, has a red flesh with very few seeds. Red-fleshed grapefruits are much sweeter than white-fleshed ones. Now available in our produce section.

Tartufi Jimmy

Truffle Chips from Italy

13th Aug 2018 | New Arrivals

Tartufi Jimmy is a company specialized in the marketing of fresh truffles and in the realization of products preserved high quality based on truffle. Their truffles are purchased directly from the searchers and collectors, mainly in central Italy, where Tartufi Jimmy is based. Crisp, thinly sliced potato chips infused with dried white truffle and sea salt make the perfect bar snack. Salty and flavoursome; serve with antipasti and your preferred cocktail for aperitivo hour.

Picardy Wines - Tasting & Live Jazz

Friday, 17 August from 5 pm

12th Aug 2018 | Tasting & Events

Picardy is one of Australia's leading premium boutique wine producers, established in 1993 in the Pemberton region of Western Australia. Picardy is owned and operated by Bill, Sandra, and Dan Pannell. Bill and Sandra were pioneers of the Margaret River region, establishing Moss Wood vineyard and winery in 1969. Dan Pannell joins us this Friday for a special tasting which will include his premium Pinot ‘Tete de Cuvee’.

2016 Picardy Chardonnay
2016 Picardy Pinot Noir
2013 Picardy Tete de Cuvee – Pinot Noir
2014 Picardy Shiraz

Spanish Wine Tasting

Saturday, 18 August from 10 am to 2 pm

11th Aug 2018 | Tasting & Events

In conjunction with our Annual Spanish Paella Festival, the Wine Loft will be opening delicious wines from Spain to taste! With the wide selection of flavours that come with Paella, it is a dish that is surprisingly easy to pair with wine. We have selected four wines from four different wine regions of Spain to pair with the delicious Paella's being offered. 

Mengoba Brezo Rosado, 2015, Bierzo
Angel Rodriguez Martinsancho Verdejo, 2016, Rueda
La Maldicion Tinto de Valdilecha, 2017, Madrid
Valdesil Mencia Carballo, 2011, Valdeorras
Valenciso Laderas de Cabama, Rioja, 2012

Bklyn Bento

Exclusive To Boatshed Market from NYC

10th Aug 2018 | New Arrivals

We couldn't be more excited to receive our first delivery from the boys from Bklyn Bento from Brooklyn in NYC! It’s been a lot of correspondence back and forth to get this order completed with Marc the owner of Bklyn Bento, one of our wonderful directors was even given a personal tour of NYC from Marc while visiting America last month. We are the only store in Australia selling these double-walled, vacuum insulated food thermos in two sizes 14oz and 10oz. These copper lined lunch boxes will not transfer heat or cold to the outer walls. That means your Bklyn Steel thermos never feel hot or cold while holding them in your hands, this also means no condensation or sweat will build up on this food container; keeping the inside of your travel bag nice and dry. They’re perfect for our homemade soups, chicken broth, iced or hot coffee and any other meals and drinks you want to keep at its optimum temperature. The story of how the boys from Bklyn Bento started this company is amazing, have a read of their story on their website;

Spanish Paella Festival

Saturday, 18 August from 10 am - 2 pm

9th Aug 2018 | Tasting & Events

Join us as we showcase all the delicious and wonderful things about Spain! Come and watch our chefs make traditional Spanish paella - we will have samples out to taste and take home cooked paella available. We will have a variety of salame, chorizo, Sardinian sausages, manchego, fresh seafood and much more! Our sommelier will have a variety of Spanish wines open to taste!

Purple Artichoke

A culinary delicacy

8th Aug 2018 | Fresh Produce

Artichokes are an edible member of the thistle family and actually the immature bud of what would be a large sunflower-like blossom if not picked for consumption! We now have stock of the purple variety! This popular vegetable does not lose its vibrant colour when cooked and is prized for having a slightly more pronounced nutty flavour than its green globe cousin.

The dark purple adds an unexpected splash of color when served. Artichokes can be a meal in itself, prepared simply - just steamed, the leaves plucked then dipped in garlic-butter. The meaty base of the globe is called the heart and is considered a culinary delicacy.