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Lupin Granola

Made from West Australian Lupin

24th Mar 2018 | New Arrivals

Made right here in Perth, this range of Lupin Granola is delicious! We are stocking Cacao, Hazelnut and Chia Lupin Granola, the Matcha, Macademia Lupin Granola and the Toasted Almond, Coconut and Cinnamon Lupin Granola.  Coastal Crunch came about from a love of yummy and healthy food and a passion for the outdoors.  As well as making wholesome food products, Tim is committed to being as sustainable as possible. 

Organic Que Pasa

Mexican Salsa

23rd Mar 2018 | New Arrivals

Que Pasa products are made with organic non GMO Project Verified ingredients that are, gluten free, nut free, and vegan! We now stock their full range of Salsa - Mexicana Mild, Chipotle Medium and Mexicana Medium. Bursting with flavourful, ripe, organic tomatoes and a unique blend of spices, they’re the perfect dip for your chip.

Gourmet Traveller

New product range

21st Mar 2018 | New Arrivals

We are now stocking the full range of Gourmet Traveller's relish's, chutneys, jams, marmalades and passata! All are artisan made and absolutely delicious! They can be found in our groceries section!


Icelandic Single Malt Whisky

20th Mar 2018 | New Arrivals

Just landed in the Loft! Exclusive to the Boatshed and very limited. 100% Icelandic locally grown barley. Named after one of Icelands first explorers, Hrafna-Flóki (Flóki of the ravens).

Carefully distilled using our custom made distillation equipment to extract the full flavor of the barley and then matured in new wood american oak barrels. Flóki is a complex and unique malt with a blend of characteristics you´d expect in Bourbon, Irish Whisky and Scottish Highland Whiskys.

Vor Icelandic Gin

Exclusive to the Wine Loft

19th Mar 2018 | New Arrivals

You will not find this gin anywhere else in Australia! We only have 50 bottles avaliable. This gin will be open to taste at our Gin Festival which is on 24 March 2018 from 11 am to 2 pm. 

“VOR” is Icelandic for spring. The Arctic spring is the inspiration and with it comes the sharp taste of an Icelandic summer. Vor is made from 100% Icelandic barley. The barley is grown at the arctic circle in a cold climate, resulting in a hardy and full flavoured base for the gin. The botanicals are handpicked and native to Iceland. 

Artisan Nut Butters

Honest Good Pantry

18th Mar 2018 | New Arrivals

We are now stocking the full range of delicious nut butters from Honest Goods Co. Hand-made in small batches right here in Perth. This line of artisan nut butters is all natural, vegan & sugar free!

Reusable Ceramic Coffee Cup

Pottery for the Planet

17th Mar 2018 | New Arrivals

Handmade from vitrified ceramic and fitted with a 100% silicone lid, these beautiful cups are a sustainable alternative to throw away coffee cups. We now have a full range of beautiful mugs which you can find at our coffee bar! 

Madame Dry

Sparkling water elixirs

16th Mar 2018 | New Arrivals

A mineral water range infused with the age olf practise of positively charfed crystals together with botantical extracts. Madame Dry has two flavours - (1) Rose Water lightly sparked with Daylesford spring water and infused with botanical rose and 24 rose quartz immersion (2) Lavender and Amethyst Water - amethyst invites in balance, passion, creativity and a deeper connection with your intuitive.

Gin Festival

Saturday, 24 March - 11 am to 2 pm

14th Mar 2018 | Tasting & Events

Join us in the Boatshed Courtyard for a celebration of all things gin! Unique local and international distilleries will have their finest gins open for you to try and you will have the opportunity to discuss the processes and idea’s behind the gins with people close to the production! Amongst the 23 gins that we will be showcasing, we have the pleasure of introducing two new gins that are not available anywhere else in Australia and are exclusive to the Boatshed Wine Loft - Vor Icelandic Pot Distilled Gin and Iron Balls Gin. These premium gins will be available for a festival price during the event time. Come down and see the Summer off with the perfect warm weather partner – gin!

Registration for this even is essential! Register here.

Easter Chocolate Showcase

Saturday, 17 March from 11 am to 1 pm

13th Mar 2018 | Tasting & Events

Join us in the courtyard this Saturday for our Easter showcase event! We are joined by some of the finest chocolatiers and bakeries to bring you the most delicious Easter treats! Sue Lewis, The Little Bakery, The Chocolatier, Cheeky Cacao and many more!

Luke Lambert Tasting

Friday, 16 March from 4 pm in the Loft

11th Mar 2018 | Tasting & Events

Join us in the Loft this Friday from 4 pm - we will be tasting the delicious wines from Luke Lambert. Luke is undoubtedly one of the hottest names in Australian wine. His thoughtful wines, crafted from exceptional sites in the Yarra Valley have struck a chord with wine drinkers in Australia and around the world. He makes vibrant, pure fruited Syrah and exceptionally complex Chardonnay from the Tibooburra Vineyard. His seasonal expressions of Nebbiolo from the Denton Vineyard have helped sparked a conversation in the region, with people talking about the potential for it to be the region’s next great variety.  Luke is not just making wines that are delicious, interesting and thought-provoking, he is making wines that are distinctive, wines that are unique and speak of place.  But they are also instantly recognisable as Luke Lambert wines, wines that couldn’t be made by anyone else.

Tomato Salsa

A Boatshed classic!

9th Mar 2018 | News

Our classic salsa is made using fresh local Roma tomatoes, red onion, garlic and our special blend of chilli and herbs. Together with our authentic Mexican corn chips, Boatshed salsa is perfect to share with friends and family! 

Go Nuts

Wholegrain Corn Chips

8th Mar 2018 | New Arrivals

We now have a stock of the famous and in demand Go Nuts corn chips! Described as the most authentic corn chips outside Mexico, these are the one's you have heard about. Made with the wholegrain of the corn to include all the goodness. Fibre rich, full corn flavour subtly enhanced with seasonings. Cooked in canola oil for lower fat, low saturated fat. Gluten free, low sugar, no palm oil. Eat them as a snack or part of a Mexican style meal.

Black Genoa Figs

Grown in Manjimup

7th Mar 2018 | Fresh Produce

We now have the most delicious Black Genoa Figs in store! Grown by our very own local WA farmers, they are a large sized fig with purple skin and red flesh that has a very sweet rich flavor. The can be enjoyed on their own, with a wheel of creamy cheese or part of a dessert!

Ravensworth Wine Tasting

Friday, 9 March from 5pm

6th Mar 2018 | Tasting & Events

The beautiful wines of Ravensworth will be open to taste up in the Loft! Winemaker Bryan Martin is a talented food writer and cook and thinks deeply about textures and flavours. His distinctive wines are the result of over a decades experience at Clonakilla.

Finger Limes

Native to Australia!

5th Mar 2018 | Fresh Produce

Finger lie season is almost upon us! We have the first pick in our produce section. When sliced open, it reveals ‘caviar like’ pearls, which are filled with lemon-lime juice. With a delicious aroma of fresh, zesty citrus and a hint of cooked apples, the taste of the Finger Lime is tart with some astringency and bitterness. Finger Lime can be used in dressings, jams and sauces, cordials and cocktails. It can substitute for ordinary lemon or lime, wherever they are used.