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Organic Hemp Chocolate

Margaret River Hemp Co

20th Sep 2017 | New Arrivals

We now stock the full range of Margaret River Hemp Co chocolates: Hemp & Cacao, Hemp Coconut & Mint Chocolate and Hemp & Wild Orange Chocolate. Hand made in our very own WA, the chocolates are filled with beneficial hemp seeds, packed with omega 3,6 & 9. High in antioxidants. Raw & Organic. Enjoy guilt free. PNo diary, no refined sugar, gluten free, no soy, low GI.

That Cold Stuff

100% Cold Brew Concentrate

18th Sep 2017 | New Arrivals

In a nutshell it is concentrated cold brew coffee. Cold brew has a different brewing process to your normal coffee, which gives it a few advantages over its hotter counterparts. For one, the taste is a lot smoother. The familiar bite and bitterness of hot brewed coffee is caused by fatty acids, which are left behind during the cold brewing process. This means it`s not only easier on your taste buds, but on your stomach as well. That Cold Stuff has more caffeine by volume (240 mg per 50 ml shot) than regular hot brewed coffee, has no dairy, sugar or preservatives which means it is safe for you to use across any diet or eating plan. You can find That Cold Stuff in the health food fridge in our market!

Heavenly Strawberries

First pick of the season

15th Sep 2017 | Fresh Produce

We now have stock of the most delicious and aromatic Heavenly Strawberries! Fresh strawberries rank in the top ten for fruit antioxidant properties. Grown on the Lieu family farm north of Perth, Heavenly strawberries are carefully selected from his Albion variety plants, brix tested for high sugar levels then hand packed for you to enjoy.Heavenly strawberries guarantee sweetness along with outstanding flavour and aroma.

Albany Asparagus

New Season

12th Sep 2017 | Fresh Produce

The local WA asparagus season has just begun! We have the first pick, which are from Albany -  they have thicker spears that are moist and flavoursome and perfect for family barbecues. Try spicing up good quality mayonnaise with a touch of wasabi as a dipping sauce for barbecued spears! They are a very good source of folate too.

Bondi Yoghurt

Now stocking

29th Aug 2017 | New Arrivals

100% Jersey Milk Natural Yoghurt - as close to Natural yoghurt perfection it is made from the most premium jersey milk and filled with 5 different types of pro-biotics (live cultures). It contains no additives: no sweeteners, colours, flavours, preservatives or thickeners. Bondi Jersey Milk yoghurt is a rich, creamy, healthy experience that leaves you wanting more.

Coconut Dairy Free Yoghurt is a product that sits in a unique place among others of it’s type. It is a coconut yoghurt that is made from pure coconut flesh and coconut water – the whole fruit of the highly revered coconut palm. Without compromise, this is an incredible product that will redefine the way you think about dairy-free yoghurts. It is as much to be enjoyed and savoured in it’s own right as it is to be regarded as a dairy alternative. Complete with all the health benefits that coconut flesh and coconut water provide, and combined with the super charging of live culture (pro-biotics), this product is causing sensations around the culinary fraternity.

Grilled Pink Snapper with Caramelized Pineapple, Green Onion Butter & Relish

By Bobby Flay

1st Aug 2017 |

A delicious recipe using our Fishco pink snapper, courtesy of Bobby Flay. This dish is so fresh and tasty, it will fast become a favourite.

Pork Belly, Fennel & Caramelized Pear

By David Coomer

26th May 2017 |

A simple enough roast for a weeknight dinner, delicious enough for a stand out main course. I have allowed extra pork belly because someone will eat more than their share! The walnut sauce recipe is equally brilliant with chicken, as a dip with Turkish bread or a vegetarian sauce with Boatshed's wild asparagus. Our resident sommelier recommends the Chateau Thivin Cote De Brouilly Gamay 2015 to perfectly match this tasty dish- available from the Wine Loft.

Simple Steamed Pipis

By David Coomer

18th May 2017 |

David Coomer shares his simple, easy and incredibly tasty pipi recipe using hand harvest, sustainable Goolwa pipis that are now available from the Fishco. This fresh, seasonal meal will have you coming back for seconds and maybe even thirds! Our resident sommelier recommends the 2014 Forest Hill Block 1 Riesling to perfectly match this vibrant and warming dish - available from the Wine Loft.