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KEX Seed Crackers

Hand made, baked, organic

28th Feb 2019 | New Arrivals

KEX are nut and egg free which makes them suitable for school lunch boxes. Anyone with coeliacs disease/wheat intolerances or lactose intolerance can also enjoy KEX. These deliciously seedy crackers are great on their own, or accompanied with dips. KES are organic, gluten free, paelo friendly, have no added sugar, vegan friendly, vegetarian friendly, no preservatives or additives. They come in Oregano, Spicy, Pepper and Original flavours and are available from our grocery department!

T-Bone Steak

$19.95 per kilo*

27th Feb 2019 | News

Our T-bone steaks are sourced from Greater Southern, who use an English breed of cattle that are grass fed and GMO-free. T-bone steaks are a hero piece of meat because there are two tasty cuts in one. The flavoursome sirloin on the one side of the bone and tender fillet on the other, it’s the best of both worlds! T-bone is at its most tasty when simply seasoned, then quickly pan-fried, grilled or barbequed.

*Special available until 27 Feb 2019, whilst stocks last!

Organic Noodle Kitchen Noodle Range

Chef influenced organic gourmet noodles

24th Feb 2019 | New Arrivals

We have just introduced the full range of the Organic Noodle Kitchen noodles to our market. The flavours include Beetroot, Japanese Soba, Spirulina, Turmeric and Japanese Udon. These selection of noodles are made using the Japanese steam method. Big on flavour, use these noodles in a variety of cooking methods - try as soup noodles, in stir fry’s and also in salads. These Chef influenced gourmet noodles are a simple way to add genuine Asian flavour to any meal.

Emelia's Sauces

The first to deliver Umami Sauce in Australia

22nd Feb 2019 | New Arrivals

From Kyneton, Victoria Emelia has been gifting her homemade sauces, chutney's relishes and pickled goods for over 20 years and now has become a well known household name with a host of food awards from all over Australia, inluding 15 Fine Food Awards. Even at 70 years of age, Emelia is always striving for a cleaner, all natural product. 

Fed up with trying to find tasty, natural sauces for her family she started to experiment with her favourite ingredients in the family kitchen 30 years ago, little did she know what journey was about to follow from those early years cooking for her family.

We are so pleased to introduce this amazing range to our store. Including the totally natural and unbelievably delicious Umami Mayonaise. Umami is the 5th sensation to the palate, that originated in Japan 100 years ago, meaning sweet, sour, salty & bitter combined together to give the taste of Umami. The code has been cracked, and Emelia's is the first to deliver an Umami sauce in Australia.

South by South West Small Batch Wine Tasting

Friday, 22nd February 2019 - Boatshed Wine Loft

21st Feb 2019 | Tasting & Events

South by South West is a small-batch artisan winemaker based in the Margaret River wine region of Western Australia. Each wine they produce is given the opportunity to develop its own personality in a small batch where it receives the right amount of attention; personality that is founded on the fruit, and realised through the way it is produced, bottled and labelled. In keeping with the traditional aspects of winemaking, South by South West style is focused on minimal intervention to showcase regions, varietals, and vineyards in their rightful form.

Join us in our Wine Loft this Friday 22, February to taste a selection of these small-batch wines.

Wines open to taste:

Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Rose Shiraz/ Viognier 2018

Chardonnay 2017

Pinot 2018

Tempranillo 2017


Greek Food and Wine Tasting

Saturday, 23 February from 12pm - 2pm, Boatshed Courtyard

20th Feb 2019 | Tasting & Events


Our wine expert has chosen 9 premium Greek wines which will be open to taste. We are joined by one of WA’s top chefs, David Coomer, who will have his marinaded Sardines open to taste. Chef Samantha Duffield will be creating simple dishes, using both steamed & marinated Fremantle Octopus. We will be tasting authentic Greek halloumi & feta as well as a variety of traditionally made olives, olive oils & vinaigrettes!

Join us for a celebration of the food and new wines of Greece!

It's Not Plastic

Introducing Australias first 100% plant based reusable water bottle

19th Feb 2019 | New Arrivals

We are so proud to introduce Australias first 100% plant based water bottle to our Boasthed shelves and fridges.

These bottles are reusable, biodegradable and are also compostable in a managed composting facilities. There's no labels on the bottle only natural vegetable ink for the printing, they also come delivered in boxes of 20 in recycled unbrandad cardboard boxes.

As these bottles are made 100% from plants they don't contain PET, BPA or phthalates ensuring no hormone & toxic chemicals in your water!

Join us this Saturday, February 23rd 2019 for a tasting of this Western Australian water, but more importantly meet the man behind the product Adrian Ryan to learn about all the environmental benefits of this product.

French Wine & Cheese Pairing Masterclass

Wednesday, 20 February 2019 from 6pm - 730pm

18th Feb 2019 | Tasting & Events

This Wednesday, 20 February 2019, Five premium French wines will be perfectly matched with five delicious French cheeses as we take a journey through a region that has basked in the highest reputation of wine and food production for hundreds of years.

The wines being tasted include, Gerard Boulay, Sancerre, 2017 Vincent Caille ‘X Bulles’ Methode Ancestral NV Domaine de la Pinte Savagnin, Jura, 2008 Domaine Dupre Pinot Noir, Bourgogne, 2016 Clos du Gravillas Muscat, Laugedoc, 2015.

Along side these wines, the cheese that will be complementing include; Ste Maure Affinee: Lactic Goats Cheese from the Loire Valley Delice de St Cyr: Triple Cream White Mould from Burgundy Comte 18 month: A special matured mountain cheese - especially for the event Epoisses: Washed Rind Cows milk from Burgundy Fourme D'Ambert: Cows Milk Blue cheese from the Auvergne region.

Essentially Keto Fat Drops

keto-friendly buttery coffee treats

17th Feb 2019 | New Arrivals

Essentially Keto are a Melbourne Based company focusing on all things Keto-friendly, focussing on making ketogenic and low-carb living more convenient and delicious. Their Ketogenic Energy Bars were their first product to market that have proven to be extremely popular, now thanks to the careful combination of grass fed butter, organic coconut oil and coconut butter and a touch of grass fed gelatin Esssentially Keto have formed the most delicious keto-friendly natural caramel flavoured buttery coffee treats. Simply pop them in your blender with a cup of hot coffee and blend. These fatty little bombs are available in store in our Wellness Fridge.

Pressed Plus Protein Juice

World's first high protein juice cleanse

13th Feb 2019 | New Arrivals

All three flavours are back in stock after revamping their recipe and packaging. PressedPlus Protein Juices the FIRST and ONLY cold pressed juices infused with organic plant based protein, superfoods and essential fatty acids to create a complete balanced meal, allowing your body to get fit from within. These revolutionary juice blends are easily digested and absorbed by the body. The combination of high protein, essential fats and complex carbohydrates are a powerhouse of macro and micro-nutrients that assist in fat loss, lean muscle growth and ultimate cellular rejuvenation. This is raw wholefood based nutrition as nature intended with no synthetic ingredients or fillers and is suitable for the whole family. Try the Holy Cacao, Lean on Green or Bloody Rawsome today in our Boatshed Wellness Fridge.

Lets Go Natureal

Re-Usable, Eco Friendly, Natural & Compostable

12th Feb 2019 | New Arrivals

Lets Go Natureal is a local Perth company that focus mainly on being natural and offering sustainable, recycled (wherever possible) products. We now carry their plastic-free substitute from nature for disposable tableware, made from naturally fallen Areca palm leaves. The patters, plates and trays are 100% natural, no sealants, binding agents or chemicals are used. Simply pressure cleaned and then moulded using heat and pressure. We also stock their Dharma Glass, stainless steel straws and their reusable bamboo cutlery sets that have plant oil based coating, no toxic-chemicals, plastic free, eco -friendly and compostable.

Louis Roederer Brut Premier Champagne

Just in time for Valentine's Day

10th Feb 2019 | Tasting & Events

$75 per bottle*
*While stocks last

Join us in the courtyard for a tasting of this delicious Champagne this Valentine's Day, 14 February 2019. Striking a perfect balance between youthfulness and maturity, seduction and character, freshness and vinosity, Brut Premier is a champagne that is harmonious and structured, elegant and lively, with a unique exuberancy. Its structured texture, richness, and length are distinctly winey. It is a full, complex wine that is both rich and powerful, whilst remaining a great classic.

Repen Protea

9th Feb 2019 | News

Our flower department now has bunches of beautiful Repen Protea in stunning shades of deep sunset pinks! This is a South African native plant with a very distinctive, chalice-shaped flower head. They add a soft beauty to any arrangement or can simply stand on their own!

Local Goat - Goats Camembert

Friday, 8 February from 4.30 pm

8th Feb 2019 | Tasting & Events

Join us in the Wine Loft this Friday, 8 February from 4:30 pm to last this delicious local, goats cheese camembert alongside LS Merchants wine!

Local Goat produces small-batch, artisan cheeses that reflect the clean, natural environment of the Northern Valleys. Now available from our cheese department. 

Local Goat is just west of Gingin on 148 acres of Banksia woodland, an hour north of Perth. The goats have paddocks to graze, as well as trees and shrubs to browse. The property and goats are managed in a sustainable, ethical and environmentally-responsible manner. Happy, healthy goats produce high-quality milk which makes exceptional cheese. The Saanen breed is known for extended milking times while the British Alpine is recognised for large quantities of milk. Local Goat has some of each and looking forward to the result of crossing these breeds.

Line-Caugh Pink Snapper

Freshly caught off Shark Bay

7th Feb 2019 | News

$69.95 per kilo

Our Pink Snapper are line caught in the pristine waters of Shark Bay, WA and delivered fresh to our Fishco. Pink Snapper is a versatile, delicious fish that are perfect whole on the barbecue or enjoy a delicious pan-fried fillet! Now available from our Fishco.

Valentines Day Flower Market

Thursday, 14 February 2019

6th Feb 2019 | Tasting & Events

Join us in the Courtyard for our Annual Valentines Day Flower Market. Our florists have sourced the most beautiful flowers and curated the most stunning bunches that will make your loved one feel extra special! Choose from our wide selection of pre-made bunches or select your favourite blooms and one of our talented florists will put together a lovely bouquet. Add a box of gourmet chocolates and a bottle of Champagne to make the ultimate gift!