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Peak Active Chocolate

High energy dark chocolate

2nd Jan 2019 | New Arrivals

Increase your explosive energy and endurance from high quality dark chocolate with the performance benefits of the Peak Active blend of effective sports supplements Creatine, Branched Chain Amino Acid, Natural Caffeine and Himalayan Rock Salt. Now available in our grocery department.

Happy New Year!

Open New Years Day

1st Jan 2019 | News

We are open today from 6:30 am - 8 pm! Pop down and pick up a coffee made by our barista, freshly baked bread and shop our incredible range of product, fish, meat, cheese & wine! Wishing all of our customers a wonderful 2019!


Soft-serve frozen dessert made from avocados

31st Dec 2018 | New Arrivals

Gelavo is an environmentally-friendly, soft-serve frozen dessert made from avocados. As well as being sustainably sourced, Gelavo is vegan, lactose-free and contains many of the nutrients needed for a healthy diet, such as vitamins C and E, and omega 3. Available from our dairy department! 

House-Made Pesto

Fresh, delicious & full of flavour

30th Dec 2018 | News

Pesto can be used as an accompaniment to many roast dishes but it also tastes delicious stirred through a big bowl of pasta. Our range of fresh pestos are now available from our dairy department, they are made in WA from the freshest ingredients that we source from local WA farmers. 

Brookie’s Slow Gin

Made from the jewel of our rainforest, the Davidson Plum.

29th Dec 2018 | New Arrivals

Now available in our Wine Loft! Brookie’s Byron Slow Gin is the first of its kind. Made in the traditional style of the English ‘Sloe’ gin, Brookie’s Byron Slow Gin showcases a unique rainforest fruit native to the subtropical region of Byron Bay, the Davidson Plum. We steep these plums in our Byron Dry Gin and let time weave its magic. Expect exhilarating flavours of rose, watermelon, and bright plum.

Prosecco & Aperol Spritz Pack

$39 per pack*

28th Dec 2018 | News

Our Aperol Spritz packs are perfect for your Summer entertaining and pre-prepared for your convenience. This simple Italian cocktail is the drink of Summer, a refreshing aperitif that is made for sipping in the sunshine with friends.  The pack includes a 700 mL bottle of Aperol, a 750 mL bottle of Puncheon Darts Prosecco and fresh, juicy oranges!

*available until 2 Jan, whilst stocks last

La Violetta ‘Spunk Nat’

Mount Barker Shiraz-Riesling 2017

26th Dec 2018 | News

Enjoying a splash of Spunk - this is an interesting fizz made in the ‘pét-nat’ style. It’s a 50/50 blend of Shiraz and Riesling and is fleshy and dense with pink grapefruit and cherryade notes. It really is delicious; the type of thing you could drink all day.

Merry Christmas!

25th Dec 2018 | News

Wishing all of our customers a Merry Christmas! Thank you for your support this year.

Fresh Salad Greens

Locally grown

22nd Dec 2018 | Fresh Produce

You can't help but feel great when you are eating a bowl of big, healthy, vibrant green salad leaves! We source our mix of fresh greens from local farmers, and get them delivered fresh to our produce department. They make for the perfect base for any salad and are just as good drizzled with good quality olive oil, salt and freshly cracked pepper.

Fresh Strawberries

Available in our produce department

21st Dec 2018 | News

Our strawberries are locally grown, here in WA. They are juicy, delicious and a healthier snack. Beautiful sweet strawberries are a great healthy ingredient that add colour, flavour and sweetness to many recipes especially desserts.

Sparkling Chenin Blanc

Voyager Estate

20th Dec 2018 | News

A vibrant and fine palate displaying tightly wound citrus and green apple flavours with hints of fresh bread, finishing with a clean crisp natural acidity. Pop up to the Wine Loft and grab a bottle or two for your Festive Season celebrations!

Australian Desert Lime

Intense with exceptional flavour

19th Dec 2018 | Fresh Produce

Now available in our produce department! The Australian Desert Lime is small with an intense, piquant flavour. An extremely versatile fruit they can be used in any product or process where ‘normal’ limes or lemons are used, the main difference being their small size, lack of peel and more intense flavour.

Desert limes require no peeling or preparation. They have the valuable attribute of freezing down without losing flavour or presentation characteristics when thawed later for use. The fruit has been analysed as a very healthy food source, having three times the amount of Vitamin C compared to oranges.

The Ultimate Entertainers Pack

Everything you need this festive season!

18th Dec 2018 | News

Was $301 - now only $255!

The ultimate entertainers pack, curated by our excellent Wine Loft team! This 12 pack  includes:
La Prova Prosecco
Mazza Bastardo Rosé
Poggio Anima Montepuliciano
Vinterloper Riesling
Dominique Portet
Fiegl Pinot Grigi
Arfion Spring Pinot
Grenaudiere Muscadet 
Chantillon Gamay

Available for purchase in our Wine Loft!

Raw Honeycomb - Full Frames!

South West Honey

16th Dec 2018 | New Arrivals

We now have stock of these incredible full frames of honey comb delivered to us fresh from the hive! They are the ultimate styling piece on your grazing table this festive season are sure to impress! Limited amounts available in store.

New Range of Gourmet Dips

WA made, preservative free

15th Dec 2018 | New Arrivals

A brand new range of delicious Boatshed Hummus Dips can now be found in our dairy department. These have been made using our special in-house recipes. They are authentic, tasty and healthy. They make for the perfect addition to your grazing or cheese board, and a great snack option with freshly cut vegetables. Our range includes the following varieties: Beetroot & Feta Hummus, Black Bean & Kalamata Hummus, Traditional Hummus, Pea & Spinach Hummus, Smoked Paprika & Capsicum Hummus and Smokey Honey Hummus.

Sweet Valley Cherries

1KG gift box - $19.95 per kilo*

14th Dec 2018 | Fresh Produce

We source our delicious Lapin cherries from local grower Michel Cusato, a third generation orchardist who owns and operates Sweet Cherry Valley Farm in Donnybrook, WA.  These  cherries have been conveniently packed in 1 kilo boxes, making them the ideal gift! Lapin cherries are known for their deep ruby colour, their lush, plump size and their juicy sweetness.

$19.95 per kilo until Wednesday 19 December, whilst stocks last.