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New Arrivals

Appellation Oysters from Port Stephens

Premium Rock Oysters

13th May 2021 | New Arrivals

Our Appellation Oysters are from Port Stephens this week and have just arrived in our Fishco! With several significant freshwater tributaries and moderate tidal movement the estuary is blessed with a broad and consistent ecological environment. Port Stephens Rock Oysters are a very well-balanced oyster that is at the peak of creaminess. A full, rich oyster that boasts a medium level of sweetness, mild brininess, a lasting mineralisation and low levels of vegetal umami.

Roasted Olives

From Kiveri, Greece

11th May 2021 | New Arrivals

The very popular roasted Olives from Food Philosopher are now available in store! These are true farm to fork, small-batch olives from the little seaside village of Kiveri, in the Peloponnese. They are 100% all natural & have been made in the most authentic and traditional way! The flavour and texture is unrivaled - they are a must try & a perfect addition to any grazing board!

Aeijst Gin

Made in Styria, Austria

9th May 2021 | New Arrivals

Aeijst is distilled by Wolfgang Thomann and his family with a blend of 9 botanicals with a base of wheat spirit. Everything that goes in to this gin is organic and the flavour profile and palate length are really quite extraordinary. We love serving this directly from the freezer in to a chilled narrow wine glass - no garnish is necessary. It is simply unforgettable.

Cloudy Confections

Handmade Gourmet Marshmallow

7th May 2021 | New Arrivals

These delicious marshmallows are handmade and don’t contain any preservatives! Carmen makes them in very small batches, which are made to order - this ensures the freshest possible product. The range includes Lamington Marshmallows, Mint-Chocolate Marshmallows, Salted Bourbon Caramel Marshmallows, Raspberry Chocolate Marshmallows, Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookie Marshmallows and a whole lot more exciting and seasonal flavour combinations! They really are a treat, utterly delicious and make for a great gift!

Bake Box Chocolate Chip Cookies

Made in Fremantle, WA

3rd May 2021 | New Arrivals

These are hands-down, one of the most delicious chocolate chip cookies we have eaten! They are big, chunky and soft. They are at there ultimate best once warmed in the microwave for about 30 seconds - this melts the chocolate a little bit, turning the center of the cookie into a gooey, decadent treat. They are not overly sweet, they have no stabilizers, anti-caking agents or preservatives in them - you will be going back for more! Now available from our

Tatsumi Distillery Gin

Just arrived inthe Loft

2nd May 2021 | New Arrivals

The Tatsumi Distillery is an incredibly unique distillery that opened in 2017. Located in the heart of Gifu Prefecture, in the traditional city of Gujo Hachiman, a quaint town at the foot of the Japanese Alps. Brewing techniques remain true to traditional practices and materials, using a copper pot still and a Kabutogama wooden still to create superb Gin and Absinthe.

The Kabutogama still is a distillation method that was originally developed in the Edo Period, and was widely used until the late 19th century. Tatsumi-san, the owner and founder of Tatsumi Distillery, is committed to reviving this method through his dedication to the virtues of patience and expertise, in order to create authentic, handcrafted artisan spirits. His passion and energy for distilling some unique and superb creations of Gin and Absinthe is slowly gaining the utmost respect of his peers and consumers throughout Japan and the world.

Southern Bluefin Tuna

Sashimi grade!

22nd Apr 2021 | New Arrivals

Our Fishco source this very high quality grade Southern Bluefin Tuna from the pristine waters of Port Lincoln, South Australia. It has a has a mild to medium flavour. When it comes to Japanese cuisine, Southern Bluefin Tuna comes to life. Southern Bluefin Tuna is renowned and celebrated in the world of sashimi due to its rich colour and mouth-watering flavour!

Salchi Bosque

Spanish style salami

15th Apr 2021 | New Arrivals

A unique salchichon salami using Spanish forest mushrooms soaked in Spanish dry sherry. The combination of sweet pork and mushroom, give a unique earthy and sweet pork flavour unlike any other! Ask one of our staff in our Charcuterie department for a taste!

Jiva Kombucha

100% Australian made!

13th Apr 2021 | New Arrivals

Jiva Kombucha only use locally sourced fresh, real fruits. High quality ingredients are handpicked and thoroughly reviewed before every batch to ensure consistent lasting quality. Jiva is NASAA certified organic. All our fruits are locally sourced by our trusted suppliers who respect the principles of organic certification and understand our high quality requirements. Jiva use a proprietary blend of green and white tea which lends a smooth taste profile maintaining all its essential antioxidant benefits. The bespoke bottles are designed to be upcycled and reused - all of the kombucha is made in small batches, hand poured into individual glass bottles with love.

Nudo - Non Alcoholic Spirit

An apero-moment without any guilt

12th Apr 2021 | New Arrivals

This premium non alcoholic spirit is a true flavour explosion and will guarantee an apero-moment without any guilt! (or limit for that matter). As you can see in the daring branding, there is a lot to discover in NUDO. A complex pallet of different sorts of spices, zests and flowers make sure this spice and citrus based n.a drink is worth your while! But of course the product itself wouldn’t mean anything without its use. This mixer can be used in lots of ways. For mocktail recipes and more information head to the Nudo Drinks website.

AgriLife Coconut Cider Vinegar

Great for digestive health!

11th Apr 2021 | New Arrivals

Rich in nutrients
Good source of amino acids
Source of Vitamin B and C
High in fiber
Prebiotic for digestive health

There are many benefits to this raw, unfiltered, unpasteurised, certified organic healthy drinks. Coconut vinegar is similar to other fermented vinegars such as apple cider and balsamic vinegars. It can either be made with coconut water or from the sap, or “tuba” of the coconut tree. While apples have a ton of nutritional benefits, coconut appears to trump them. Coconut trees are typically grown in extremely nutrient-rich (often volcanic) soil. And because of that, the “sap” that’s produced from tapping the coconut blossoms is packed with good stuff from amino acids to vitamins B and C, fiber, and naturally occurring FOS (a prebiotic for digestive health).

Collagen Nut Butters

Delicious, guilt free nut butters that help your hair, skin and nails!

8th Apr 2021 | New Arrivals

Anti-ageing, curb cravings and ditch the guilt! The range of Collagen Nut Butters from Beauty Food are completely guilt free and nutritionist designed to be enjoyed daily. Good fats help keep you full for longer and avoid cravings. Added collagen helps with anti-ageing properties and healthy hair, skin and nails. Low sugar and natural vitamin C helps collagen absorb better. No artificial thickeners, emulsifiers, sweeteners or sugar alcohols like erythritol. And free from dairy, soy and vegetable oils to avoid inflammation.

Gemellii Tonics

Premium beverages – Made in Italy

7th Apr 2021 | New Arrivals

The range consists of 3 tonic waters: Indian Tonic, Bergamont Tonic and Blueberry Tonic and 1 classic bitter aperitivo without alcohol - all natural, no compromise! The Gemellii beverages are a perfect blend of craft and passion, made possible by skilled Italian aromatiere (flavorist). Through extraction of selected ingredients, the team create high quality products while maintaining a low sugar level by using only the best organic raw agave Mexico has to offer. Of course, with zero artificial and untraceable substances! GEMELLii – Italian for "twins" (with an added "i" at the end of the word) explains in a nutshell the origin of this startup: German-born, Italian twin brothers and a third founder; creating premiumItalian beverages, with 200% passion and reliability.

As lovers of gin, the twins were searching for the perfect complement that was up to their standards. The challenge was to find the best tonic water available and the brothers were disappointed with what was out there. Most of the tonic waters simply couldn't be drank on their own. In order to stay true to their principles, the next logical step was to create their own qualitative beverages but with less sugar and without sweeteners, preservatives and chemical quinine.

Gaga's Soul Tonic

Organic immune boosting elixir!

6th Apr 2021 | New Arrivals

Gut loving Soul Tonic is an organic immune boosting elixir crafted specially to fight the nasty bugs & viruses. Made by infusing organic apple cider vinegar with a range of spices (including garlic, ginger, turmeric, onion and black pepper) and a fresh chilli for an additional kick. Redeem yourself with a shot a day! Victorian Made & Victorian Grown: certified organic apple cider vinegar is made in small batches in Melbourne, with apples sourced within 3 hours of the kitchen.

Naked Byron Foods Hummus

It's only natural!

31st Mar 2021 | New Arrivals

Naked Byron Foods has spent the last three decades bringing a little bit of Byron Bay to you! Naked Byron Food’s products use the best local and natural ingredients to create a mouth-watering range of dips, pestos and mayonnaise blends. New to our shelves is the Naked Byron Hummus that in a variety of flavours: Habanero, Tradition, Smoked Paprika, Za'atar and Harissa! All products are created without added preservatives, additives or artificial colours. Whether you’re appreciative of good food, are plant based or health conscious, we’re proud to be the trusted brand bringing you the goods. It’s only natural!

Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

100% wild Canadian Sockeye

30th Mar 2021 | New Arrivals

After many months of procurement in very difficult circumstances, our Fishco has just recieved our first delivery of frozen wild Alaskan Sockeye salmon ! Unlike farmed salmon, the flesh of our wild Sockeye salmon is firm and muscular, with a cleaner taste that chefs covet. Sockeye salmon has a succulent, bright-orange meat which is from the orange krill the fish eat while in the ocean. Limited stock available in our Fishco!