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New Arrivals

Umami, Seed Rance Flavor Co.

Umami, the fifth taste.

25th Feb 2020 | New Arrivals

Umami, the fifth taste, translates as a “pleasant, savoury flavour”. Seed Ranch Flavor Co.'s Umami sauce is a mild, earthy, rich sauce that is perfect for cooking, marinating, grilling, and dousing. Featuring porcini mushrooms, capers, and kelp fronds, the Umami makes everyday meals easy and extraordinary. We are exclusively stocking in Australia, Seed Ranch Flavor Co's Umami Sauce & Umami All-purpose Seasoning, which are both; GF, Vegan, Paleo Friendly, and non-gmo & organic ingredients. An incredible sauce for your kitchen.

Visit Seed Ranch's website for exciting recipes.

Puresoul Foods - Ghee

Sustainably sourced & great tasting ingredients

24th Feb 2020 | New Arrivals

Puresoul is an Australian-based creator of artisanal food products. Combining ancient Indian traditions with pure ingredients sourced from Australia and New Zealand. Their high-quality products are made with sustainably sourced and great tasting ingredients which are good for the body, mind and soul.

Puresoul's full range of four flavours of ghee include; original, chilli infused, garlic infused and lime infused. Ghee is a clarified butter which is the by-product of cow milk and is quite sacred to many cultures throughout the Eastern world. It is predominately used as a cooking fat, but also holds its place in Ayurvedic Medicine, given its powerful properties in healing the skin and dislodging impurities and toxins from the body.  In fact, the list is endless in terms of its medicinal uses. Ghee is beginning to be recognised as a superfood as it holds a high concentration of healing vitamins and minerals.  

Jump onto Puresoul's website for delicious recipes such as; pancakes, garlic ghee baked chicken, french toast, bullet-proof coffee with ghee and so much more: 

Jealous Sweets

Flavourful, vegan, and gluten-free sweets!

22nd Feb 2020 | New Arrivals

At Jealous, we make shamelessly tasty sweets. Set up by two mates to bring some fun back to the everyday, our junk-free sweets are made for everyone to enjoy. We’ve scrapped the gelatine, synthetic flavours, artificial colours and unappealing packaging. We’re obsessed with giving you the best, which is why we make our sweets without fakery or fluffy animals – so you can treat yourself better. All our sweets are…
– Shamelessly tasty
– Vegan
– Gluten-Free
– Sugar-Free Options
– No artificial colours or flavours
– 0% fluffy animals
– 100% guilt-free

Bootleg Booch

Organic alcoholic kombucha!

21st Feb 2020 | New Arrivals

Bootleg Booch is an authentic and crafted alcoholic kombucha. Inspired by ancient recipes and small batch brewed using only the best organic ingredients, this unique brew is double fermented to produce a clean, crisp finish. It is now available in our Wine Loft and comes in Passionfruit, Ginger & Turmeric and Pink Apple flavours!

Rustic Fruit Galette

House-made by our pastry chef!

20th Feb 2020 | New Arrivals

$19.95 each -

Special available until 26 Feb 2020, whilst stocks last!

A galette is a French pastry similar to a tart or pie that is a little more rustic, free-form and effortless. Our in-house chef makes the pastry by hand using real, wholesome ingredients. This results in a crisp, buttery pastry encasing a deliciously sweet, well-balanced fruit filling. Simply warm in the oven and serve with vanilla ice-cream or a generous dollop of double thick cream. Now available from our bakery.

La Fiumara - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Capture the essence of Sicily!

17th Feb 2020 | New Arrivals

Oil master Carmelo was born & raised in the village of Naso on the island of Sicily. He now uses traditional organic growing methods to grow his Minerva olive trees in the hills of Harvey, WA. He hand-harvests and presses his olives without filtration - the result is a harmonious oil, rich & fragrant - capturing the essence of Sicily!

Silvio Carta Vermouth & GIn

Sardinian craft vermouth & gin!

16th Feb 2020 | New Arrivals

Just arrived in our Wine Loft - exclusive small size themed cocktail featuring Sardinian craft gin, vermouth and liqueur! It was the early 1950s when Silvio Carta founded the eponymous company in Baratili San Pietro! Now, after more than half a century, Silvio and his sone Elio still devote themselves to the production of London Dry Gin & Vermouth - the world smells of juniper, myrtle and citrus fruits from Sardinia thanks to the excellence of Silvio Carta!

Coolibah - Certified Organic Herbs & Salad Mix

15th Feb 2020 | New Arrivals

Our produce department is now stocking Coolibah's organic range of salads, featuring: baby spinach, wild rocket & gourmet salad mix (baby spinach, chard, baby black kale & mizuna). We stock a range of Coolibah Herbs - Coolibah are specialists in the production of herbs. Their organic range is also of the highest quality possible.

Organic production employs strict controls on growing, harvesting and packing. The inherent difficulties involved in growing organic crops on a large scale sometimes prevents us from having continuous supply, but every attempt is made to ensure year round production of quality, healthy organic salads. All organic produce delivered conforms to ACO (Australian Certified Organic) standards for production and packing.

Devoted Artisan Butter

Hand-crafted in WA!

12th Feb 2020 | New Arrivals

Devoted Artisan Butter started as a family project. An opportunity to come together to create the finest products, using traditional craftsmanship and pure Western Australian ingredients. They now have four butter lines in their collection: natural, slightly salted, seaweed, and lemon myrtle. Now available from our dairy department.

Appelation Oysters

Premiun Rock Oysters from Shoalhaven River, NSW

7th Feb 2020 | New Arrivals

Appellation Oysters is a premium grading program designed for the identification and selection of the best quality oysters available on any given day. By selecting and grading oysters from over 60+ farms in the Australia’s Oyster Coast family, only the most beautiful oysters will be awarded Appellation status on that particular day, and delivered to our Fishco. Shoalhaven River Rock Oysters are grown where the Shoalhaven & Crookhaven rivers meet. They are one of the most special eating oysters on the planet - sweet, broad, creamy with a mild briny flavour.

Collagen - U

Activate your skins metabolism!

5th Feb 2020 | New Arrivals

Collagen makes up approximately 30% of our total body’s Protein. As a major structural component of the human body it is crucial to joints, bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, skin, hair and nails. On average our Collagen levels have dropped by 24% by the age of 45. Collagen Peptide Original has been processed to stimulate biological activity to optimise specific physiological benefits in our skin, hair and nails.

The Collagen Peptides used in all of Collagen U products are:

  • Natural Food
  • Clean Label (no E numbers)
  • Highly digestible Food
  • Non- Allergenic Food

Earth Candy Chocolates

Vegan Nutty Butter Cup!

4th Feb 2020 | New Arrivals

Earth Candy Chocolates was established by raw vegan pastry chef turned chocolatier and chocolate maker Elias Dafel. Nutty Butter Cups are delicious handcrafted, single origin 72% unroasted dark chocolate from bean-to-cup, filled with their small-batch nut butters and superfood infusions. Nutty Butter Cups only contain certified organic ingredients, are vegan, dairy free, gluten free and soy free. Try the signature 8 flavours with plenty more to be rolled out soon. Each one has been carefully designed to create the perfect flavour balance.  

Curious Cali - Cracker Range

Vegan & Gluten Free

28th Jan 2020 | New Arrivals

Curiously Cauli aims to take the humble cauliflower and make it contemporary and inviting to the now generation. So it’s with delight that we launch this unique superfood and celebrate its versatility, great taste and all round goodness - with the new Curiously Cauli cracker range. Gluten free and so much better for your overall well-being, these are a delicious replacement for over processed crackers!

Jamu Jamu Jungle Tonic

Packed with fresh ingredients and a touch of jalapeño!

27th Jan 2020 | New Arrivals

New to our Health, Vegan & Vegetarian Food & Beverage Fridge is the new flavour of Jamu Jamu from Green Street Kitchen. Jamu Jamu’s are the perfect low sugar healthy alternative to sip at your weekend catch ups. We naturally ferment our drinks to develop a light sparkle, and our founder has created the most unique and delicious flavour combinations like no others on the market. Super refreshing, our apple + chamomile Jamu is packed with fresh ingredients and a touch of jalapeño for a surprise pinch of sweet heat. This is sure to be a summer fave

IPastai Vegan Pasta Range

Artisan, hand-made vegan pasta!

26th Jan 2020 | New Arrivals

IPastai’s two principle chefs are proud of their Italian heritage and are very passionate about the history, traditions and culture of pasta. Their artisan, handmade range of traditional fresh pasta, ready meals and condiments encapsulate the essence of true Italian cuisine. Combining only the best quality local ingredients with secret family recipes, our handmade fresh pasta makes it easy to prepare delicious meals at home.

  • Vegan Product
  • 100% Natural ingredients
  • 250 gram net – serves 3
  • Pairs well with our Vegan Pesto Sauce, Vegan Ratatouille Sauce and Vegan Bolognese Sauce

Total Tonic Co - Daily Tonic

Hand-made, using fresh ingredients

23rd Jan 2020 | New Arrivals

Turmeric and ginger are amazing anti-inflammatory + immunity boosting roots. They can help BOOST our immune system so we can stay healthy, happy and full of energy. The Total Tonic Co is a local, WA company which uses the best, fresh ingredients to make these delicious tonics which help to detox and cleanse whilst healing our gut. Now available in our grocery department.