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New Arrivals

Premium Easter Chocolates

A fantastic range of delicious chocolates!

11th Apr 2022 | New Arrivals

We have an amazing selection of premium Easter chocolates in store! Koko Black, Cocoa Melbourne, Chocolatier and Xocolatl - all of these are artisan chocolate makers who use only the best ingredients. Each individual chocolate is meticulously handcrafted, bringing you the best there is!

Ma Mère Confections Speckled Egg Giftbox

Exclusive to Boatshed Market

10th Apr 2022 | New Arrivals

The perfect Easter treat! This giftbox comes packed with individually wrapped, bite sized pieces of luxurious white chocolate nougat, filled with roasted almonds and topped with Speckled eggs.

Each box contains approximately 10 bite sized pieces. Please note, each piece is hand cut and boxes are packed according to weight so the number of twists in each box may vary slightly.

FLUÈRE Alcohol Free Spirits

True distilled non-alcoholic spirit!

9th Apr 2022 | New Arrivals

FLUÈRE contains only the best ingredients and finest botanicals. It is a distilled spirit just like gin, rum or mezcal. The team distill non-alcoholic spirit a little more gently. The botanicals for FLUÈRE are sourced over 4 continents, the main criteria is quality that allows for consistently amazing aroma and flavour. To get the best out of these botanicals every berry, flower, spice and fruit is individually distilled through ‘hydrosteam distillation’. This is a process where steam is used to gently open up botanicals and break down cell walls to release aroma and flavour compounds at very low ABV. The distillates derived from this careful and meticulous distilling process ensure the premium taste and unique after-bite of any drink made with FLUÈRE products.

Each botanical is distilled separately and then blended by master blenders in the Netherlands. This is not the easiest or cheapest way to make FLUÈRE but it is the best.

Xocolatl Easter Range

Hand-crafted artisan chocolates

7th Apr 2022 | New Arrivals

Shop the beautiful Easter range from Xocolatl which has just arrived in store. It is an owned and operated family business that was established in 2005 in our quaint store on Maling Road, Canterbury. Beginning with the highest quality Belgian couverture, to produce unique flavour experiences for our customer, Xocolatl explores both the exotic and savoury, developing combinations that surprise the palate and generate a new perspective on what chocolate can be.

Sangallo Amaro Camatti

Enjoyed on ice or with a splash of soda!

4th Apr 2022 | New Arrivals

A Genovese specialty, first made by Umberto Briganti in 1923 it disappeared from the market for several decades only to be resurrected and made to the same original and secret recipe. Quinine, gentian, menthol and amaretto (along with 28 other mountain botanical created a taste of Genovese history.

Enjoyed on ice or with a splash of soda.

Mt Difficulty Bannockburn Pinot Noir 2019

Perfect for Autumn Drinking!

3rd Apr 2022 | New Arrivals

The 2019 Pinot Noir opens with luscious dark red and black cherry, dried wild herb florals, with a touch of savoury brown spice. As the wine dwells on the palate layers unfurl, revealing silken texture. Fine textured structure rises gracefully whilst being surrounded by a crunchy tang of acidity and a slight mocha note with some brown spice more vibrant red cherry notes on the long finish.

New Farm Confectionery - Easter Range

Parisian inspired Easter range!

2nd Apr 2022 | New Arrivals

Parisian inspired chocolate and confectionery handcrafted with love in the heart of Brisbane. With humble home-kitchen origins, the sweet wonderland that is New Farm Confectionery today, is renowned for its creation of gourmet, elegant and contemporary take on classic confectionery... and chocolate, all handcrafted with the adult treat-lover in mind.

Tommy's Margarita Mix

Fresh & preservative free

31st Mar 2022 | New Arrivals

Listo Tommy's margarita mix is and always will be the same: fresh, preservative free and easy as. To make one of the best Tommy Margarita cocktails, just shake equal parts Listo and tequila. Also try a non-alcoholic marg with a splash of Listo, sparkling water and a lime wedge. Mix 45ml LISTO with 45ml tequila for the perfect Tommy’s Margarita, every time. Each 360ml bottle will make 8 drinks.


Pressed sparkling watermelon juice!

30th Mar 2022 | New Arrivals

VitaMelon is pressed sparkling watermelon juice that is full of natural electrolytes which boost energy levels! The range of VitaMelon is now available in store. Watermelons are made up of 92% water. This not only makes them deliciously refreshing but also a great way to stay naturally hydrated. Watermelons are also jam-packed full of natural Vitamins, Minerals, Electrolytes, Antioxidants and Amino Acids. The means our VitaMelon ranges will keep you fit, healthy and ready to roll.

ST.Ali Coffee Pods

The freshest capsule you can get in Australia!

29th Mar 2022 | New Arrivals

Orthodox Blend, Wide Awake Blend & Feels Good Organic capsules from ST.Ali are available from our grocery department. The coffee is roasted, ground and packed here in Australia. It is packed within days of roasting and seconds of grinding. It is the freshest capsule you can get in Australia!

Winnow Chocolates

Couverture chocolate!

28th Mar 2022 | New Arrivals

Winnow Chocolates has been creating beautiful chocolates since 2013. Founded in Sydney, now located in the beautiful Blue Mountains in NSW, Australia. The name, Winnow, is derived from an essential part of the chocolate making process during which a winnowing machine is used to remove the outer husk from the cocoa beans. The winnowing machine cracks the roasted cocoa beans into pieces of cocoa meat and husk, blowing and discarding the outer husk, and leaving what are known as cocoa nibs. The nibs are then ready to continue on their journey to couverture chocolate. In case you were wondering, Winnow is pronounced as win-oh.

Cornersmith Pickles and Preserves

New to our grocery department!

27th Mar 2022 | New Arrivals

We now stock the full range of pickles and preserves from Cornersmith in our grocery department. It all started with a love for preserving the best produce of the season by making a range of preserves that you want to eat all year round. Pickles that zing, relishes with bite, chutneys with depth of flavour and luscious jams. Making pickles and preserves is still the heart of Cornersmith. Condiments are a great help if you’ve got no energy for elaborate meals, and with a cupboard full of Cornersmith you’re just a jar away from creating scrumptious snacks and mouth-watering meals.

Gazander Oysters Premium Pacific Oysters

Exclusive to Boatshed Fishco!

26th Mar 2022 | New Arrivals

Harvested and air freighted directly to our Fishco - whole & live!
Delicious Produce State Award Winner 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017

Gazander Oysters is fully committed to producing only top quality oysters with minimal impact on the environment. The waters of the Coffin Bay and Little
Douglas Bay waterways are fed by the cold upwellings from the Great Southern Ocean. This ensures that our oysters are grown and nurtured in the most pure of environments. Our oysters filter feed from the bountiful waters and this is evident in their taste and quality. We source our infrastructure as ethically and sustainably as possible. We are committed to using renewable energy in our operations thru solar power, water catchment, recycling water and waste materials.

Potted Ficus Benghalensis Audrey

Makes for a lovley gift!

24th Mar 2022 | New Arrivals

Potted mini Ficus Benghalensis Audrey are now available in-store. Our florists have selected a lovely ceramic pot to go with each one. They make a great gift and are very low maintenance.

The Ficus Audrey (Ficus benghalensis) is the national tree of India. In its natural habitat its canopy can cover a lot of ground and provide great shade in its warm climate.

Similar to most Ficus trees, the Ficus Audrey prefers a spot where it will receive high levels of bright, indirect light or direct sunlight. This plant will need to be acclimated to long periods of direct sun and it will not tolerate low light conditions. Ideally, place your Audrey directly in an eastern facing window, or a few feet removed from a southern or western facing window.

Black Garlic Co. - Aged Black Garlic & Balsamic Vinegars

Organic Black Garlic from Margaret River

22nd Mar 2022 | New Arrivals

Black Garlic Co. is a family-owned and operated Western Australian business. The team have spent several years perfecting how to make Black Garlic to maximise its flavour and bioactive properties. Both the scientific background gained through a Masters in Medical Science and Julian Sibly's experience as an award-winning amateur Brewer have certainly helped in this process. All of the products use the finest ingredients sourced, where possible from local producers

Black Garlic is raw garlic that has been slowly cooked for several weeks. This process only used pure water and gentle heat, there are no additives and removes the smell and odour of raw garlic so you can eat it without the smell of fresh garlic on your breath or body. Black garlic has a sweet and savoury flavour which is unique. Black
garlic melts in your mouth, with a beautiful texture similar to a

Aladame Bourgogne Mon Blanc 2020

A delicious Chardonnay from Côte Chalonnaise

19th Mar 2022 | New Arrivals

$55 each (RRP $59) or $300 for 6 (RRP $354)
Purchase online for home delivery here

From a vintage filled with curve balls, the 2020 Aladame Bourgogne Mon Blanc is a testament to the aromatically fresh and tension-filled wines one can expect from the best addresses this year. Running straight out of the gates with a complex and layered aromatic profile, the wine is a study in texture, packed full of phenolic grip and grapefruit pith. There is minerality and cool freshness that provides a frame around a generous fruit profile. An intensely driven finish belies the price point--serious bang for your white Burgundy buck here.