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New Arrivals

Macallan Classic Cut 2020

Fourth edition in the Classic Cut limited annual series!

6th Jun 2021 | New Arrivals

The Macallan has released Classic Cut 2020 Edition, a higher strength single malt created to deliver a full and heightened flavour. As the fourth edition in the Classic Cut limited annual series, the 2020 release demonstrates The Macallan’s continuous quest to seek out the extraordinary and offers a remarkable flavour journey of discovery. Now available to purchase from our Wine Loft!

Manjimup Black Truffles

First of the season!

5th Jun 2021 | New Arrivals

Black Truffles are considered one of the world's most luxurious ingredients & we have just recieved our first batch of Coomer Truffles from pioneer Al Blakers!

Manjimup in WA’s South West is at the heart of Australian truffle country, home to the rare black winter truffle. Almost 90 per cent of the nation’s premium black truffles are produced in this region and we are proud to bring you the best of Australia’s premium grown truffles! Known as the ‘Black Diamond’ of the kitchen, these black truffles are the freshest and most exquisite Manjimup has to offer!

Cannoleria Crostini

Made in Melbourne

31st May 2021 | New Arrivals

Just arrived in store - authentic Crostoli from Cannoleria! Cannoleria specialises in traditional Sicilian desserts - this Crostoli is so light and flaky, it just melts in your mouth - try stopping at just one, it is impossible!! We are now stocking Crostoli and Cannoli shells in our grocery department.

Godminster Organic English Cheddar

Award wining English cheddar!

30th May 2021 | New Arrivals

$69.95 per kilo (usually $89.95 per kilo)

Godminster Farm is set on the outskirts of the picturesque town of Bruton in the heart of Somerset. Life at Godminster is governed by a healthy respect for tradition and an enterprising spirit of innovation. This cheddar is made with organic milk from the Godminster organic dairy farm. The cows are fed with natural pasture making this cheese superior in taste and of a very high quality. This smooth and creamy cheddar is the perfect addition to your cheese board!

PRIMA Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Great Southern Groves

Picked, pressed, bottled & delivered within 48 hours!

28th May 2021 | New Arrivals

$29.95 each - only 200 bottles available!

Great Southern Groves - PRIMA Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the first picked and pressed fruit of each year’s harvest. PRIMA has a sweet fruity aroma with clean grassy and herbal flavours followed by a lingering peppery finish. Grown in the Great Southern region, this limited release olive oil has an intense freshness and flavour that will make your pallet sing. Each bottle is individually numbered with only 150 bottles being sold exclusively through the Boatshed Market.

Gentle Folk x Ochota Barrels Pinot Noir

The last of a great collaboration!

27th May 2021 | New Arrivals

This is the last collaboration since sad departing of Taras and we only have 12 as there were only 90 made! The story goes... both the family from Gentle Folk and the family from Ochota Barrels welcomed babies into the world just after the 2016 harvest and thought it would be fun to make a wine together. The grapes are a German clone of Pinot noir (GM18) grown in a single block in the Gentle Folk Scary Gully Vineyard in Forest Range. Gentle Folk made two barrels, Ochota Barrel’s made two barrels and the two were simply blended together and bottled. 100% whole cluster maceration for a week or so, old French barriques, unfined, unfiltered, no additions, no sulphites added. Juicy jumpy spicy red berries with a very long line of acid, the way we like it. Natural cork.

Black Label Kurobuta Prosciutto

A diet of Australian Macadamia Nuts!

26th May 2021 | New Arrivals

We source our Kurobuta Prosciutto from Black Label Berkshire Pork located in Beverley, Western Australia. These stud-registered Berkshire pigs are grown on straw in large open sheds and are fed a diet of Australian cold pressed macadamia nuts for 250 days! This is the most delicious prosciutto - it is full of flavour and has just the right amount of saltiness. It makes for a great addition to your grazing board! Berkshire pigs are slower growing compared to modern commercial hybrid breeds. It costs more to produce a Berkshire pig than a commercial pig. Despite the economic disadvantages of growing traditional breeds it is well known that Berkshire pigs produce meat prized for juiciness, flavour and tenderness.

Chotto Motto Crispy Chilli Oil

Vegan & Gluten Free!

25th May 2021 | New Arrivals

We are excited to be stocking this delicious chilli oil which comes from one of our favourite Japanese resturants in Collingwood, Victoria! Chooto Motto's world famous Crispy Chilli Oil finally available in a jar! Made from dried chilli, sesame seeds, fried garlic, fried scallion, fermented Black Beans & gluten free soy sauce cooked down in a mix of sesame oil & vegetable oil. No MSG, just naturally delicious!

GinChup - Ketchup

Just arrived in store!

24th May 2021 | New Arrivals

GinChup is based on Zaanse mayonaise and ketchup's respectively, which have been in favour for over 55 years. Infused with Bobby’s, a fine and balanced distilled gin that contains 8 botanicals. These unique sauces are the perfect gift for any foodie! It has just arrived in store and is a must try! This product contains 2% alcohol.

All The Things - Vegan Curd & Cheese

Nutrient dense, essential nourishment

20th May 2021 | New Arrivals

The range of Vegan cheese and curd are now available from our dairy department. This beautiful range comes in 100% recyclable packaging. The facility is exclusively dedicated to vegan production, no animal products are used anywhere within the kitchen at any time. All The Things are all about creating truly delicious food. The kind of food you reach for first, without even knowing that it’s 100% plant-based and whole, more often than not gluten free, and quite often raw. Nutrient dense, essential nourishment of a particular kind that ticks all the boxes. It’s all the things because it’s All The Things.

MoVida Piquillo Peppers

Grown in Navarre, San Sebastia

18th May 2021 | New Arrivals

Now available in our Grocery department! The best Piquillos MoVida could find... grown in Navarre and processed by hand in the traditional way. MoVida Piquillo peppers come from the autonomous region of Navarre, just to the south of San Sebastian. In fact they fully qualify for the prestigious Denominacion de Origin de Lodosa which certifies the best Pimiento del Piquillo from this area and if it wasn't for a silly bureaucratic disagreement about font sizes they would have included that on the label! Bureaucracy aside what matters most is that these are the best Piquillo's they could find. They are hand harvested over a period of weeks to ensure they're taken at perfect ripeness, meticulously sorted then roasted over an open wood fire which ensures a gentle smokiness against the sweetness of the pepper. The peppers are then peeled and de-seeded by hand before being jarred with only their own juices and a little salt. The results are incredibly sweet, complex and smokey.

Black Diamond Olives

Hand picked in village of Kiveri in the Peloponnese

17th May 2021 | New Arrivals

The very popular roasted Olives from Food Philosopher are now available in store! These are true farm to fork, small-batch, hand-picked olives from the little seaside village of Kiveri, in the Peloponnese. They are 100% all natural & have been made in the most authentic and traditional way! The flavour and texture is unrivalled - they are a must try & a perfect addition to any grazing board!

Vannella Cheese

Originally from Puglia!

16th May 2021 | New Arrivals

Vannella Cheese are Sydney-based cheesemakers who are originally from Puglia, and trained in making the region's traditional stretched curd cheeses. Their care and skill shines through in the creamy, subtly smoky Wood Smoked Buffalo Mozzarella; sweet, stretchy Scamorza Affumicata and tangy, creamy marinated Buffalo Feta. The Mozz and Scamorza are perfect for pizzas, the Feta (and Mozz!) for salads. But personally I can just just eat any of them with a bit of bread, they're really quite good.

Roasted Olives

From Kiveri, Greece

11th May 2021 | New Arrivals

The very popular roasted Olives from Food Philosopher are now available in store! These are true farm to fork, small-batch olives from the little seaside village of Kiveri, in the Peloponnese. They are 100% all natural & have been made in the most authentic and traditional way! The flavour and texture is unrivaled - they are a must try & a perfect addition to any grazing board!

Aeijst Gin

Made in Styria, Austria

9th May 2021 | New Arrivals

Aeijst is distilled by Wolfgang Thomann and his family with a blend of 9 botanicals with a base of wheat spirit. Everything that goes in to this gin is organic and the flavour profile and palate length are really quite extraordinary. We love serving this directly from the freezer in to a chilled narrow wine glass - no garnish is necessary. It is simply unforgettable.

Cloudy Confections

Handmade Gourmet Marshmallow

7th May 2021 | New Arrivals

These delicious marshmallows are handmade and don’t contain any preservatives! Carmen makes them in very small batches, which are made to order - this ensures the freshest possible product. The range includes Lamington Marshmallows, Mint-Chocolate Marshmallows, Salted Bourbon Caramel Marshmallows, Raspberry Chocolate Marshmallows, Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookie Marshmallows and a whole lot more exciting and seasonal flavour combinations! They really are a treat, utterly delicious and make for a great gift!