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New Arrivals

Queen Garnet Plums

100% West Australian. 100% natural.

20th Feb 2022 | New Arrivals

100% West Australian and grown in Roleystone WA, the Queen Garnet plum has been lovingly cultivated to be ‘the queen of antioxidants’. The perfect sweet union of taste and wellbeing, it’s cherished by nutritionists and worshipped by foodies. Just arrived in our Produce department, they are juicy and at perfect eating quality. Enjoy as a snack on their own or make a delicious plum Tarte Tain.

Dhufish, Dongara WA

Just arrived in the Fishco!

17th Feb 2022 | New Arrivals

Just arrived in our Fishco, highly sort after line-caught Dhufish from Dongara WA. Available as a whole fish or fillets, Dhufish have a white, delicate, moist, and firm flesh. They are suited to most cooking methods, particularly steaming or grilling with a light dressing of citrus flavours, in either a beurre blanc with chives or olive oil, lemon juice and snow pea runners.

La Casearia Carpenedo Gorgonzola "Dolce"

Soft, blue, buttery cheese

16th Feb 2022 | New Arrivals

The texture is soft and creamy with a delicate, fruity flavour and the gentle tang and saltiness of the blue mould. Its pale white to straw interior is marbled with streaks of blue-green mould and the degree of piquant flavour increases as the cheese ages.

The story of La Casearia Carpenedo begins in the early 1900s, when Ernesto Carpenedo opened a small cheese shop in the village of Preganziol in Treviso, Italy. He handed this down to his son Antonio, who began refining cheese in 1976. Today, in a world spinning faster and faster where perfumes, tastes and colours are lost between the hands of the clock and the incessant quest for business, La Caseraria Carpenedo have a respect for tradition and are known worldwide for the quality of their cheese.

Gorgonzola comes in two varieties, Dolce and Piccante. Dolce is a creamy, sweet version of the traditional Piccante, with this version aged for a minimum of 60 days.

GNISTA Spirits

The world’s first non-alcoholic spirit that truly resembles a fine spirit!

11th Feb 2022 | New Arrivals

GNISTA (Swedish for “spark”) is a non-alcoholic spirit made in Sweden. It’s a complex concoction loaded with herbals like wormwood, lovage, oak, rose, almonds, orange, juniper, star anise, rhubarb and other ingredients. Wormwood, by the way, is the herb used in real absinthe. One if its key compounds, thujone, is believed to cause hallucinations and other fun effects. Enjoy GNISTA three ways – neat, on the rocks and with tonic and lime. This drink is “bitter, aromatic and intense.” The nose is super herbal and slightly sweet.

Toum from Tom Sarafian

A Lebanese garlic sauce!

8th Feb 2022 | New Arrivals

Toum from Tom Sarafian is now available in store! Brush on charcoal chicken after it’s cooked, slather all over roasted meats as they’re resting, serve with bbq fish and seafood, grilled vegetables, spread in sandwiches like you would butter, fold through mashed potatoes, sautéed greens, eat with hot chips... The possibilities are
endless. Toum is a Lebanese garlic sauce that’s actually more like a spread because of its thickness. It’s super popular to spread it over Shish Tawook, grilled chicken, shawarma, rotisserie chicken and many other Middle Eastern dishes. It’s basically a slow and steady emulsion process of garlic and oil and it’s utterly heavenly!

Ladi Biosas Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Made from organically grown olives!

7th Feb 2022 | New Arrivals

λάδι βιώσας (Ladi Biosas) have a range of the most premium extra virgin olive oil which is made from organically grown olive groves in the State of Messinia at Kefalovryso village. We now stock the range which come in the most beautiful bottles. Ladi Biosas is standardized in a certified olive mill and all bottles are numbered (one by one) which bear the signature of the great Messenian painter-engraver Mr. Takis Katsoulidis

Ovant Non Alcoholic Distillations

No alcohol. No sugar. No calories.

6th Feb 2022 | New Arrivals

We now stock all three distillations - Grace, Royal and Verve. Alcohol-free distillations, made in Margaret River, Western Australia. Bringing the art of winemaking to the science of distillation. The team are passionate about drinking well and believe alcohol-free should be elegant and memorable, shared and savoured. Creating connections that go beyond drinking. The Ovant story starts with Tom Streitberg at his family and spiritual home in Boodjidup Valley, Margaret River. Tom's appreciation of the flavours and aromas of wine was born and grew among the world famous vineyards of Margaret River in Western Australia. Over time, he came to embrace yoga, meditation and marathons and to question whether living well could be balanced with drinking well. He began a personal search for this balance. The pleasure and rituals of sharing a drink, balanced with a cleaner way to live. Tom expanded the idea for Ovant with close friend Christopher Bothwell, then Head Sommelier of the iconic three Michelin starred Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester in London.

Heaps Normal Another Lager

Non Alcoholic Beer!

3rd Feb 2022 | New Arrivals

New to the Heaps Normal Non Alcoholic Beer range is Another Lager! It is a classic Aussie lager fit for the pub, pitch or pit. Another Lager is just that, but with no alcohol you'll get that quintessential, crisp lager experience without any of the downsides.

WA Grown Italian Red & Tasmanian Purple Garlic

Cowalla, Gingin

30th Jan 2022 | New Arrivals

Just arrived in our produce department - WA grown Italian Red & Tasmanian Purple garlic! These two varieties have been grown by family run Markali Estate which is located in Cowalla, Gingin. This garlic has not been bleached or treated with any harmful chemicals like imported garlic. It is full of flavour and best of all, locally grown!

Fresh, Cold Pressed Green Juice

Keep your immune system healthy!

28th Jan 2022 | New Arrivals

Now is the time to keep your immune system healthy and strong! Our Boatshed 1 Litre green juice is cold-pressed, raw and preservative free to maintain the essential vitamins, minerals, micronutrients and antioxidants. It is pressed using locally farmed seasonal apples, celery, kale, pineapple, lemon & ginger and is 100% natural with no additives. This is an incredibly nutritionally-dense juice and the perfect way to keep your immune system healthy!

Casus Grill

Eco-friendly and biodegradable!

20th Jan 2022 | New Arrivals

The CasusGrill is eco-friendly and biodegradable and is made of Quick Oxylite bamboo charcoal briquettes, insulating lightweight lava stones, natural bamboo and cardboard packaging. The CasusGrill is easy to light by using Quick Oxylite, ready to grill in 5 minutes and retains its heat for more than 60 minutes. It creates a high, even temperature that ensures your food gets properly grilled with a delicious crispy barbeque finish. The thermal insulation reduces the outside temperature of the
grill. It is even possible to hold the grill in your bare hands while it is grilling without any burn damage.

Everleigh Bottling Co Non Alcoholic Bellini

Incredibly simple, and entirely satisfying!

19th Jan 2022 | New Arrivals

The Bellini from Everleigh Bottling Co is their interpretation of the iconic Italian aperitif cocktail. It’s expertly balanced, complex and delicious. It just happens to be non-alcoholic. The classic Bellini recipe is a mix of white peach purée and Prosecco. Like the best classic cocktails, it’s incredibly simple, and entirely satisfying. The Everleigh Bottling Co. Bellini is a carbonated cocktail that marries fresh peach, grape juice, and verjus to create an expertly balanced alcohol-free ready-to-drink bottled cocktail.

House-Cured Salmon Gravlax

Cured for 5 days in our Fishco

14th Jan 2022 | New Arrivals

Our fishmongers receive whole salmon directly from the supplier and dry fillet it on-site before the curing process begins. Our Citrus Gravlax is made with seasonal oranges, locally grown lemons & dill and our Beetroot Gravlax is made with beetroot, horseradish cream & white pepper. Our Gravlax never fails to impress on looks & taste!

Bun Boy Steam Buns!

New from Mushiki

11th Jan 2022 | New Arrivals

Mushiki use only the finest quality Australian ingredients to create great tasting Bao Buns to enjoy at home. Bun Boy have two flavours, Vegetarian & BBQ Pork Buns - The authentic flavours are equal to those of Japan. We hope you enjoy them and come back for more!

Arancino Mania Sweet Arancini

A taste of Sicily!

10th Jan 2022 | New Arrivals

We now stock the full range of arancini from Arancino Mania including their range the very popular sweet arancini! Limoncello cream, dark chocolate & orange and chocolate & hazelnut can all be found in the freezer section in store!


Plastic-free packaging!

29th Dec 2021 | New Arrivals

New to our grocery department - the full range of non-alcoholic drinks from Punchy! Their products are a series of delicious natural punches that deliver a Punchy hit of refreshment. Made with the best ingredients and no weird stuff, plastic-free packaging, and a percentage of all the sales going to charities dedicated to protecting our environment! The range includes: Holiday Romance (Peach, Ginger & Chai), Golden Hour (Blood Orange, Bitters & Cardamom), First Dip (Cucumber, Yuzu & Rosemary).