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Gemellii Tonics

Premium beverages – Made in Italy

7th Apr 2021 | New Arrivals

The range consists of 3 tonic waters: Indian Tonic, Bergamont Tonic and Blueberry Tonic and 1 classic bitter aperitivo without alcohol - all natural, no compromise! The Gemellii beverages are a perfect blend of craft and passion, made possible by skilled Italian aromatiere (flavorist). Through extraction of selected ingredients, the team create high quality products while maintaining a low sugar level by using only the best organic raw agave Mexico has to offer. Of course, with zero artificial and untraceable substances! GEMELLii – Italian for "twins" (with an added "i" at the end of the word) explains in a nutshell the origin of this startup: German-born, Italian twin brothers and a third founder; creating premiumItalian beverages, with 200% passion and reliability.

As lovers of gin, the twins were searching for the perfect complement that was up to their standards. The challenge was to find the best tonic water available and the brothers were disappointed with what was out there. Most of the tonic waters simply couldn't be drank on their own. In order to stay true to their principles, the next logical step was to create their own qualitative beverages but with less sugar and without sweeteners, preservatives and chemical quinine.

Gaga's Soul Tonic

Organic immune boosting elixir!

6th Apr 2021 | New Arrivals

Gut loving Soul Tonic is an organic immune boosting elixir crafted specially to fight the nasty bugs & viruses. Made by infusing organic apple cider vinegar with a range of spices (including garlic, ginger, turmeric, onion and black pepper) and a fresh chilli for an additional kick. Redeem yourself with a shot a day! Victorian Made & Victorian Grown: certified organic apple cider vinegar is made in small batches in Melbourne, with apples sourced within 3 hours of the kitchen.

Dope Mylk

Freshly made Hemp mylk!

5th Apr 2021 | News

Just arrived in our dairy department - fresh Hemp mylk from Dope Mylk in Margaret River! This is a fantastic gluten free, nut free and dairy free alternative. Compared to whole cow's milk, hemp milk has fewer calories, protein, and carbohydrates. It also has more protein and healthy fats than other plant-based milk alternatives. Unlike other non-dairy milk options, hemp milk contains all essential amino acids, making it a complete protein.

Jamón Ibérico

Available from our Small Good department in The Butchery!

1st Apr 2021 | News

Jamón Ibérico is hailed as the crème de la crème of ham. The black Iberian pig, which is native to this region, is responsible for the tasty meat. These free-range Iberian pigs wander hilly, fields of oak and cork trees enjoying acorn-rich diets. From smell to taste, the acorns are the defining quality of a top-grade Jamón Ibérico. In addition to lending the prized pork its unique aromatic combination of sweetness, nuttiness, and earthiness, the oleic acid in these acorns makes for the soft, melty fat that makes Jamón Ibérico so divine.

Naked Byron Foods Hummus

It's only natural!

31st Mar 2021 | New Arrivals

Naked Byron Foods has spent the last three decades bringing a little bit of Byron Bay to you! Naked Byron Food’s products use the best local and natural ingredients to create a mouth-watering range of dips, pestos and mayonnaise blends. New to our shelves is the Naked Byron Hummus that in a variety of flavours: Habanero, Tradition, Smoked Paprika, Za'atar and Harissa! All products are created without added preservatives, additives or artificial colours. Whether you’re appreciative of good food, are plant based or health conscious, we’re proud to be the trusted brand bringing you the goods. It’s only natural!

Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

100% wild Canadian Sockeye

30th Mar 2021 | New Arrivals

After many months of procurement in very difficult circumstances, our Fishco has just recieved our first delivery of frozen wild Alaskan Sockeye salmon ! Unlike farmed salmon, the flesh of our wild Sockeye salmon is firm and muscular, with a cleaner taste that chefs covet. Sockeye salmon has a succulent, bright-orange meat which is from the orange krill the fish eat while in the ocean. Limited stock available in our Fishco!

New Season Kanzi Apples

Crunchy, sweet-tart & juicy

29th Mar 2021 | Fresh Produce

Kanzi® is not just any apple, it is an apple of quality. The luxurious appearance is an alluring promise of the crunchy bite and deliciously well-balanced sweet and sour flavour. Our Kanzi apples are grown right here in WA! Now available from our produce department.

Chain of Ponds 2020 Pinot Noir

Open to taste in the Loft!

28th Mar 2021 | Tasting & Events

$25 each
Open to taste this weekend in the Loft!

This wine has all you could ask for, with strong cherry fruit, texture, structure and more. Best enjoyed with Wood Fired pizza in the company of good friends. Rhubarb and strawberry with hints of pepper and cinnamon spice on the nose. The palate exhibits finesse, fine grained tannins, balanced acidity and exceptional length.

Wilyabrup Valley 2020 Woodlands Chardonnay

Open to taste in the Loft!

27th Mar 2021 | Tasting & Events

$27 each or two bottles for $50!
Open to taste this weekend in the Loft.

Woodlands’ flagship estate-grown chardonnay. It is remarkably complex and charming for such a modestly priced Margaret River chardy, with creamy lees and refined fruit aromas. Oak is almost invisible. Intense and elegant in the mouth, it has a lip-smacking savoury finish. A totally delicious wine at a great price.

Autumn Crisp - Seedless Grapes

Swan Valley, WA

24th Mar 2021 | Fresh Produce

New season Autumn Crisp grapes of a very high quality! The beautiful climate, rich soil and talented locals are the Swan Valley’s secret to growing beautiful produce! These Autumn Crisp grapes offer large clusters that perfect for sharing. You'll be pleasantly surprised at this grape's firm and crisp texture bursting with mild sweet flavor and subtle hints of Muscat. Great as a snack or part of your grazing board.

Premium Easter Chocolates

A fantastic range of delicious chocolates!

23rd Mar 2021 | New Arrivals

We have an amazing selection of premium Easter chocolates in store! Koko Black, Cocoa Melbourne, Chocolatier and Xocolatl - all of these are artisan chocolate makers who use only the best ingredients. Each individual chocolate is meticulously handcrafted, bringing you the best there is!

PS Soda

Stay Bubbly!

22nd Mar 2021 | New Arrivals

PS Soda like to do things a little different and have traversed the bubble-verse far and wide to bring you, bubbles! Their lemonade is smoked, their cola is wattled and everything is made fresh by hand. Utilising both local and native ingredients PS Soda have created a core and a seasonal range of sodas that forge a new path to mixing drinks, cocktails & non alcoholics that challenge the way you think about soft drinks. The range includes: Smoked Lemonade, Bush Soda, Blackstrap Ginger, Wattle Cola, and Myrtle Soda,

Wagyu Beef Burgers

100% pure Australian Wagyu!

19th Mar 2021 | News

$2.95 each - special available until 24 March 2021, whilst stocks last.

Entertain friends and family with our 100% pure Wagyu Beef Burger! Our skilled in-house butchers hand-make these burger patties every morning. We only use pure Australian Wagyu Beef and our own mixture of fresh herbs and spices to a rich, buttery and fantastically textured burger pattie. Wagyu’s higher fat content gives it a juiciness, tenderness, and flavour that lends itself to faster cooking times meaning it is at its best when served medium-rare. They are perfect for the barbecue and we suggest using soft brioche buns from our Bakery, to make the ultimate burger!

Hart & Soul Cordial

100% Natural Cordials

18th Mar 2021 | News

Back by popular demand! The range of 100% natural cordials from Hart & Soul. They are all hand made in small batches, ensuring consistency of flavour and presentation. Hart & Soul manufacture 100% natural products with absolutely no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or additives and no GMOs which makes the brand extremely popular. Handmade decorations that adorn each bottle of cordial concentrate. Sarah made the conscious decision to not mass produce, creating beautiful, delicious products with a distinct difference for those who appreciate their quality, individuality and her love for sharing her Hart and Soul.

Pafritas Patatas Fritas

Artisan fried potatoes in olive oil

17th Mar 2021 | New Arrivals

Based in Rioja, Pafritas is a 25 year old family business that was created by a couple determined to perfect and share Spain’s great, yet humble, tradition of the potato chip. Today the second generation are continuing the quest. They are delicate, ultra fresh and light, setting a very high bar in the realm of patatas fritas. Pafritas are the official chip of the Spanish football team no less! Now available in store!

Pick & Eat Co

Authentic Indonesian Condiments

16th Mar 2021 | New Arrivals

Just arrrived in-store - a range of delicious, home-made Indonesian condiments. The range includes: Rendang Sauce, Gado Gado Sauce, Satay Sauce, Sambal Bawang, sambal Padang Ijo and Sambal Lado Ijo. All of these are traditionally made, completely authentic and packed with flavour. The whole range is gluten free, has no artificial flavours or colours and is MSG free.