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Ready to Drink Bone Broth

The Stock Merchant

26th May 2022 | New Arrivals

The new ready to drink Chicken and Beef Bone Broths are an elixir for your gut. Rich in gelatin, amino acids and the added benefits of ginger, turmeric and black pepper, one 300g pouch is the perfect cup-full. Simply heat and sip your way to better gut health. Now available from our grocery department!

Ridiculously Delicious Peanut Butter

Recipe so old, its new!

25th May 2022 | New Arrivals

Now stocking the very popular Ridiculously Delicious Peanut Butter! Made from golden roasted peanuts, ground to creamy smooth perfection and lightly salted. That’s it! No sugars. No hydrogenated oils. No preservatives. Just the non-stop thrill of peanut butter splendour.

Healthy Immune Boosting Soup

House-made, preservative free

24th May 2022 | New Arrivals

Our team of in-house chefs make our range of soups daily, using only the freshest, local ingredients to ensure a preservative free and wholesome meal. We have a wide variety of flavours to choose from with gluten free, vegetarian & vegan options. Our chefs make our own stock which is used as the base to all of our soups. This is cooked for over 12 hours with seasonal vegetables, herbs and spices. Enjoy with side of freshly baked crusty bread from our bakery.

Missile Apples

Back in stock!

23rd May 2022 | Fresh Produce

This miniature apple has a small core, super sweet flesh and thin skin making it a great addition for kids’ lunchboxes. These apples have 65% more potassium and 10% more fiber than the average apple. These very popular apples are now available in our produce department.

Fresh, Local Tulips

$34.95 per bunch

21st May 2022 | Fresh Produce

Our flower department have received a large delivery of locally grown, fresh tulips in an array of beautiful colours. Tulips are sturdy flowers that can last up to 10 days after cutting if you know how to care for them correctly. When shopping for tulips, you may be tempted to buy the tulips with fully-opened, vibrant colored petals. If you prefer them to last a long time, choose tulips that are still tightly closed with some green buds that aren't fully coloured yet. The flowers will open over the course of a few days, giving you more time to enjoy them.

Reds of Piemonte with Kristen McGann

Saturday, 21 May 2022 from 11:30 am - 2 pm

20th May 2022 | Tasting & Events

Saturday, 21 May 2022
From 11:30 am - 2 pm
Complimentary Tasting in the Loft!

Our guest Kristen McGann will take us through an informal complimentary tasting of wines from some of the most recognised producers of Piemonte. We will be exploring the varietals of Barbera, Dolcetto and Langhe's Nebbiolo. We will also be joined by Italian Accordion player "Mr Accordion Man", who's live music will keep you entertained while you sip, peruse or settle in.

Bera Barbera d’Alba DOC 2019
Domenico Clerico ‘Visadi’ Dolcetto DOC 2019
Brezza Langhe Nebbiolo DOC 2020

20% Off all Italian Red Wine!

3 days only!

19th May 2022 | Tasting & Events

20% OFF - 3 DAYS ONLY!
Friday, 20 May to Sunday, 22 May 2022

Shop our Italian reds this weekend and get 20% off the full range. This is a one off chance to secure some incredible wines at great prices! We are not taking any phone or email orders - it is a strictly first come first served in the Wine Loft. Italy has more indigenous grape varieties than anywhere in the world, which is great news for wine drinkers keen to try something new. This is the perfect opportunity to shop your favorite Italian red varieties as well as try something new!

Boatshed Wine Bar Now Open!

Everyday, 11 am - 8 pm

18th May 2022 | News

Our Wine Loft Bar is open 7 day a week from 11 am to 8 pm. Our evolving and rotating wine list consists of international, national and local wines which have all been carefully curated to enjoy in our intimate surrounds. Wine is available by-the-glass and for those seeking to venture beyond our list, your are invited to peruse our shelves and choose something special to enjoy in-store. Everything on our Bar Menu is made fresh to order, using seasonal locally grown produce and artisan products.

Local Navel Oranges

Grown in Moora, WA

17th May 2022 | Fresh Produce

Just arrived in our Produce Department - locally grown Navel Oranges from Moora Citrus. Moora Citrus is an innovative horticulture project in the WA Wheatbelt. The orchard is producing oranges and mandarins, with a focus on delivering fresh eating citrus into the local market. These sweet, seedless Navel oranges are great for boosting your immune system and Vitamin C intake through those chilly Winter months.

Polka Non-Alcoholic Botanical Spirit

Botanical infusions of juniper, pepper berry and pink grapefruit!

16th May 2022 | New Arrivals

Imagine being able to enjoy a delicious G&T but not having to think about the impact of the booze beneath that fizzy botanical goodness. Many of us love a G&T or gin cocktail, but haven’t quite found an alcohol-free version that’s on-par with taste. To satisfy our love of gin, Polka have crafted a non-alc version that will slot into that unique reservation held for G&Ts on a warm afternoon. Botanical infusions of juniper, pepper berry and pink grapefruit bring this non-alc spirit into a world of traditional flavours and aromas you’d only expect from a high proof gin.

This is a blend of Australian botanical extracts includes pink grapefruit, juniper berry, finger lime, pepper berry, cardamom, fennel and cassia.

As an all-natural blend of citrus fruit and botanical extracts, their non-alc spirit has an appearance that is somewhat removed from what you’d normally expect in gin or spirit but rest assured, the taste is unmistakable. The natural citrus oils can settle on top so give it a shake before use and serve 30ml over ice with 200ml of dry tonic and a slice of citrus.

Once open, store in the fridge.

Tumami Sauce by Alice

Makes everything taste better!

15th May 2022 | New Arrivals

Tumami sauce is the ultimate mate to have for dinner: Naturally sweet, makes for a great conversation starter, and will happily go with whatever’s on the plate. Combining the bright tang of organic Aussie tomatoes, crisp Harcourt apple cider vinegar and the caramelised funk of Victorian black garlic, use Tumami sauce as you might ketchup to make everything taste better, with a flavour (and ingredients list!) the whole family will love.

Cape Grim Beef Wellington

Hand-made by our butchers

13th May 2022 | New Arrivals

Our Beef Wellington is house-made by our butchers. Premium Cape Grim Eye Fillet is delicately encased within a duxelle that is made up of brown field mushrooms, fresh sage, black pepper, red wine & butter. This neat parcel is then hand-wrapped in a layer of rich, buttery puff pastry. Simple pop this in a 180 degree oven and baked until golden and flaky on the outside, juicy and rare within. Serve with a side of seasonal roasted vegetables or a green side salad.

Mandarin Imperial

New season!

12th May 2022 | Fresh Produce

We have the most delicious new season imperial mandarins that have just arrived in store! They are small to medium in size, with a smooth, glossy skin that is loose and easy to peel. The ideal snacking fruit with a sweet and juicy taste!

Bombak Distillery Complimentary Tasting

Saturday, 14 May 2022 from 4 pm - 5.30 pm

11th May 2022 | Tasting & Events

Join us this Saturday in the Loft where we are joined by Nick Bombak, the Master Distiller at Perth's Bombak Distillery. Bombak Distillery’s award-winning gins have received accolades from the Perth Royal Show, Australian Distilled Spirits Awards and Australia Gin Distillers Association, and they're about to add a new, exciting gin to their star line-up; Pickle Gin! Join us for this one-off event as Nick pours his freshly bottled Pickle Gin alongside his award-winning Flora and Citrus Gins.

G'Day Garlic Chunk

100% Australian Garlic Products

10th May 2022 | New Arrivals

Grown, packed and prepared by a fifth-generation Australian farming family in South-West QLD. The team have spent years perfecting their Garlic Powder range. Unlike many other powders on the market, our product is 100% garlic - no additives. Now available in our grocery department.

Reds of Piemonte Complimentary Wine Tasting with Cicero Salvador

Friday, 13 May from 4 pm - 6.30 pm

9th May 2022 | Tasting & Events

Friday, 13 May from 4 pm - 6.30 pm
Saturday, 12 from 11 am - 2 pm

Our host Cicero Salvador will take us through an informal complimentary tasting of wines that come from Italy's most recognised wine region, Piemonte. We're featuring three much-loved grape varieties found in the region's rolling hills; Barbera, Dolcetto and Langhe Nebbiolo.

Featured Wines:

  • Trediberri ‘Dogliani Bricco Mollea’ Dolcetto DOCG 2019
  • Giovanni Rosso Barbera d’Alba ‘Donna Margherita’ DOC 2018
  • Vietti Nebbiolo ‘Perbacco’ Langhe DOC 2019