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L'Artisan Organic Mountain Man Cheese

French heritage, Australian Style

5th Aug 2020 | News

Third generation cheese maker Matthieu Megard uses local organic milk from a single herd of Jersey cows to make his range of cheeses. Longing for the traditional cheeses of the French Alps where he grew up, Matthieu set out to make cheeses that reflected the local Victorian terroir whilst capturing the essence of some of France’s most loved cheeses.

Mountain Man is a Reblochon-style washed rind with slight pungency, yet round and complex meaty flavour.

Made out of pasteurised milk, it is surprisingly complex in taste and soft in texture.

Beautiful with a dry white wine, it can also be used as a melting cheese in the classic dish, Tartiflette.

Jose Gourmet

Premium Seafood Conserva

4th Aug 2020 | News

Savour different flavours like the taste of the sea, the true Portuguese flavour, the traditional know-how. These are pleasant memories of the sea blending at the table. Eating well and drinking even better combine in a perfect choice. Jose Gourmet combs the coasts of Portugal and Spain to find seafood of distinction. They believe in the principles of fair trade, often paying in advance and never negotiating for better pricing. The artwork of Luis Mendonça on the packaging is meant to pay homage to the these fishermen and canneries who rely on manpower and life long dedication to their trade.

Chilli Mussel Sauce

House-made and perfect with our fresh mussels!

26th Jul 2020 | News

Our House-Made Chilli Mussel Sauce is made by our in-house chefs. We use Bird’s Eye chillies, locally grown tomatoes, fresh thyme & parsley, red wine, Australian grown garlic and Spanish Paprika. This all makes for a delicious, rich, fragrant sauce in which to cook the mussels. 500 ml of our House-Made Chilli Mussel Sauce and 1 kilo of fresh mussels is enough for 2 serves. This has been pre-made for your convenience. Simply heat the sauce in a large, deep saucepan. Add the mussels, cover with a lid and cook until they have opened. Garnish with fresh herbs if you have them and serve with a side of crusty bread or on cooked pasta.

Traditional wine and food pairings are only suggestions - depending on your individual preferences, the weather and the time of day, you might want to experiment! We recommend a Pinot Grigio, an unoaked Chardonnay or fruity Sauvignon Blanc. For the lovers of red, we recommend a Grenache or Sangiovese. Pop up to the Wine Loft and chat to our team who will find you the perfect match!

New Season Garden Island Mussels

$5.95 per kilo

24th Jul 2020 | News

We source our fresh mussels from Leeuwin Coast Mussels, Western Australia’s only local mussel farm. With a sweet taste that is unparalleled, as clean and pure as the pristine waters in which they are sustainably grown, Leeuwin Coast Mussels are cultivated and harvested from Garden Island near Perth and Emu Point in Albany. Harvested and delivered within 24 hours to our Fishco for the freshest flavour, they are packed live and ready to cook. These mussels are best enjoyed with our House-Made Chilli Mussel Sauce and warm loaf of our fresh Boatshed Garlic Bread!

Pork, Fennel & Black Truffle Sausages

House-made by our expert butchers!

7th Jun 2020 | News

With the local Black Truffle Season in full swing, our butchers are making Pork, Fennel, Pistachio & Black Truffle sausages using local produce. These are absolutely delicious & full of flavour. Pan fry or cook on the bbq - serve on a bed of creamy mashed potato & simple side salad!

Cape Grim Beef Shank

$12.95 per kilo*

29th May 2020 | News

Cape Grim is collective of beef farmers that are committed to sustainable farming and ethical practices. Raised on rich pastures with nothing else added, Cape Grim Beef is hand-selected and rigorously graded. This is the perfect cut of meat for a delicious winter meal. Beef shank is best cooked low and slow - the marrow in the bone melts out, creating a smooth, rich sauce, and the meat itself goes incredibly tender. Match the robust taste of this beefy cut with your favourite bottle of red wine from our Wine Loft and enjoy!

Peony Roses

Just arrived in our Florist!

24th May 2020 | News

$49.95 per bunch

We have bunches of the most beautiful Peony Roses available in our flower market. It has been a difficult season for our florists with regards to availability - these are excellent quality! Few flowers are surrounded with as much mystique as the peony rose - they are the most lovely flowers, with a multitude of delicate petals wrapped into large tight flowers that burst into thick, ruffled layers of crimped petals. Be quick, we are certain they will not last long!

Chicken Bone Broth

Made from free range chicken

22nd May 2020 | News

Nothing beats the flavour of homemade chicken bone broth, especially during these cooler months! Our in-house chefs make this chicken bone broth using free range chickens from Mt Barker. The broth is cooked for over 12 hours with seasonal vegetables, herbs, spices and apple cider vinegar which gives it a rounded, alkalizing element. Chicken bone broth is an excellent source of minerals and is known to have a myriad of immune boosting health benefits. Available hot from our deli every day!

House-Made Seafood Curry Pie

Made with a creamy, mild, fragrant curry sauce!

15th May 2020 | News

Our house-made Seafood Curry Pie is made using the freshest, locally sourced fish, prawns & scallops. The seafood is cooked to perfection in a deliciously creamy, mild curry sauce which is made daily in our Fishco. It is topped with a thin layer of light, golden flaky pastry. Warm in the oven and serve with a simple side salad. It is the perfect meal option for these cold winter days. Now available from our Fishco!

Macro Mike PB+

High in protein, Low in fat

13th May 2020 | News

PB+ is a must have for all the Peanut Butter addicts out there. PB+ is high in protein, low in fat, and comes in a range of delicious flavours. To make your PB+ simply add 1 serving to 20-25mls of water, and stir until desired consistency! Allergy info: vegan friendly, gluten free, dairy free. Manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts and soy ingredients.

Mother's Day - South Australian Oysters!

$19.95 per dozen - Sat & Sun only!

10th May 2020 | News

$19.95 per dozen
$39.95 for bottle of Borgo Prosecco (RRP $25 each) + dozen oysters

These oysters have been delivered to our Fishco directly from South Australia. They are hugely flavoursome and leave a lasting impression in the mouth. Pair with our delicious Borgo Molino ‘Asolo’ Prosecco - which not only helps to enhance the overall experience but also act as a palate cleanser to freshen the mouth ready for the next oyster.

Gaga's Fermentated Veg

7th May 2020 | News

Dill Pickle, Ginger Beets, Sauerkraut, Turmeric Carrots & Vegan Kimchi are the amazing flavours in the Gaga's Fermented Veg range which is now available from our Health Food Fridge in store!

When it comes to gut health, it’s vital to have a diversity of microorganisms. Cabbage, carrots, beetroots and the other vegetables used to make fermented veg will generally arrive at the kitchen with up to 40 different species of microorganisms already growing on them. By allowing this rich profile of microorganisms to do the fermenting, we are able to produce fermented vegetables that contain a wide range of different microorganisms, which enhances the diversity of microorganisms in your gut when you eat them! you will always receive the highest quality fermented vegetables that are bursting with beneficial probiotic microorganisms following our 3
week natural fermentation process.

Shark Bay Blue Manna Crabs

Just arrived in our Fishco!

5th May 2020 | News

Blue Manna crabs are now available in our Fishco, directly from Shark Bay, WA. These crabs are caught 15 km off the coast of Shark Bay in 24 m of water from the boat Miss Phoenix. All our crabs are cooked on board Miss Phoenix in boiling seawater. With their sweet, nutty flavour, and evenly textured, moist, firm flesh, Blue Manna crabs make superb eating. Perfect to enjoy a delicious crab linguine!

Mother's Day - Home Delivery!

Order online, for home delivery!

30th Apr 2020 | News

Browse our range of beautiful bouquets, potted plants, Champagne & artisan chocolates on our website and spoil mum this Mother’s Day! Pre-orders close on Tuesday, 5 May at 2 pm. Delivery on Friday, 8 May or Saturday, 9 May to local postcodes. Free delivery for orders over $150.

Sailor Seeks Horse 2018 Pinot Noir

Tasmanian Pinot!

29th Apr 2020 | News

This is one of the Huon Valley's most sought-after releases of the year! Sailor Seeks Horse is one of the Apple Isle's most exciting new producers. It's a husband and wife team behind the scenes, Paul the viticulturist and Gilli the winemaker. With the small cult following the couple have garnered since starting their own label, their wines are now hunted by serious collectors who want to be in on the ground floor.

House-Made Seafood Chowder

Available from our Fishco

28th Apr 2020 | News

$7.95 per cup from our Fishco.
Our Seafood Chowder is made by our in-house chefs who use the freshest locally caught & Australian seafood to make a thick, rich, chunky chowder! We use our own blend of herbs and spices to bring out the flavours - it is seasoned to perfection! Enjoy our Chowder with a side of fresh crusty bread from our bakery.