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Dingo Lager

$19 per 6 pk (RRP $21)

27th Sep 2023 | News

Dingo Lager is a classic companion for all-occasions and perfect for this weekend's AFL Grand Final entertaining! Dingo Brewing Co is brought to you by a group of WA farmers and a talented brewer who have a shared belief in uncomplicated quality and supporting local. Their Dingo Lager is uncomplicated, classic; all-weather beer made for easy drinking. Handcrafted using only West Australian malt and barley, the product is a refreshingly simple beer that gives people a taste of what it means to be WA. Special available until 4 October 2023, whilst stocks last.

Shark Bay King & Tiger Prawns - Friday, Saturday & Sunday

$29 per kilo - limited time only!

31st Aug 2023 | News

$29 per kilo for 3 days only!
1 September - 3 September 2023

We source our King & Tiger prawns from Shark Bay which is located off the mid-west coast of WA, 800 km north of Perth. These prawns are premium export quality, are world renowned and sought after for their superb quality and sensational sweet flavour. Fantastic on the barbeque with a squeeze of fresh lemon - enjoy with friends and family this Father’s Day weekend!

Dry Age Rib Eye on the bone

Manning Valley Beef

25th Aug 2023 | News

Spoil dad this Father’s Day with his very own dry age Manning Valley rib-eye. His whole rib-eye will be aged to perfection in our Himalayan salt brick aging room. It can be aged for up to 60 days, but can be enjoyed at any time during the aging process. Our skilled butchers will then trim and prepare the ribeye according to his preference when he is ready to enjoy! We source our premium beef from Manning Valley Naturally Beef, Australia’s most awarded 100% grassfed beef. Every piece is hand-selected and aged to perfection in our custom-built Himalayan salt brick ageing room. Call or visit our butchery for orders and inquiries.

Pannell Family Picardy Pinot Noir 3 Pk

Father's Day Special $199 3-Pack

24th Aug 2023 | News

Spoil dad this Father’s Day with this exclusive Pinot Noir three-pack from Picardy. This mixed three-pack contains the 2020 Picardy Pinot Noir, the 2021 Picardy Pinot Noir and the 2020 Picardy Tête De Cuvée. Picardy is renowned for making exceptional West Australian Pinot Noir. Their intention and efforts to recreate the excellence found in Burgundy have been rewarded with consistently high quality, year in and year out. All fruit for Picardy wines is sourced from their extensive vineyards in Pemberton where the focus is on sustainably-grown classic varieties. The region offers ideal conditions for cool climate winemaking, with moderating ocean influence, cool breezes and plenty of rainfall.

House-made Miso Soup

Available now at our Fishco

12th Aug 2023 | News

Miso Soup, available fresh from Boatshed Market Fishco.

Originating from Japan, Miso Soup has captured the hearts and taste buds of people worldwide for centuries. And now, you can savor its goodness right here at Boatshed Market, as it's prepared in-house to ensure the freshest and most authentic flavors.

At its core, Miso Soup is a simple yet delightful concoction made from a few key ingredients – miso paste, dashi (fish stock or kombu seaweed stock), tofu, seaweed, and spring onions. But don't be fooled by its simplicity; this unassuming soup packs a punch of health benefits.

Miso paste, the star ingredient of this soup, is a fermented soybean paste rich in essential nutrients and probiotics. It provides a natural dose of gut-friendly bacteria, aiding in digestion and boosting the immune system. Moreover, it contains valuable minerals such as manganese and copper, promoting overall well-being.

The combination of dashi and miso creates a unique umami flavor that's both comforting and revitalizing. The addition of tofu brings a healthy dose of plant-based protein to the mix, while seaweed contributes essential vitamins and minerals.

Indulge in the warmth and nourishment of Miso Soup, thoughtfully prepared by Boatshed Market Fishco. It's not just a soup; it's a wellness elixir that brings you closer to the authentic tastes of Japan, right here in our community.

Savor the goodness and embrace the health benefits of Miso Soup – your taste buds and body will thank you! Head to Boatshed Market Fishco today and experience the heartwarming delight of this traditional Japanese classic.

Cheese and Wine Flights

Available in the Cheese & Wine Bar this weekend!

5th Aug 2023 | News

Come and enjoy our cheese and wine flights! With three flights to choose from, you can taste a variety of international cheeses and wines that have been hand-selected by our expert cheesemonger and wine loft staff. Each flight includes carefully curated pairings of premium cheeses and wines that complement each other perfectly. From bold and robust to smooth and mellow, there's something for every palate.

House-made, fresh healthy soups!

Beat the chill with our warming winter soup!

21st Jul 2023 | News

Our team of in-house chefs make our range of soups daily, using only the freshest, local ingredients to ensure a preservative free and wholesome meal. We have a wide variety of flavours to choose from, including Pumpkin, Chicken & Corn, Minestrone and Seafood Chowder Soup! Enjoy any of our soups with side of freshly baked crusty bread from our bakery!

House-Made Poké Bowls

Fresh & Healthy!

5th Jan 2023 | News

Poké pronounced ‘POH-KEH’ means ‘to cut or slice’ in Hawaiian. It is a traditional Hawaiian meal serving raw fish with salad and rice. Tuna is the fish of choice, but we have mixed things up and created bowls using salmon, tofu and chicken. They are full of goodness with delicious umami flavours like kombu, seaweed salad, and miso-based dressings added to an array of freshly chopped vegetables like avocado, edamame, radish and purple cabbage. Our poké bowls are simple, nutritious, and a great takeaway choice for those who want a healthier option.

Salmon Burger Patties

Freshly made by our in-house chefs!

29th Dec 2022 | News

Our House-Made Tasmanian Salmon Patties are a bright, fresh change from the regular baked fillets you may already know. Made with no binders or fillers, these burgers are far from the traditional “salmon patty” and their simplicity lets the Tasmanian salmon that should be front and center get all the praise. Our in-house chefs have used fresh Tasmanian salmon, spring onions, and a selection of herbs & spices to create delicious salmon patties. These have been created for weeknight meals when time is short! Serve as a burger or with a simple side salad!

Fresh Crayfish, locally caught!

$29 each - 3 days only!

21st Dec 2022 | News

$29 each
Thursday, Friday, Saturday only!

Our crayfish have been caught in the pristine waters off Two Rocks, Western Australia. They are delivered fresh to our Fishco and steamed to perfection. They have a sweet, rich flavour and deliciously succulent flesh. Perfect for your Christmas entertaining! Offer valid from 22 December 2022 - 24 December 2022.

Idée Fixe Premier Brut & Idée Fixe Brut Rosé

The perfect sparkling for the festive season!

15th Dec 2022 | News

$49 ea (RRP $55)
Special available until 31 Dec 22, whilst stocks last.

If you’re looking for something special to celebrate the festive season, look no further than these elegant West Australian sparkling wines, from Idée Fixe. Created by Vasse Felix, Idée Fixe is a dedicated Blanc de Blancs house, located in the south of Margaret River. The Idée Fixe range is crafted from the premium, free-run cuvée of handpicked Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, under meticulous méthode traditionnelle winemaking.

Rieslingfreak No.3, No.4 & No.5

A must have for all lovers of Australian Riesling!

11th Nov 2022 | News

$25 per bottle
$69 per 3 pk

Rieslingfreak’s John Hughes produces some of South Australia’s most sought after and precise expressions of Riesling. The collection has been created with each of the Rieslingfreak wines being assigned a number, with the number representing both the region where the grape is grown, and the style of the Riesling in the bottle. Our Wine Loft team are excited to feature three Rieslings from this esteemed 2022 vintage release in a limited, mixed three pack - No.3 Clare Valley , No.4 Eden Valley and No.5 Clare Valley Off Dry. The wines show exquisite purity and sit comfortably among the best examples that South Australia has to offer.

Ma Mère Confections - Festive Range!

A Festive addition to your mantle piece.

10th Nov 2022 | News

Glorious gilded houses filled with bite sized pieces (50g) of Ma Mère Confections Almond and Cranberry Nougat. These beauties are perfect for your Christmas table setting, stocking fillers or simply as a Festive addition to your mantle piece.

Ma Mère Confections produce high-quality artisan treats with unusual, whimsical and exotic flavours. Lexi founded Ma Mère in her home kitchen where she developed her products using a combination of her classic Cordon Bleu training and recipes passed down to her from her mother and grandmother, hence the name Ma Mère (my mother). Not only is each product hand-made, delicious and beautifully packaged - there is an element of playfulness and nostalgia in every mouthful. Our grocery department now stocks a selection of French style honey nougats, gourmet popcorn, buttery brittles and Turkish delights!

Little Things Soy & Almond Milks

Vegan friendly.

9th Oct 2022 | News

Little Things introduces a creative range of alternative milks. Great tasting and barista-friendly, the range includes different milk varieties to suit many diets and lifestyles – so anyone can enjoy the little things in life. Designed to elevate the average cup of coffee into a comforting brew that is suitable for a variety of diets and lifestyles. Perfectly blend-able and froth-able to help texturise hot beverages, smoothies, baked goods and more, this range will help you stay on trend with alternative menu options.

Gewürzhaus Spice House

Make every dish special!

8th Oct 2022 | News

With more than 350 single-origin spices, herbs, salts, peppers, teas and sugars from around the world, we mix and mill over 100 unique small-batch blends, exclusive to Gewürzhaus. Milled on a weekly basis in Melbourne, from whole ingredients ensuring freshness and the highest quality. We have a large selection now available in our Grocery department.

La Delizia Latticini

The best Italian cheese you will find outside of Italy!

2nd Oct 2022 | News

These are award wining artisans who create have mastered the art of making traditional Italian cheese. They use the freshest milk from southwest dairy farms to create exceptional mozzarella, burrata, stracciatella and ricotta. This is the most authentic Italian cheese and described as the best Italian cheese you will find outside of Italy!