Boatshed Market



Rottnest Island Fresh Scallops

Freshly harvested!

6th Sep 2019 | News

Just arrived in our Fishco - you do not get fresher or more local than these scallops! Caught off the coastline of our very own Rottnest Island and delivered fresh to our Fishco. Rottnest scallops are rated among the best produce in the country - they are thick, sweet and have a wonderful texture. Due to their incredible freshness, we suggest you sear them in a pan with our house-made truffle butter or simply eat as sashimi.


Perfect for Father's Day!

1st Sep 2019 | News

We source our Tomahawk from Great Southern Pinnacle, a collective that is renowned for its rich full flavoured cuts with just the right amount of marbling. They produce some of the world’s best, naturally raised, grass fed beef. It’s the bone where the Tomahawk takes its name from - the large rib bone left on the cut gives it a distinct Tomahawk shape. It’s a cut of meat that is designed to be brought to the table, then carved and shared! Now available in our Butchery! 

New Season Prawns

Shark Bay King & Tiger Prawns - $19.95 per kilo

30th Aug 2019 | News

$19.95 per kilo*

Our Fishco now has stock of the most delicious Tiger and King Prawns. Arriving directly from the pristine waters of Shark Bay WA, these prawns are wild caught and of premium export quality. They are world renowned and sought after for their sensational sweet flavour. We have selected these magnificent, large prawns just in time for your FAather's Day weekend entertaining - they are fantastic on the barbecue with a squeeze of fresh lemon!

*Friday, 30 August - Sunday 1 September 2019

Julieta Spray Roses

25th Aug 2019 | News

Our florist has the most beautiful Julieta spray roses in both light and dark pink available for a limited time. When fully open, the blooms reveal many neatly arranged petals nestling in folds within the heart of the bloom. There is a very light tea rose fragrance - this is one of the best-loved and most popular roses.

Cape Grim Dry Age Rib Eye

The Ultimate Father's Day Gift!

24th Aug 2019 | News

Spoil dad this Father’s Day with his very own, dry aged Cape Grim rib-eye. His whole rib-eye will be aged to perfection in our Himalayan Salt brick ageing room. This rib-eye can be aged for up to 60 days, but can be enjoyed at any time during the ageing process. Our skilled butchers will trim and prepare his ribeye according to his preference when he is ready to enjoy!

With every whole piece of rib-eye on the bone, receive a complimentary bottle of 2009 Majella Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon and choose from limited edition Cape Grim steak knives or carving set. 

Cape Grim Beef is a collective of beef farmers throughout Tasmania, King and Flinders Islands that have a commitment to sustainable farming and ethical practices. Raised on rich pastures with nothing else added, Cape Grim Beef is hand-selected and rigorously graded, rewarding you with pure beef flavour – made by nature.

Father's Day Gift Hampers

Spoil dad & grandad this Father's Day!

18th Aug 2019 | News

Browse our range of Father's Day hampers online - head to our website here. We have a wide range of gift hamper options! From delicious Chianti, Pinot & Chardonnay these hampers include some of our favourite items such a Dingo Sauce Co hot sauce, Wagyu Biltong Co biltong slices, Aytpic Artisan chocolate and so much more! Shop online and pick up in store!

New Season Garden Island Mussels

$4.99 per kilo - 3 days only!

17th Aug 2019 | News

$4.99 per kilo - Friday, Saturday, Sunday only!!

The flavour of fresh mussels is hard to beat! These local Garden Island mussels have been harvested fresh and delivered to our Fishco direct. They make for the perfect addition to any paella dish, complimenting the saffron and paprika flavours! We suggest adding large local prawns and line-caught Shark Bay pink snapper to your paella for the ultimate seafood experience or use our house-made chilli sauce for a delicious bowl of chilli mussels!

Bowles Premium Stock Reductions

Restaurant quality cooking into the kitchen of every food lover!

6th Aug 2019 | News

Quality stock products are the foundation of quality sauces and dishes. Due to the length of time required to produce true stocks, inferior highly processed stocks are more than often used in everyday cooking. Bowles aims to help lovers of food and cooking by providing them with fine stock products created without compromise. The refined stocks and sauces created by Bowles are all 100% pure, fresh and premium. Only the freshest and quality Australian produce is selected and refined traditional French methods used to create the stock. The consistently fine quality of the stocks heightens the quality and consistency of any dishes where Bowles Jus products are used. Being such a versatile product and with so much to offer to so many dishes through its superior ability to accentuate the flavour of any dish,
Bowles is a must have for any home kitchen.

Vacche Rosse

Freshly cracked parmigiano reggiano!

4th Aug 2019 | News

Just arrived in store and freshly cracked! Fanticini produces small quantities of “Vacche Rosse” in their family dairy in Villa Sabbione (near Reggio Emilia), using milk from the Raggio Cigarini Farm. This “Red Cow” variety tastes like the Parmigiano Reggiano of yesteryear.  The milk of the red cows is characterized by a higher butterfat content and contains more proteins. This combination allows for the production of a cheese that is better suited for a longer period of aging, requiring a minimum of 30 months, compared to the 24 month aging period of most other Parmigianos.

Its unique nutty, fruity, grassy flavor is richer than most Reggianos and its texture is somehow creamier, even though it is aged for a much longer time. Reserve it for the most special dishes, or eat it like the Italians do - chunked and drizzled with thick Balsamico.

Chanterelle Mushrooms

Flown in direct from Rungus Markets, Paris

21st Jul 2019 | News

Now available in limit supply from our produce department! Chanterelle mushrooms, also known as Girolles are highly prized by top chef’s throughout Europe. Their meaty texture means they are perfect to cook slowly in butter with a dash of chicken stock. Enjoy their unique fruity like flavour over a perfectly cooked sirloin, or in a risotto or pasta dish.

House-Smoked Pork Spare Ribs

Available from our butchery!

18th Jul 2019 | News

Our House-Smoked Pork Ribs are marinated & ready to heat and serve! Our butchers source local, WA pork ribs which they have lightly smoked for two hours on site using apple & hickory wood chips. Our marinades are made by our chefs, using the freshest ingredients.  We have two marinades available, Asian Honey Soy & BBQ Sweet Chilli. A delicious and easy meal option that is a real crowd pleaser!

Leeuwin Estate 2016 Art Series Shiraz

Awarded 96 points by Ray Jordan!

17th Jul 2019 | News

The results of Ray Jordan’s annual Top 100 Red Wine tasting (for wines selling for less than $40) are in and Leeuwin Estate 2016 Art Series Shiraz has been announced as the number one wine for 2019, awarded 96 points.  “Interesting combination of predominantly shiraz plus five per cent malbec and a dollop of viognier. Aromas are quite beautiful, with cherry scents and a touch of floral apricot pith. One of the finest shiraz from Leeuwin, displaying complexity at another level. A hint of cracked pepper and licorice adds to the complexity. Outstanding. “ – Ray Jordan, The West Australian.

The “Art Series” represents Leeuwin’s most opulent & age worthy wines from each vintage. The Art Series Shiraz Lable exclusively feature the artworks of Australia’s Aboriginal artists.

Amanda Battley Cook Book - “Turmeric, the Queen of Spice” - Book Signing & Tasting

Saturday, 20 July 2019 from 11 am to 1 pm

14th Jul 2019 | News

We are joined by Amanda Batlley, the author of “Turmeric, the Queen of Spice”in store for a tasting and book signing. “Turmeric, the Queen of Spice” is beautiful collection of turmeric based recipes that are easy to make, healthy and most of all, delicious! From turmeric pancakes, to turmeric salmon burgers & healthy turmeric drinks, there is something for everyone!

Amanda Battley continues her health inspired recipes in her third cookbook “Turmeric, the Queen of Spice”. Amanda is no stranger to a healthy lifestyle. She has been practicing clean healthy living for more than 20 years as an organic food promoter as well as being a qualified Yoga Teacher. Amanda is an early adopter of the benefits of the healthy cuisine and decided to share her inspirations with a greater public.  She is the founder of two healthy eating establishment in Bali, Buddha Soul Organic Fusion and Omburger Superfood Burgers. Her restaurants have garnished the attention of global foodies, yogis, surfers, actors, directors, musicians seeking something more health conscious. 

House-Made Seafood Curry Pie

Made with a creamy, mild, fragrant curry sauce!

12th Jul 2019 | News

Our house-made Seafood Curry Pie is made using the freshest, locally sourced fish, prawns & scallops. The seafood is cooked to perfection in a deliciously creamy, mild curry sauce which is made daily in our Fishco. It is topped with a thin layer of light, golden flaky pastry. Warm in the oven and serve with a simple side salad. It is the perfect meal option for these cold winter days. Now available from our Fishco!

House-Smoked Pork Ribs

Marinaded, cooked & ready to reheat!

4th Jul 2019 | News

We use local, WA pork ribs which we house-smoke on site using apple & hickory wood chips. We have two marinades available, Asian Honey Soy & BBQ Sweet Chilli. Both are made using fresh ingredients by our in-house chefs. This is a perfect meal option when you need to feed a crowd or are short of time! They are absolutely delicious!

T-Bone Steak

$19.95 per kilo*

29th Jun 2019 | News

Our T-bone steaks are sourced from Greater Southern, who use an English breed of cattle that are grass fed and GMO free. T-bone steaks are a hero piece of meat because there are two tasty cuts in one. The flavoursome sirloin on the one side of the bone and tender fillet on the other, it’s the best of both worlds! T-bone is at its most tasty when simply seasoned, then quickly pan-fried, grilled or barbequed.

*Special available until 3 July 2019, whilst stocks last!