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New Arrivals

Pre-order your American Oak Barrel

Last shipment sold in just 3 days! Secure your order now.

14th Jun 2024 | New Arrivals

Due to popular demand, our cooper will be making a few more 1.5L American oak barrels which are available for pre-order. Purchase just the barrel or the Negroni starter pack that includes your own barrel, instructions on what to do, a bottle of Campari, Vermouth & your choice of Aviation or Citadelle Original Gin.

Orders will be able to be collected from the Wine Loft at the end of July as the process of cutting the staves, assembly, toasting, fitting the hoops and finishing takes around 4-6 weeks.

Tiger Nut Plant Based Milks

From Madame Tiger in Melbourne!

10th Jun 2024 | New Arrivals

Madame Tiger is a new Melbourne-made, plant-based milk range made from tiger nuts. These are not actually nuts, but powerful, nutrient-dense root vegetables or tubers. What's more, tiger nuts only need rainwater to grow, making them an incredibly sustainable ingredient for plant-based milk. By choosing Madame Tiger, you're making a responsible and sustainable choice. The original milk was developed to be a suitable replacement for cow’s milk for children under two, so it has a lot more protein than barista milk. The Barista Tiger Nut Milk has more of a subtle creamy taste designed to complement coffee.

Traditional French Style Pork & Chicken Rillette

Made in-house & available from The Butchery

9th Jun 2024 | New Arrivals

Rillettes are a classic French charcuterie delicacy, and our in-house chefs make our free range pork & chicken rillettes daily with a special recipe of spices & herbs. Our rillettes are an indulgent addition to a charcuterie board, and are best enjoyed on a fresh, crusty baguette from our bakery.

Losada Spanish Olives

Now available in store!

8th Jun 2024 | New Arrivals

Founded in 1961, Aceitunas Losada recently celebrated 50 years of growing and packaging olives in and around Carmona in the province of Seville. The company remains family-owned and distinguishes itself by controlling every step of production from the tree to the consumer, handpicking every olive. This meticulous process ensures the highest quality and taste in every jar of Losada Olives. We now have a range of olives from this family-owned brand in store!

Native Australian Infused Icecreams!

From Gather Foods

5th Jun 2024 | New Arrivals

Gather Foods, a local First Nations brand, have created Perth's first native inspired dairy ice cream offering. We now have all 4 flavours infused with Australian Native ingredients, including Wattle Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Vanilla Honey and Saltbush Caramel, Salted Caramel, Vanilla Honey and Cookies and Cream. Gather Foods are inspired by indigenous food, and are working to bring their rich Australian & Aboriginal heritage to life through food that is shared with loved ones, like these ice creams.

Great Southern Groves Prima Olive Oil

The first picked & pressed olives of this year's harvest!

4th Jun 2024 | New Arrivals

Great Southern Grove's PRIMA Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the first picked and pressed fruit of each year’s harvest. PRIMA has a sweet, fruity aroma with clean, grassy, and herbal flavours and a lingering peppery finish. Grown in the Great Southern region, this limited-release olive oil has an intense freshness and taste that will make your pallet sing. Each bottle is individually numbered; 100 bottles will be available exclusively through Boatshed Market. Join us in store for a complimentary tasting with the maker this Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June from 11 AM.

Truffle Cheese Creations

Now available from our in-store Fromagerie

1st Jun 2024 | New Arrivals

Our new season selection of truffle cheeses is now available from our in-store Fromagerie, including these exclusive, house-made Truffle & Hazelnut Brillat wheels. Available in 200g and 500g wheels, these are the perfect centrepiece for your long weekend cheeseboard and are a celebration of the start of truffle season here in WA.

Oven Ready Roast Lamb Shoulder

Perfectly paired with the 2021 Babo Chianti DOCG

30th May 2024 | New Arrivals

We source our lamb from Amelia Park Lamb, who hand select lamb from the best farmers in the pristine Southwest of Western Australia. It is seasoned to perfection with rosemary, garlic & parsley, salt and freshly cracked pepper. The oven-ready bag locks in moisture as the lamb cooks and enhances the flavour, creating the softest, most decadent, fall from the bone roast lamb. This oven-ready roast is the epitome of easy, warming and hearty winter cooking, and deserves to be enjoyed alongside the right wine. Our Wine Loft team has selected the Babo Chianto DOCG 2021, a lively, vibrant & smooth example of Tuscan wine with a classic Sangiovese finish. This wine is available & open for complimentary tasting in the Loft this weekend!

House-Made Pies

Wagyu & Guiness or Chicken & Porcini Mushroom Pies

28th May 2024 | New Arrivals

Ready for the WA Day Long weekend, our Deli has prepared crowd favourite Wagyu & Guinness, and Chicken & Porcini Mushroom Pies in 2-packs ready to heat and eat! We will also have 6-packs of our Mini Wagyu & Guinness Pies. All of our pies are made in-house with crisp golden puff pastry, and are ready to heat in the oven and enjoy for an easy, delicious meal. We are open all long weekend, including WA Day, Monday 3 June 2024.

Manjimup Black Truffles

New Season Truffles in store now!

27th May 2024 | New Arrivals

We now have stock of locally grown, first of the season Manjimup Black Truffle from Truffle Farmer Al Blakers. Black Truffle has a complex, intense and earthily pungent aroma. It pairs well with eggs, oil, cream or cheese to release its unique qualities. Heat allows truffle qualities to shine, and truffle is best added at the end of cooking, just before serving, as thin shavings from a mandolin or shaving plane. Truffles enhance almost any dish with their pungent, rich and tantalising aroma. The delicate use of fresh truffle in fine food can create the perfect evening at home or at your favourite restaurant.

Bake at Home Croissants

French pastries in the comfort of your own home!

26th May 2024 | New Arrivals

These bake at home croissants & pain au chocolat are now available in our freezer department. These delicious pastries are made in France with pure butter. Each pack contains 6 pcs of frozen croissant dough, 60g each. Delicious pure butter croissants in generous sizes, in a consumer bag perfect for households. Bake from frozen and enjoy these flakey, buttery French pastries in the comfort of your own home!

Frantoio Muraglia Premium Italian Olive Oil

Now available in store and online!

23rd May 2024 | New Arrivals

The very popular range of premium olive oil from Frantoio Muraglia has just been unpacked and is now available in store and online! This premium Italian olive oil has arrived directly from Apulia and is beautifully presented in painted ceramic bottles. Not only is the olive oil extraordinary, but each vessel is a collectible piece of artwork which makes it a lovely gift!

Umami Powder

Shiitake Mushroom Seasoning

21st May 2024 | New Arrivals

Jimoto Foods have unleashed the unstoppable power of shiitake mushrooms to create a one-of-a-kind seasoning that adds depths of umami flavour to anything it touches. Completely vegan, this powder can be used as a dry rub for steaks or roast chicken, as a sprinkle for salads, and a sub in for dashi powder as a delicate savoury soup base. Think outside the realms of Japanese dishes for this product, from pizza to fried chicken. As more highly flavoured alternative to salt, there’s almost nothing the versatile Umami Powder can’t turn to umami gold.

Southern Bluefin Tuna

First of the season available in the Fischo now!

20th May 2024 | New Arrivals

Our Fishco has just received first of the season wild caught Southern Bluefin Tuna! This fish is renowned in the world of sashimi due to its rich colour and mouth-watering flavour. This is a genuine luxury – it is one of the great culinary experiences on the planet and should be celebrated! We have fillets perfect for sashimi, as well as tuna steaks. Fresh wasabi root is available in-store and is the perfect accompaniment

Frantoio Muraglia Capsule Collection

New Special Edition Range from Frantoio Muraglia!

19th May 2024 | New Arrivals

Frantoio Muraglia state that art is at the centre of their life and company, discovering and collaborating with you artists allows them to imagine with fresh eyes, every day. Aligned with the way they produce high quality olive oils, they always try to innovate and keep one step ahead. The Capsule Collection aims to add new designs, imagery and words to the Muraglia journey. This is what the Frantoio Muraglia food design concept is all about: cultivating beauty and bringing it to tables all over the world.

The very popular range of premium olive oil from Frantoio Muraglia is arriving direct from Puglia, Italy next week. This shipment includes the newest range of limited-edition designs! We have very limited stock available online now for pre-order, with delivery or in store pickup available when the oil arrives. Order online to ensure you secure your favourite designs!


Meredith Dairy Marinated Goat Cheese

320g Jar of Marinated Goat Cheese available now for $9.95

17th May 2024 | New Arrivals

Meredith Dairy Marinated Goat Cheese is a creamy and versatile chèvre, marinated in a garlic & herb infused, Australian extra virgin olive oil. Meredith Dairy founders Sandy and Julie Cameron are passionate about sustainable farming on their property in Victoria, and Meredith Dairy goats enjoy a vibrant social life & nutritious diet. Their morning milk is made into delicious dairy products like this marinated cheese in the on-farm factory. The award-winning Goat cheese has a refreshing citrus tang and a soft, spreadable texture. Enjoy on fresh, crusty bread, or as a delicious addition to your salads or roasted vegetables!