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New Arrivals

New House-Made Soups!


12th Apr 2024 | New Arrivals

Our team of in-house chefs make our range of soups daily, using only the freshest, local ingredients to ensure a preservative free and wholesome meal. We have a wide variety of new flavours to choose such as Malay Prawn Laksa, Chinese Egg Drop Soup, Tom Kha Gai, Beef Cheek & Barley any many more. Our chefs make our own stock which is used as the base to all of our soups. This is cooked for over 12 hours using seasonal vegetables, herbs and spices. Enjoy any of our soups with side of freshly baked crusty bread from our bakery!

Meater PLUS Thermometer

Available in The Butchery

11th Apr 2024 | New Arrivals

The Butchery now stocks meat thermometers from Meater. The thermometer connects wirelessly to your phone via bluetooth, allowing you to cook your meat to perfection, every time. Using finely-tuned, calculated algorithms, the Meater app tells you how long to cook and when it's time to enjoy your meal. Elevate your steak nights or family roasts with the Meater, available from the Butchery!

Seafood Soups, Broths & Chowders

Now available in the Fishco!

9th Apr 2024 | New Arrivals

We have a range of delicious Seafood Soups, Broths & Chowders now available by the serve in the Fishco. These soups are house-made daily by our Japanese chefs, using fresh, local seafood. Simply warm through on the stove-top or microwave and serve with a crusty, freshly baked baguette!

Acide Wildflower Honey Vinegar

Now available in store!

5th Apr 2024 | New Arrivals

Acide's Wildflower Honey Vinegar is aged in oak barrels to enhance its depth and character, allowing it to develop a unique complexity that sets it apart. The result is a versatile vinegar that can be used in a variety of culinary applications, from dressings and marinades to glazes and sauces. Unpasteurised and unfiltered, this Vinegar retains all the natural enzymes and nutrients, making it a wholesome and healthy addition to your pantry. Available in store now

L’Etivaz AOP

Available from our Fromagerie!

1st Apr 2024 | New Arrivals

L’Etivaz AOP is a strong, rare alpine cheese from the Vaud Alps, which is only produced during the summer months, in small quantities, by hand, over an open fire. The unpasteurised milk is processed on site and is full of the aromas of fine alpine herbs.

This cheese has been aged 14 months, before waiting patiently in our maturation room for an additional 18 months. It is brothy, full flavoured umami yet sweet, gentle and floral on the palate. With hazelnut notes, this cheese is incredibly smooth and supple. Available from our Cheese Department!

Tony's Chocolonely Easter Eggs

'Egg-stra Special Eggs'

31st Mar 2024 | New Arrivals

Ethically produced and absolutely delicious, we have Tony's Chocolonely easter eggs in store now! Each brightly wrapped egg contains a unique flavour. From classic white to pretzel toffee, there's a flavour for everyone. Whether you choose to gift to a loved one or share with friends, this box is perfect for exploring new flavours!

Easter Drinking Range

Now available online and in store!

23rd Mar 2024 | New Arrivals

Our Wine Loft has selected a range of wines & beer perfect for Easter celebrations! With a variety of dishes being served from fresh seafood to rich roasts and an abundance of chocolate in between, our selection of wines have been chosen for their drinkability, versatility and taste. Shop the range in store or order online for free, next business day delivery!

Easter Drinking – Boatshed Wine Loft

Zalto Glas

Range of Glassware now in the Wine Loft!

19th Mar 2024 | New Arrivals

Our Wine Loft has just received stock of the finest Zalto glassware. Handcrafted perfection is the core principle of Zalto. Their glasses are made from carefully selected raw materials using complex traditional methods, reminiscent of the fine craftsmanship of Venetian glass artists of the Renaissance. The glasses are created free-hand using the trained eye of the glassblower. This requires years of training and practice. Available in store and online for delivery!

Mini Bunny Basket Cookie Tins

From Gingerbread Folk

17th Mar 2024 | New Arrivals

Gingerbread Folk's new Mini Bunny Basket Cookie Tins, now in store ready for Easter gifting! The Easter themed tin can be used for years to come for Easter egg hunts, and comes filled with delicious chocolate-flavoured mini bunnies that are gluten and dairy free. Gingerbread Folk are a family-owned business based in the Blue Mountains, and all of their products are ethically and sustainably made here in Australia.

Fleur de sel Salts

From Les Terres Blanches

15th Mar 2024 | New Arrivals

Fleur de sel salts, from Les Terres Blanches. Fleur de sel is the thin layer of white crystals that forms on the surface of salt marshes, usually as a result of the evaporative action of wind and sun. Depending on the origin, the amount of sunshine and the wind, each fleur de sel has a unique crunch, colour and taste. We have a range of these exquisite french salts in store now!

Stone Axe Full Blood Wagyu Beef Burger

$3.95 each!

14th Mar 2024 | New Arrivals

Our skilled in-house butchers make these burger patties by hand every morning. We use Stone Axe Full Blood Wagyu Beef and our own mixture of fresh herbs and spices to make a rich, buttery and fantastically textured burger pattie. Revered on menus around the globe, multi award-winning Stone Axe Wagyu represents some of Australia’s finest beef. The Stone Axe brand is an ultra-premium, luxury Wagyu product, without exception. These burger patties are perfect for entertaining family and friends this weekend for the AFL 2024 season kick off!

Wild-Caught Salmon Portions

Harris Smokehouse

11th Mar 2024 | New Arrivals

Our Fishco has just received Wild-Caught Salmon Portions from Harris Smokehouse. Harris Smokehouse is a 4th generation family owned and operated smokehouse, located in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia. They strive to offer salmon that is ethical, sustainable and natural as possible.

Saturday Night Pasta

For nights at home!

9th Mar 2024 | New Arrivals

Introducing the Saturday Night Pasta range. Perfect for stress-free, weeknight dinners. This pasta is made in Australia, with Australian ingredients. Explore the range of pastas and pasta sauces in our grocery department now!

Bahen & Co Chocolate Eggs

Handcrafted on the family farm in Margaret River, WA!

5th Mar 2024 | New Arrivals

Direct from the factory on their family farm in Margaret River, we have Bahen & Co's delicious stone-ground chocolate Easter eggs in store now! Choose between their Honey & Almond Nougat Organic Milk Egg, or their Macadamia & Salted Honeycomb Chocolate Egg, or even better, try both. These eggs are handcrafted with the highest quality ingredients, individually wrapped and come in beautiful gift boxes, ready for Easter!

Margarita Mix

From Mindful Mixers

4th Mar 2024 | New Arrivals

We are now stocking the range of Margarita mixers from Mindful Mixers. Made from cold pressed sugar cane juice that is harvest on the Woolley family farm in Byron Bay - there are no refined sugars, reconstituted juices or syrups. These are the easiest and most delicious margaritas you will ever have.

Apostle Hot Sauces

Direct from Wellington!

3rd Mar 2024 | New Arrivals

Direct from Wellington are these small batch, handmade hot sauces. Apostle Hot Sauces contain hand picked chillies, balanced perfectly with spices to craft deep, complex sauces that will complement your meals, not overwhelm them with spice. Apostle has a strong passion for using local ingredients, and the peppers they use are hand picked, and the Kawakawa leaves are from their own garden. The full range of bottles feature art inspired by religious iconography and tarot cards, and is available in store now!