Boatshed Market


Fresh Produce

Locally Grown Tulips

Grown in Forrestdale, WA - $19.95 per bunch!

14th Jun 2024 | Fresh Produce

These Tulips are grown in Forrestdale, WA from imported bulbs from the Netherlands to maintain exceptional quality. Tulips are among the most popular flowers with petals that blush with colour. They have a minimalistic appeal not seen among many other flowers and can be enjoyed on their own or included in a mixed bunch. Our wonderful florists are always available to help you choose the perfect bunch and beautifully gift wrap them for you.

Bunch Broccoli direct from Wanneroo

99c per bunch!

6th Jun 2024 | Fresh Produce

We have just received local Bunched Broccoli direct from the farm, 99c per bunch! This broccoli is fresh as it gets, and is of the highest quality. We recommend enjoying it as a side dish to your Sunday Roast, dressed with a home-made sauce or mixed into a Roast Broccoli Salad with olives, almonds and feta!

Navel Oranges

$3.99 per kilo!

3rd Jun 2024 | Fresh Produce

Our produce department is brimming with large, locally grown Navel Oranges, farm fresh from Bindoon, WA. Perfect for making morning juice full of vitamin C, or cut into slices and enjoyed on their own, these oranges have arrived just in time to boost your immune system as the cold weather arrives!

Fishco Seafood Chowder

Made in-house daily

2nd Jun 2024 | Fresh Produce

Our Fishco has freshly made Seafood Chowder, perfect to enjoy in cooler weather! We use locally caught, succulent fish which is dry filleted onsite as well as prawns and scallops from Shark Bay, WA and Tasmanian salmon. This delicious, hearty & rich chowder is ready to warm through on the stove-top or microwave and enjoy!

House-Made Seafood Pies

Made using freshly caught fish, WA prawns and scallops

25th May 2024 | Fresh Produce

Our House-Made Seafood Pie is made fresh, every day. We use freshly caught, succulent fish which is dry filleted onsite as well as local WA prawns & scallops. The seafood is cooked to perfection in a deliciously creamy sauce with sweet green peas, locally grown carrots, spinach and a mix of fresh herbs. It is topped with a layer of mashed potato that has been made with Royal Blue potatoes, which turns a glossy, golden brown once cooked. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 25 minutes or until crisp for a perfect autumn meal!

Local Brussels Sprouts

New season Sprouts available in our Produce Department Now!

18th May 2024 | Fresh Produce

We have fresh Australian grown Brussels Sprouts in our produce department now! Brussels Sprouts have a sweet, nutty, smokey flavour, with a crisp outside and tender inside. When fried and charred, Brussels Sprouts take on a sweet, nutty, vegetal flavour all their own. Toss them with walnuts and fresh leaves, and you have a light meal, or a delicious vegetable side. $2.99 per punnet.

Gazander Oysters

$25 per dozen, Friday 10 - Sunday 12 May 2024

11th May 2024 | Fresh Produce

These premium Pacific oysters pair perfectly with a richer style of Champagne and are perfect for Mother's Day! Once these oysters are harvested, they are air freighted directly to our Fishco - whole & live. The waters of the Coffin Bay and Little Douglas Bay waterways are fed by the cold upwellings from the Great Southern Ocean. This ensures that these oysters are grown and nurtured in the most pure of environments. The oysters filter feed from the bountiful waters and this is evident in their taste and quality.

Ōra King Tyee Salmon

28 Day Dry Aged

25th Apr 2024 | Fresh Produce

Our Fishco team are proud to be able to present these magnificent and rare TYEE salmon. Ōra King TYEE are raised in the waters flowing from Te Waikoropupū Springs in Takaka. They are salmon that have not matured in the usual 2 year time frame, continuing to grow on to 4 years of age, while maintaining premium condition. With an average weight of 13 kgs, the dramatic marbling and oil profile lends it to use as a luxury sustainable sashimi experience. Being dry aged for over 28 days means the flavour will be more intense and the texture more luxurious.

Local 'Fuyu' Persimmons

News Season fresh from Roleystone

21st Apr 2024 | Fresh Produce

Roleystone Persimmons are now available in our produce department for $1.99 each. Fuyu Persimmons are the quintessential Autumn fruit, they have a bright orange flesh that match their glossy skin and take on a honey flavour as they ripen. The 'Fuyu' variety grows even more sweet as they ripen, with slight cinnamon undertones. The flavour of the Fuyu variety make them perfect for tarts and crostini or eating them as they are.

Fresh Yellow Yuzu

Local New Season from Donnybrook

19th Apr 2024 | Fresh Produce

WA grown Yuzu, now available in store! This is the very first WA season of Yuzu, and we are excited to offer the first of these locally grown, delicious and juicy Yuzus! Yuzu is tart and fragrant, with a flavour combination of lime, lemon and grapefruit, with mandarin overtones and heady blossom notes. Fresh Yuzu can be zested, sliced or juiced to make cocktails, dressings for seafood, especially oysters or in a ceviche, or desserts like pannacotta and meringue!

Yuzu has a relatively short season that runs from late March (green fruit) until June. Yuzu become ripe (yellow) during mid to late April. WA Yuzu is a family run orchard. We pick and deliver our fruit on the same day, so the fruit comes directly to you as fresh as possible. There is no fungicide or wax used. To store your yuzu to maintain its freshness we recommend that you keep it in an airtight container in the fridge.

Zucchini Blossoms

Fresh from Homebush, NSW

16th Apr 2024 | Fresh Produce

Zucchini blossoms have a fragrant, floral taste, with a very mild flavor, which makes them very versatile to cook with. The petals have a soft, delicate texture, and practically melt in your mouth when fried. Fry them tempura-style, or stuff with ricotta or goat's cheese and oven bake! Now available in our Produce department.

Ready to Heat Stirfries

Perfect for weeknight dinners!

14th Apr 2024 | Fresh Produce

We have delicious house-made stir-fries available from The Butchery. Made with locally sourced meat and the freshest produce, we have Mongolian Lamb, Satay Chicken & Sizzling Beef, perfect for easy weeknight meals! Ready to heat and serve.

Royal Gala Apples

Grown locally in Manjimup, WA

7th Apr 2024 | Fresh Produce

Our produce department has the most delicous Royal Gala apples, grown locally in Donnybrook, WA! These Royal Gala apples are juicy mildly sweet, perfect for eating fresh, squeezing into a fresh juice, or baking in a crumble or apple pie!

Freshly picked Hydrangea & Dahlias

Available this week at Boatshed Florist!

4th Apr 2024 | Fresh Produce

Our Florist is full of fresh flowers, perfect for brightening up your home or gifting to a loved one! This weekend they have lush Hydrangea and Dahlias in beautiful vibrant colours. Visit our talented florists to create a custom bouquet.

Freshly picked Tulips

A range of bright colours available!

30th Mar 2024 | Fresh Produce

Our Florist has a range of bright tulips perfect for the Easter long weekend! Visit our talented florists in store to create the perfect table centrepiece or bouquet.

Garlic Marron

Just arrived in the Fishco!

26th Mar 2024 | Fresh Produce

Our Fishco has Garlic Marron, fresh from Manjimup, WA. Marron are the largest freshwater crayfish found in Australia, and make for the ultimate Aussie seafood experience. It has a sweet, delicate flavour and our garlic marron is best enjoyed fresh off the BBQ with a side salad.