Boatshed Market


Fresh Produce

Royal Gala Apples

Grown locally in Manjimup, WA

7th Apr 2024 | Fresh Produce

Our produce department has the most delicous Royal Gala apples, grown locally in Donnybrook, WA! These Royal Gala apples are juicy mildly sweet, perfect for eating fresh, squeezing into a fresh juice, or baking in a crumble or apple pie!

Freshly picked Hydrangea & Dahlias

Available this week at Boatshed Florist!

4th Apr 2024 | Fresh Produce

Our Florist is full of fresh flowers, perfect for brightening up your home or gifting to a loved one! This weekend they have lush Hydrangea and Dahlias in beautiful vibrant colours. Visit our talented florists to create a custom bouquet.

Freshly picked Tulips

A range of bright colours available!

30th Mar 2024 | Fresh Produce

Our Florist has a range of bright tulips perfect for the Easter long weekend! Visit our talented florists in store to create the perfect table centrepiece or bouquet.

Garlic Marron

Just arrived in the Fishco!

26th Mar 2024 | Fresh Produce

Our Fishco has Garlic Marron, fresh from Manjimup, WA. Marron are the largest freshwater crayfish found in Australia, and make for the ultimate Aussie seafood experience. It has a sweet, delicate flavour and our garlic marron is best enjoyed fresh off the BBQ with a side salad.

Easter Seafood

Your Easter Entertaining sorted!

25th Mar 2024 | Fresh Produce

Easter Seafood - everything you need for your day of entertaining! Our Fishco has a range of fresh, locally caught seafood in store now, including Rottnest Crayfish, Swordfish Steaks & Whole Octopus, as well as mullet and crumbed whiting.

Mandurah Mullet - $29 per kilo

Large Shark Bay Crumbed Whiting - $89 per kilo

Fresh Rottnest Trench Swordfish Steaks - $85 per kilo

Garden Island Whole Octopus - $45 per kilo

Rottnest Island Crayfish (cooked or raw) - $39 each

Ōra King Tyee Salmon

Dry Aged to perfection for 28 days!

24th Mar 2024 | Fresh Produce

This week our Fishco has received 3 Ōra King Tyee Salmon. These extremely rare, premium salmon have been placed in our dry ageing room to enhance the flavour and texture. Dry aging fish removes the moisture, including residual blood and slime that creates a fishy odour, and results in a cleaner fish, with a more intense taste and luxurious eating experience. These fish will be dry aged to perfection for 28 days.

Hot Cross Buns

Perth's best selection of artisan hot cross buns!

21st Mar 2024 | Fresh Produce

Hot cross bun season is well and truly here! We have sourced the most delicious range of hot cross buns from some of the best artisan bakeries in Perth, WA. Whether it be traditional buns, couverture chocolate, or gluten-free buns – we have something for every hot cross bun lover! Enjoy toasted or fresh, with a healthy slathering of butter. Visit us in store to shop our range of handcrafted chocolates, premium fish & wines perfect for Easter drinking. We are open every day of the Easter long weekend!

Autumn Crisp Grapes

Fresh from Carnarvon!

18th Mar 2024 | Fresh Produce

Our Autumn Crisp grapes, fresh from Carnarvon, have large clusters, perfect for sharing. Each grape has a crisp texture, bursting with a mild-sweet flavour with subtle hints of muscat. Pair them with salty pancetta and prosciutto for a perfect antipasto platter, or enjoy them as a snack! Now available in store!

Dutch Tulips

$29 per bunch this weekend only!

16th Mar 2024 | Fresh Produce

Our Florist has just received Dutch Tulips, direct from the fields of Amsterdam. $29 per bunch, while stocks last!

Dry-Aged Southern Bluefin Tuna

Wild-caught at Rottnest Island!

8th Mar 2024 | Fresh Produce

Our Fishco has received Southern Bluefin Tuna which has been wild-caught off Rottnest Island, WA - you do not get any more local than this! This fish is renowned in the world of sashimi due to its rich colour and mouth-watering flavour. We currently have Southern Bluefin Tuna that has been in our dry-aging room for 14 days, giving it a superb texture and superior flavour. Our Japanese chefs will be presenting the most delicious dry-aged sashimi - an unforgettable melt-in-your-mouth culinary experience.

Pan-Seared Tasmanian Salmon & Freshly Made Side Salad

Dinner at the Boatshed Market Deli

7th Mar 2024 | Fresh Produce

Each night our Deli serves up chef-prepared meals with all the trimmings. All meals come hot and ready to eat. Tonight our chefs are cooking Tasmanian salmon, pan seared with a house-made dashi beurre blanc sauce and heirloom carrot, pine nut, and chèvre salad.. $19 per serve!

Lasagne, Foccacia & Salad

Dinner at the Deli - $19

6th Mar 2024 | Fresh Produce

Each night our Deli serves up chef-prepared meals with all the trimmings. All meals come hot and ready to eat. Tonight our chefs are cooking traditional lasagne served with garlic focaccia and a rocket, roasted cherry tomato, pecorino salad. $19 per serve!

Quickes Clothbound Red Devonshire Cheese

Handcrafted with milk from grass-fed cows

4th Mar 2024 | Fresh Produce

Quickes Clothbound Red Devonshire Cheese, available from our Fromagerie. Handcrafted using milk from their grass-fed cows, then clothbound and naturally matured, for 6 months. This vibrant, full-flavoured cheese is Quicke's distinctive take on a classic Red Leicester, with a crumbly texture, fresh, nutty flavours and a lemony creaminess.

Locally Grown Hydrangea

$29 per bunch, this weekend only!

22nd Feb 2024 | Fresh Produce

Our Florist has a range of freshly picked Hydrangea arriving in store all week! With multiple colours to choose from, including these lush blooms grown locally in Oakford, WA, these flowers will brighten up your home, or make a beautiful gift. In store now!

Monet Goat's Cheese

Made by Woodside Cheese Wrights!

13th Feb 2024 | Fresh Produce

Monet Goat's Cheese, available from the Fromagerie. Monet is a fresh cheese made by Woodside Cheese Wrights in the Adelaide Hills. With a nod to Monet's gardens at Giverny, each cheese is unique in all its floral beauty. On the palate, it is quite citrusy and herby, thanks to the edible herbs and flowers atop the cheese, with a subtle spicy finish. The perfect addition to your Valentine's Day spread, or as a delicious and beautiful gift.


Freshly caught from Rottnest Island!

6th Feb 2024 | Fresh Produce

Just arrived in the Fishco - fresh, local Swordfish that has been wild caught off the Rottnest Island trench. For a superior, more intense flavour and luxurious texture, try our Dry Aged Swordfish fillets. Swordfish has a moist, meaty flesh that is sweet and delicate, mild yet flavoursome. It is versatile and can be cooked in numerous different ways: bbq, pan fry, use in a curry or simply eat raw as sashimi!