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Fresh Produce

Kensington Pride Mangoes

Delicious and sweet!

6th Oct 2023 | Fresh Produce

Highly aromatic Kensington Pride mangoes are the most popular mango variety grown in Australia! Our KP mangoes are grown and packed in the Northern Territory, and have arrived just in time for Perth's beautiful warmer weather. Simply eat as they are or incorporate them into smoothies, home-made popsicles and sweet desserts. Now available in our produce department!

Hall's Suzette Cheese

Exceptional WA made cheese

30th Sep 2023 | Fresh Produce

Made in Western Australia, Hall's Suzette Cheese is artisanal cheese-making at its finest. This delicacy is the result of the dedication and passion of the Hall's Family Dairy, a renowned dairy farm in the region. Hall's Suzette Cheese is truly exceptional, from its roots in Western Australia to its exquisite flavor and culinary versatility.

Hall's Suzette Cheese is a product of the pristine environment and dedication to quality that Western Australia is known for. Located amidst lush pastures, Hall's Family Dairy takes advantage of the region's fertile land and pure air to produce the finest milk, which forms the foundation of their cheeses.

This semi-soft cheese offers a taste experience like no other. Its creamy texture is complemented by a rich, buttery flavor with hints of nuttiness. The cheese also boasts subtle earthy notes that are a nod to the local terroir of Western Australia. This complex flavor profile makes Hall's Suzette Cheese a versatile ingredient that can enhance both savory and sweet dishes.

What sets Hall's Suzette Cheese apart is the artisanal craftsmanship that goes into its production. The cheese is made in small batches using traditional techniques handed down through generations. The Hall family takes pride in their commitment to quality, ensuring that each wheel of Suzette Cheese embodies the essence of their heritage and dedication to their craft.

Hall's Suzette Cheese shines in the kitchen. Its creamy texture makes it an ideal choice for melting, making it perfect for grilled cheese sandwiches, creamy sauces, and pasta dishes. The nutty undertones add depth to salads and charcuterie boards, and it pairs beautifully with a variety of wines, enhancing the overall tasting experience.

Bright Springtime Blooms

Wide range of fresh cut flowers!

22nd Sep 2023 | Fresh Produce

Fresh-cut, premium, spring flowers are abundant in our flower department! We have an array of brightly coloured tulips, roses and more, with our in-house florists ready to create beautiful bouquets with your choice of blooms.

French Goat's Cheese

Rare French Cheeses available in store!

21st Sep 2023 | Fresh Produce

French Goat's Cheese from the Loire Valley in France. These cheeses are made with fresh whole goat's milk and have a distinctive wrinkly rind, a result of a naturally occurring culture only found in cheese from this location! We have a range of creamy, fudgy cheeses from this region available in store!

Stone Axe Full Blood Wagyu Saikoro

An ultra-premium Wagyu product without exception!

8th Sep 2023 | Fresh Produce

Multi award-winning Stone Axe Full Blood Wagyu features an incredibly delicate texture and intense flavour, found uniquely in Australian Full Blood Japanese Black Wagyu. Carefully hand raised and selected to a high standard that ensures an exclusive and opulent dining experience. Our Japanese chefs have expertly cut Saikoro steaks, a popular uzakaya (tapas style) dish. Saikoro steaks are best enjoyed cooked quickly on a hibachi barbecue or pan fried on a high flame. Paper thin slices of +9 score are available for the ultimate Shabu Shabu experience.

Fresh Tulips!

Locally Grown, WA

11th Aug 2023 | Fresh Produce

19.95 per bunch - these beautiful Tulips are grown in Forrestdale, WA and have been handpicked exclusively for the Boatshed Market. To maintain their exceptional quality, they have been grown using imported bulbs from the Netherlands. TOur wonderful florists are available to help choose the perfect bunch and beautifully gift wrap them for you. Special available from 11 August - 16 August 2023 , while stocks last.

Wild-Harvested, Dry Aged Southern Bluefin Tuna

Dry aged to perfection for a superior taste!

4th Aug 2023 | Fresh Produce

Our Fishco has received Southern Bluefin Tuna which has been wild-caught off the coast of Eden, New South Wales. It is renowned in the world of sashimi due to its rich colour and mouth-watering flavour. We currently have Southern Bluefin Tuna that has been in the dry-aging room for 8 days, giving it a superb texture and superior flavour. Our Japanese chefs will be presenting the most delicious dry-aged sashimi - an unforgettable melt-in-your-mouth culinary experience. Fresh wasabi root is available in-store and is the perfect accompaniment.

New Season Blood Oranges

Locally Grown in Bindoon, WA

31st Jul 2023 | Fresh Produce

New season, local WA grown blood oranges are now available in our produce department. They are fabulous in salads, desserts, cocktails, cakes or purely to snack on. They are not sweet like navels but more a sweet-tart taste that has berry like characteristics. The red colour is a result of a natural pigment called anthocyanin - common in purple and red fruits and some flowers and trees, but not usually found in oranges.

House-Marinated, Local Pork Spare Ribs

Now available from our butchery!

30th Jul 2023 | Fresh Produce

Our Pork Spare Ribs are marinated, ready to oven-bake and serve! Our butchers source local pork ribs from Linley Valley Pork, WA. Our special recpe BBQ sauce is made in-house by our chefs, using the freshest ingredients - these ribs make a delicious and easy meal option that is a real crowd pleaser!

South Australian Raspberries

Just landed in our Fruit & Veg department!

22nd Jul 2023 | Fresh Produce

We have just received South Australian Raspberries, perfect for an antioxidant-filled snack or addition to your weekend baking plans. These raspberries are juicy, fresh and full of flavour!

Rottnest Island Scallops and King Prawns

Limited quantities available!

18th Jul 2023 | Fresh Produce

You do not get fresher or more local than these Scallops and King Prawns, and they won't last long! They were caught off the coastline of our very own Rottnest Island and were delivered fresh to our Fishco this week.

Rottnest scallops are rated among the best produce in the country - they are thick, sweet and have a wonderful texture. Due to their incredible freshness, we suggest you sear them in a pan with truffle butter or simply eat as sashimi.

To prepare King Prawns, we recommend having them simply cooked on the barbecue and served with a squeeze of fresh lemon and peri peri sauce!

West Coast Vongole

Delicious with fresh pasta or bread!

8th Jul 2023 | Fresh Produce

West Coast Vongole from the nutrient-rich Southern Ocean waters at Eyre Peninsula. Our Vongole hey delicate & sweet white flesh, bursting with seaside flavour. Perfect for fresh pasta, or simply with crusty bread!

Dirty Clean Foods Pasture Raised Chickens

The most delicious & ethically sourced poultry!

7th Jul 2023 | Fresh Produce

We source our pasture-raised chickens from Dirty Clean Food who support local, WA farmers that are committed to regenerative farming practises. Pasture-raised chicken is the preferred choice for those seeking quality and sustainability. These chickens enjoy a life of constant movement amidst fresh, biodiverse pastures, feasting on insects, soil, and perennial vegetation. Unlike conventional free-range chickens they are free from hormones and antibiotics, living entirely outdoors. The result is a poultry product that has exceptional flavour, boasts a beautiful firm texture, and delightful variations in colour. Not only does pasture-raised chicken provide a superior culinary experience, but it is also more environmentally friendly and promotes better overall well-being.

Premium, Seasonal, Fresh Cut Flowers

In-House Florists to Create the Perfect Bouquet

3rd Jul 2023 | Fresh Produce

We have an incredible range of premium, seasonal, fresh cut flowers available to choose from in-store. Our talented in-house florists create the most beautiful bouquets each day, or you can choose from our seasonal flowers and our florists will create a custom bouquet just for you!

Thai Fish Curry with locally caught Rankin Cod

The Perfect Winter Dinner!

2nd Jul 2023 | Fresh Produce

It is the perfect time of year for a warming Thai fish curry with coconut milk, using locally caught Rankin Cod from our Fishco, and brimming with seasonal veggies. A quick and easy dinner, perfect for both weeknights and special occasions.

Southern Bluefin Tuna

Fresh from Port Lincoln, SA

23rd Jun 2023 | Fresh Produce

Southern Bluefin Tuna is now available from our Fishco, arriving directly from Port Lincoln, SA! With a soft, sweet and buttery palette and a flavour profile that only a luxurious level of natural animal fat can give, the Southern Bluefin Tuna is an amazing culinary experience!