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Fresh Produce

Dirty Clean Foods Pasture Raised Chickens

The most delicious & ethically sourced poultry!

7th Jul 2023 | Fresh Produce

We source our pasture-raised chickens from Dirty Clean Food who support local, WA farmers that are committed to regenerative farming practises. Pasture-raised chicken is the preferred choice for those seeking quality and sustainability. These chickens enjoy a life of constant movement amidst fresh, biodiverse pastures, feasting on insects, soil, and perennial vegetation. Unlike conventional free-range chickens they are free from hormones and antibiotics, living entirely outdoors. The result is a poultry product that has exceptional flavour, boasts a beautiful firm texture, and delightful variations in colour. Not only does pasture-raised chicken provide a superior culinary experience, but it is also more environmentally friendly and promotes better overall well-being.

Premium, Seasonal, Fresh Cut Flowers

In-House Florists to Create the Perfect Bouquet

3rd Jul 2023 | Fresh Produce

We have an incredible range of premium, seasonal, fresh cut flowers available to choose from in-store. Our talented in-house florists create the most beautiful bouquets each day, or you can choose from our seasonal flowers and our florists will create a custom bouquet just for you!

Thai Fish Curry with locally caught Rankin Cod

The Perfect Winter Dinner!

2nd Jul 2023 | Fresh Produce

It is the perfect time of year for a warming Thai fish curry with coconut milk, using locally caught Rankin Cod from our Fishco, and brimming with seasonal veggies. A quick and easy dinner, perfect for both weeknights and special occasions.

Southern Bluefin Tuna

Fresh from Port Lincoln, SA

23rd Jun 2023 | Fresh Produce

Southern Bluefin Tuna is now available from our Fishco, arriving directly from Port Lincoln, SA! With a soft, sweet and buttery palette and a flavour profile that only a luxurious level of natural animal fat can give, the Southern Bluefin Tuna is an amazing culinary experience!

First of the season Strawberries

Perfect for school lunchboxes!

19th Jun 2023 | Fresh Produce

First of the season local strawberries have arrived at the Boatshed. Red Rhapsody strawberries, farm fresh from Wanneroo, are a deep red strawberry variety, high in antioxidants and perfect for the school lunch box or winter baking!

Sarah Bernhardt Peonies

$29 per bunch, this weekend only!

15th Jun 2023 | Fresh Produce

This weekend we will have peonies, including the favourite Sarah Bernhardt available in our flower market. Direct from the flower farmer in China, the official home of the Peony, these are large, tight flowers that burst into thick, ruffled layers of crimped, delicate petals. $29 per bunch this weekend only, whilst stocks last!

Bravo Apples

Direct from local farmers, perfect for your lunchbox!

11th Jun 2023 | Fresh Produce

Brilliant 'Bravo' Apples, farm fresh from Manjimup, WA. Bravo apples have a unique burgundy skin that sets them apart, with crisp, crunchy white flesh. Their distinct sweet and juicy flavour makes them perfect for lunchboxes, fruit platters, snacks, and desserts.

Omugi Grainfed Beef Short Ribs

$29 per kilo

1st Jun 2023 | Fresh Produce

Omugi Grainfed Beef produce the finest quality beef that is raised on some of the most pristine cattle environments in Australia. The unique flavour, texture, juiciness and light marbling of the beef is a result of the cattleā€™s custom barley feed. Serve with a rich barbecue sauce and crunchy winter slaw for a delicious, hearty winter meal, perfect for the long weekend! $29 per kilo, from 1 June - 7 June, 2023.