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Fresh Produce

First of the season Strawberries

Perfect for school lunchboxes!

19th Jun 2023 | Fresh Produce

First of the season local strawberries have arrived at the Boatshed. Red Rhapsody strawberries, farm fresh from Wanneroo, are a deep red strawberry variety, high in antioxidants and perfect for the school lunch box or winter baking!

Sarah Bernhardt Peonies

$29 per bunch, this weekend only!

15th Jun 2023 | Fresh Produce

This weekend we will have peonies, including the favourite Sarah Bernhardt available in our flower market. Direct from the flower farmer in China, the official home of the Peony, these are large, tight flowers that burst into thick, ruffled layers of crimped, delicate petals. $29 per bunch this weekend only, whilst stocks last!

Bravo Apples

Direct from local farmers, perfect for your lunchbox!

11th Jun 2023 | Fresh Produce

Brilliant 'Bravo' Apples, farm fresh from Manjimup, WA. Bravo apples have a unique burgundy skin that sets them apart, with crisp, crunchy white flesh. Their distinct sweet and juicy flavour makes them perfect for lunchboxes, fruit platters, snacks, and desserts.

Omugi Grainfed Beef Short Ribs

$29 per kilo

1st Jun 2023 | Fresh Produce

Omugi Grainfed Beef produce the finest quality beef that is raised on some of the most pristine cattle environments in Australia. The unique flavour, texture, juiciness and light marbling of the beef is a result of the cattle’s custom barley feed. Serve with a rich barbecue sauce and crunchy winter slaw for a delicious, hearty winter meal, perfect for the long weekend! $29 per kilo, from 1 June - 7 June, 2023.

Sarah Bernhardt Peonies

$35 per bunch!

27th May 2023 | Fresh Produce

This weekend, we have bunches of the most beautiful Peony Roses, including the favourite Sarah Bernhardt, available in our flower market. Direct from the flower farmer in China, the official home of the Peony, these are large, tight flowers that burst into thick, ruffled layers of crimped, delicate petals. $35 per bunch this weekend only, whilst stocks last!

Yumbah Mussels from Mornington Peninsula, VIC

$9.95 per kilo!

26th May 2023 | Fresh Produce

Fresh mussels direct from the Great Southern Ocean! We source our fresh mussels from the pristine waters of the Great Southern Ocean, on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. With a sweet, tender and creamy taste that is unparalleled, these mussels are best enjoyed with our Chilli Mussel Sauce, made in-house with local tomatoes, fresh chilli and garlic. Cook the mussels, add the sauce and serve with fresh, crusty bread. Available while stocks last from Friday, 26 May - Wednesday, 31 May.

Great Southern Pinnacle Grass Fed T-Bone Steaks

$29 per kilo!

19th May 2023 | Fresh Produce

Great Southern Pinnacle represents the epitome of grass fed beef—richly marbled, free from added hormones and antibiotics. Raised on a pure grass fed diet in an all natural manner, there is no compromise on flavour, juiciness and tenderness. T-bone steaks are a hero piece of meat because they are two tasty cuts in one. The flavoursome sirloin on the one side of the bone and tender fillet on the other, it is the best of both worlds! T-bone is at its most tasty when simply seasoned, then pan-fried, grilled or barbecued.

Special available 19 May - 24 May 2023, whilst stocks last!

Heirloom Carrots

Perfect For Roasting!

1st May 2023 | Fresh Produce

Sweeter than regular carrots, Heirloom Carrots naturally come in a variety of colours. Elevate any dish with these brilliantly pigmented root vegetables. Roast your Heirloom Carrots with moroccan spices, honey, whipped feta and sumac. The carrots caramelise and taste even sweeter when roasted - delicious!

Brussels Sprouts

The hero of your winter dishes!

26th Apr 2023 | Fresh Produce

Perfect for cosy, cooler weather cooking, Brussels Sprouts have a sweet, nutty, smokey flavour, with a crisp outside and tender inside. When fried and charred, Brussels Sprouts take on a sweet, nutty, vegetal flavour all their own. Toss them with walnuts and fresh leaves, and you have a light meal, or a delicious vegetable side.

Finger Limes

Effervescent, tangy and fresh!

24th Apr 2023 | Fresh Produce

Just landed at the Boatshed: Finger Limes.
Finger Limes are filled with individual caviar-like pearls that burst in your mouth, exploding with an effervescent tangy flavour. Combine with ginger for an asian-inspired dressing, perfect with fresh oysters!

Nashi Pears

Perfect for a Rustic Pear Galette

22nd Apr 2023 | Fresh Produce

The versatile Nashi Pear has the crisp bite of an apple and the flavour of a deliciously fresh, sweet pear. Our Nashi Pears are perfect on their own, and in both sweet and savoury dishes. Perfect for autumn entertaining, baking a galette is as simple as it is delicious. Savour the cardamom and vanilla scented pears, enclosed in an earthy, walnut crust.

Autumn Crisp - Seedless Grapes

Carnarvon, WA

14th Jan 2023 | Fresh Produce

New season Autumn Crisp grapes of a very high quality! These Autumn Crisp grapes offer large clusters that perfect for sharing. You'll be pleasantly surprised at this grape's firm and crisp texture bursting with mild sweet flavor and subtle hints of Muscat. Great as a snack or part of your grazing board.

Heavenly Strawberries

Locally grown in Perth, WA

7th Oct 2022 | Fresh Produce

We now have stock of the most delicious and aromatic Heavenly Strawberries! Fresh strawberries rank in the top ten for fruit antioxidant properties. These potent little packages protect your heart, increase HDL (good) cholesterol, lower your blood pressure, and guard against cancer. Packed with vitamins, fiber, and particularly high levels of antioxidants known as polyphenols, strawberries are a sodium-free, fat-free, cholesterol-free, low-calorie food.

New Season Brussel Sprouts

Local WA

11th Sep 2022 | Fresh Produce

New season, WA Brussel Sprouts. They are high in fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, making them a nutritious addition to your diet. When cut in half and oven-roasted, they bring out a balancing sweetness - perfect alongside a Five Founders T-Bone, which are on special this weekend!

Spring Flowers

Order online for delivery or shop in-store!

7th Sep 2022 | Fresh Produce

We have an incredible range of premium, seasonal, fresh-cut flowers available to choose from in-store or online! These have been arranged in beautiful bouquets by our talented in-house florists.

New Season Local Jumbo Blueberries

Plump & juicy!

28th Aug 2022 | Fresh Produce

Plump and juicy, with just the right balance of sweetness and tartness, these jumbo blueberries are grown naturally by Australian growers and never genetically modified. Sweeten up ordinary moments with blueberries in your muffins, pancakes, morning granola or smoothies or simply enjoy eating them straight of out the punnet!