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Boatshed Market Brie

Perfectly aged

12th Sep 2020 | New Arrivals

$9.95 per half wheel - until Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Our small batch, artisan cheese is made from whole milk and cream that is sourced from dairy's in the southwest region of Western Australia. Unlike many other soft cheese that are sold too young and therefore chalky and solid - our cheese has been returned to the maturation room, to ripen. This extra time gives the cheese a chance to mature, meaning the center is a lovely pump, soft texture. Perfectly ripe and to be enjoyed now! Available from our cheese department in both half and full wheels.

A5 Kagoshima Japanese Wagyu Sirloin

The highest grade given only to the finest beef!

11th Sep 2020 | New Arrivals

Kagoshima has become the number one producing area of Wagyu beef in Japan with its fertile land, abundant wild grasses and clean water. There are four different breeds of Wagyu cattle of which Japanese Black is one. The principal characteristic of this delicious Sirloin is its tenderness and full-bodied flavour, together with well-balanced marbling. We are proud to offer this A5 grade, Japanese full blood Wagyu Sirloin, which is the highest grade given only to the finest beef.

Ottolenghi Flavour

Now available at the Boatshed

10th Sep 2020 | New Arrivals

The third installment in Yotam's bestselling and multi-award-winning PLENTY series (over 2 million copies sold). FLAVOUR celebrates the limitless potential of vegetables and reveals how to transform them into magical dishes. Flavour-forward, vegetable-based recipes are at the heart of Yotam Ottolenghi's food.

In this stunning new cookbook Yotam and co-writer Ixta Belfrage break down the three factors that create flavour and offer innovative vegetable dishes that deliver brand-new ingredient combinations to excite and inspire.

Ottolenghi FLAVOUR combines simple recipes for weeknights, low-effort high-impact dishes, and standout meals for the relaxed cook. Packed with signature colourful photography, FLAVOUR not only inspires us with what to cook, but how flavour is dialled up and why it works.

The book is broken down into three parts, which reveal how to tap into the potential of ordinary vegetables to create extraordinary food: Process explains cooking methods that elevate veg to great heights; Pairing identifies four basic pairings that are fundamental to great flavour; Produce offers impactful vegetables that do the work for you. With surefire hits, such as Aubergine Dumplings alla Parmigiana, Hasselback Beetroot with Lime Leaf Butter, Miso Butter Onions, Spicy Mushroom Lasagne and Romano Pepper Schnitzels, plus mouthwatering photographs of nearly every one of the more than 100 recipes, Ottolenghi FLAVOUR is the impactful, next-level approach to vegetable cooking that Ottolenghi fans and vegetable lovers everywhere have been craving.

Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

100% wild Canadian Sockeye

9th Sep 2020 | New Arrivals

After many months of procurement in very difficult circumstances, our Fishco has just recieved our first delivery of frozen wild Alaskan Sockeye salmon ! Unlike farmed salmon, the flesh of our wild Sockeye salmon is firm and muscular, with a cleaner taste that chefs covet. Sockeye salmon has a succulent, bright-orange meat which is from the orange krill the fish eat while in the ocean. Limited stock available in our Fishco!

Pepe Saya Chantilly

Creamy full of vanilla bean!

6th Sep 2020 | New Arrivals

Just arrived in our dairy department! The fresh farm cream is heated and coagulated into Mascarpone, then the vanilla sugar is folded through and packed. Perfect to serve with Persimmons, on a crumpet or simply eat with a spoon!

Pepe Saya Nduja Butter

Batch-churned, hand crafted, unsalted butter

3rd Sep 2020 | New Arrivals

At the core of what Pepe Saya Butter do is make crème fraiche (soured cream). To make their crème fraiche they add a culture (lactobacillus) to the cream and then ferment it, for the pure reason of flavouring the fat in the cream. Once the cream matures, it is then churned it into Pepe Saya Cultured Butter.

This is why it is called cultured butter….

From the heart of Spilinga in Calabria Nduja is a spicy salami paste originating from Spilinga in Calabria. They knead nduja from Pino’s Dolce Vita with Pepe Saya Cultured Butter. "We make nduja by mincing selected cuts of pork meat and fat into a paste with salt, pepper and five different types of red chillies. The mix is then filled into large natural casings, slowly cured, gently smoked and left to hang for 4-12 weeks depending on the size to give its distinct and unique flavour." Pino (Pino’s Dolce Vita)

2018 Camwell Cabernet Sauvignon

Open to taste in the Wine Loft!

22nd Aug 2020 | New Arrivals

$35 per bottle

Open to taste in the Loft all weekend, and a fantastic wine to go with you Tomahawk steak! 2018 Camwell Cabernet Sauvignon is handmade from and extremely rare Cabernet clone - every vintage, Brad and his father walk the whole Cabernet block to seek out and select the best two rows of fruit for this small batch wine.

Má Là Dumplings

The most delicious dumplings you will ever taste!

18th Aug 2020 | New Arrivals

Má Là Dumplings handcraft addictive flavour bombs packing the one-two Má Là punch. 麻 Má 辣 Là refers to the mouth tingling sensation from combining Sichuan peppercorns with chilli, a famous Sichuan flavour profile. Má Là source the regions finest produce to bring you the ultimate Margaret River dumpling experience.

“There are two types of people in the world, those who are addicted to dumplings and those who haven’t tried them yet”

Wildflower 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon & 2019 Chardonnay

Open to taste all weekend in the Loft!

16th Aug 2020 | New Arrivals

$19 per bottle for both the Chardonnay and the Cabernet Sauvignon.

Wildflower Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay open to taste all weekend in The Loft! Robert Oatley's Wildflower wines are distinctively Western Australian, just like the unique landscape from which they come. These wines reflect Margaret River's region; mild summers, delightful springs, and cool ocean breezes.

Peaceful Bay Gruyére Aged 24 Months

Only 2 wheels ever aged for 24 months!

13th Aug 2020 | New Arrivals

There are only two wheels Peaceful Bay Gruyère that have been aged for 24 months in existence! They were aged especially for a competition which did not go ahead due to Coivd - our Fromager was lucky enough to secure them both! This is sweet with age, but slightly salty, with nutty aromas and a hard, faintly grainy texture. It pairs beautifully with fruit and wine. Raw cow’s milk sourced from the neighbour is cultured and cured with traditional European methods to produce this timeless classic.

We will have this cheese open to taste in our Cheese department on Saturday, 16 August from 11 am!

Luca Ciano - Italian Sauces

Authentic Italian Taste Locally Made

10th Aug 2020 | New Arrivals

Luca was Born and raised in Milan by an amazing family from whom he inherited his passion for food and respect for people. Luca’s career includes the famous 2 Michelin-starred restaurant “Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia” in Milan. We now stock his full range of sauces that are perfect for pasta, vegetarian dishes and bruschetta! Cooked and seasoned to perfection by Chef Luca Ciano it does not get any easier than this! Simply add one of his delicious sauces to jazz up any meal.

Unforgettable Products - Gourmet Meringues

Gluten & Dairy Free

3rd Aug 2020 | New Arrivals

We now stock a range of products from Unforgettable! Melt in your mouth meringues, irresistible as a teatime treat or mix with berries and cream and our award winning curds for a stunning dessert. We have the following meringues in stock: chocolate, coconut, french vanilla, sprinkles, strawberry & vino cotto. Leanne Pooley, owner and creator of Unforgettable Products has always had a love-affair with the sweeter side of life, creating unique delights that can be enjoyed with family and friends.

Koko Black - Chilli Hot Chocolate

Perfect for these colder winter months!

2nd Aug 2020 | New Arrivals

Koko Black bring you this deeply satisfying instant hot chocolate with the added warmth of chilli. A sippable moment of indulgence at home, or on the go - just add four choice of milk. This chilli hot chocolate is made from 73% Dark with a hint of chilli powder to give in extra warmth and flavour!

2018 Bruno Rocca Dolcetto D'Alba Trifole

An elegant expression of Italian red!

31st Jul 2020 | New Arrivals

$25 (RRP $39)

Bruno Rocca is a family-owned wine estate in Barbaresco in the Piedmont region. Rocca’s wines have long been legendary as not only some of the most seductive in all of Barbaresco, but as pioneering expressions of highly prized site-specific character. Dolcetto D’Alba Trifolé is a wine of freshness, light in body with crisp tannin. “It’s such a lovely drink, skinny, but imbued with a tension and vitality that draws you in. Dolcetto doesn’t get much better!” Mike Bennie – The Wine Front.

Special available until 5 August 2020, whilst stocks last.

Tea Drop

Expertly grown, hand-picked tea leaves

30th Jul 2020 | New Arrivals

We are now stocking the Signature Gift Range collection from Tea Drop. This collection consists of six of Tea Drop's unique, signature blends. The colourful blends are filled with real tea leaves, herbs, fruit, flowers and spices that release an explosion of benefits when brewed. Each tin contains 20 plant based single-serve pyramid tea bags, housed in beautiful pastel tins with metallic lettering. They make the perfect gift for any occasion.

Fancy Hanks Hot Sauce

Award wining sauces!

29th Jul 2020 | New Arrivals

Fancy Hanks is Melbourne's finest barbecue! It is traditional American style, using free range meats from Gippsland that are cooked in their two-tonne custom-built smoker. They have become world famous for their award wining sauces! We now have stock of: Original BBQ Sauce, Coffee & Molasses BBQ Sauce, Cayenne & Watermelon Hot Sauce, Jalapeno & Peach Hot Sauce, Habanero & Carrot Hot Sauce. Be sure to grab one of each - they are so delicious! The flavour combinations are so unique - they can be used across Meats & Seafood!