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Fresh Produce

Kensington Pride Mangoes

New season, the taste of summer!

9th Oct 2018 | Fresh Produce

Trays of golden Kensington Pride mangoes arrived from the sunny Northern Territory! These new season, ready-to-eat Kensington Pride Mangoes are the taste of summer.  They have a firm texture and are not stringy. Also known as the KP or Bowen mango, these are Australia's most popular mango! 


Plentiful & delicious!

3rd Oct 2018 | Fresh Produce

There's nothing quite like the taste of fresh-picked raspberries! We are now at the height of the season and they are rich in colour, a perfect balance between sweet and tart. They are full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Try this decadent White Chocolate and Raspberry Trifle Cake by Donna Hay.

Broad Beans

A spring time favourite!

30th Sep 2018 | Fresh Produce

Broad beans offer one of spring's best seasonal flavours! Our Broad Bean pods are firm and crisp. They're a great source of protein and carbohydrates, as well as vitamins A, B1 and B2. In the US, they're known as fava beans. For wonder recipie ideas visit BBC's Good Food guide on "what to do with broad beans". 

Morel Papaya

Locally grown in Canarvon, WA

24th Sep 2018 | Fresh Produce

Papaya is an incredibly healthy tropical fruit, loaded with antioxidants that can reduce inflammation. Our Papaya is locally grown right here in WA, it is sweet and delicious! For recipe ideas on how to use this delicious, summer fruit head here. Morel papayas are now available in our produce section.

Torbay Asparagus

Arriving direct from Albany!

22nd Sep 2018 | Fresh Produce

Now is the time to enjoy fresh picked Albany asparagus. This premium asparagus is grown in the Torbay region, near Albany. The flavour is sweet and intense. Enjoy fresh asparagus grilled, drizzled with olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt.

Momoko Tomatoes

Japanese variety, locally grown!

2nd Sep 2018 | Fresh Produce

Yoshihisa Okuma has grown tomatoes in Japan for 40 years before arriving in Perth in 2005. He now grows his tomatoes right here in WA! Mr Okuma describes his tomatoes as being "fruity, fresh and sweet, which make your mouth flavorsome and smile"! A full range of Momoko Tomatoes can be found in our fresh produce section.

Panama Red Vine Passionfruit

Sweet and Aromatic

25th Aug 2018 | Fresh Produce

The Panama Red is about the size of an egg, it has a smooth orange skin, and tart-sweet tasting yellow orange pulp with small black seeds. They are larger than the traditional purple passionfruit, are sweet and aromatic. Passionfruit is delicious spooned over ice-cream. The pulp can also be strained and added to sauces and drinks. Great with cream cheese, banana, mango, coconut, mint, pineapple, pavlova, yoghurt, vanilla and rum. Try this delicious Passionfruit & Coconut Slice by Donna Hay.

Hickson Mandarins

Sweet and juicy!

17th Aug 2018 | Fresh Produce

Hickson Mandarins have a high juice content, with orange–red sweet flesh and thin easy to peel skin. The high juice content makes them ideal for juicing as well as eating. Now available in our produce section.

Rio Star Grapefruit

Sweet and tangy

14th Aug 2018 | Fresh Produce

Grapefruit is known around the world for its unique colors and tangy flavour. The Rio Star variety is highly prized, and is the result of years of selective fruit breeding. This grapefruit is sweet, has a red flesh with very few seeds. Red-fleshed grapefruits are much sweeter than white-fleshed ones. Now available in our produce section.

Purple Artichoke

A culinary delicacy

8th Aug 2018 | Fresh Produce

Artichokes are an edible member of the thistle family and actually the immature bud of what would be a large sunflower-like blossom if not picked for consumption! We now have stock of the purple variety! This popular vegetable does not lose its vibrant colour when cooked and is prized for having a slightly more pronounced nutty flavour than its green globe cousin.

The dark purple adds an unexpected splash of color when served. Artichokes can be a meal in itself, prepared simply - just steamed, the leaves plucked then dipped in garlic-butter. The meaty base of the globe is called the heart and is considered a culinary delicacy. 

Fresh Wagin Duck

Perfect for weekend entertaining

2nd Aug 2018 | Fresh Produce

These fabulous Peking are delivered fresh to our Boatshed Butchers from Mark & Leonie Brunnbleman's Wagin Farm. Leonie and Marc started the business Wagin Duck Game in 2013 just outside the Wagin town centre, 225km south-east of Perth between Narrogin and Katanning. Praised with the quality of this fresh product, Leonie and Marc have a niche market here in WA and also sell quails, chickens and geese from their farm. This local, tender and free ranged beauty is served perfectly with creamy mash and a glass of Pinot. Perfect for weekend entertaining Donna Hay has the right idea with this Crispy Spiced Braised Duck recipe;

Blood Oranges

In Season and Local Produce

1st Aug 2018 | Fresh Produce

Currently In season and locally grown in Bindoon, we now have these delicious and exotic Blood Oranges in store. Blood oranges have a sweet yet a sour tang with a hint of raspberry or blackberry, they're about the same size as a navel orange but with a slightly red tint on portions of the fruit's skin. This Citrus fruit can be used in many ways, popular chef Yotam Ottolenghi who's books we carry here in store had a delicious recipe for sea bass with a blood orange sauce and side salad that sounds divine. They're also great for baked goods as a substitute to lemon, like cookies, panna cotta or in a cupcake. They're delicious in Campari and Sweet Vermouth cocktails or just as a garnish in your favourite gin. 

Fine Foods Western Australia

Made from fresh WA Ingredients

31st Jul 2018 | Fresh Produce

Fine Food WA is a produce of boutique, handmade food products dedicated to showcasing WA's wonderful fresh local produce. Their mission is simple; To provide customers with the best quality, healthy and delicious food products that are just like the ones they would make and enjoy at home. They do this by not mass producing any of their products, they're all made by chefs - not machines. The Fine Food team are very particular about the ingredients they use to make all of their products.

  • Only WA fresh vegetables
  • Only WA fresh herbs
  • Only WA free range eggs
  • Only WA GM free canola oil
  • Only WA made vinegar
  • No added preservatives
  • No artificial colouring
  • No additives
  • No added sugar in nearly all products
  • Lots of Gluten free options
  • Lots of vegan options

We're proudly stocking a wide rage of Fine Food Products including a variety of soups, salads and sauces in our fridges here at the Boatshed.

Fresh Quality Tullips

$19.95 Special - While stock lasts

28th Jul 2018 | Fresh Produce

Nothing says Spring like an arrangement of bright and gorgeous tulips, and even though it's not Spring just yet this weekend we were lucky enough to have received a large delivery of fresh tulips straight from the farmers, we're selling these beautiful bunches at $19.95 while stocks last. Tulips are sturdy flowers that can last up to 10 days after cutting if you know how to care for them correctly. When shopping for tulips, you may be tempted to buy the tulips with fully-opened, vibrant colored petals. This would be a fine choice if your tulips were for a "wow" one night occasion, however if you prefer them to last a long time, choose tulips that are still tightly closed with some green buds that aren't fully coloured yet. The flowers will open over the course of a few days, giving you more time to enjoy them.

Wagin Duck Breast Biltong

Free Range Duck

24th Jul 2018 | Fresh Produce

This is a boutique product that takes over 15 days to cure. Local duck breasts are sourced from Wagin in Western Australia and then cured overnight using a special recipe. The following day we season the breasts and wrap them in cheese cloth together with fresh thyme, rosemary and bay leaves. These duck breasts are then left for 14 days in a controlled drying facility so that they cure properly. Try this delicious air-dried product today! Each order will contain one air dried duck breast.

Washington Cherries

World famous cherries!

14th Jul 2018 | Fresh Produce

Fourth generation Stemilt cherry grower Kyle Mathison doesn’t just grow cherries, he works to grow the best tasting cherries that are worthy of being called “world famous.” A world famous cherry is one that explodes with flavor – sweetness, acids, and aromatics – in every bite, and leaves a person craving more. Kyle has grown cherries on Stemilt Hill in Wenatchee, WA for four decades. He is innovative, and willing to try just about anything if it means growing a better tasting cherry. This flavor-driven journey towards building memory and trust with you is what Stemilt cherries are all about.

Now stocking premium loose and pre-pack cherries in our produce section!