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New Season Kanzi Apples

Crunchy, sweet-tart & juicy

2nd Apr 2019 | Fresh Produce

Kanzi® is not just any apple, it is an apple of quality. The luxurious appearance is an alluring promise of the crunchy bite and deliciously well-balanced sweet and sour flavour. Now available from our produce department.

Gin Showcase

Saturday, 6 April 2019 from 12 pm to 3 pm

1st Apr 2019 | New Arrivals

Join us in the Wine Loft for a celebration of all things gin! We will be showcasing unique local and international gins giving you the opportunity to try a huge variety of gins from all over the world including exclusive gins that you will not see anywhere else!

Generous Organic Gin, France
Love Gin Eden Mill, Scotland
Iron Balls, Thailand
VOR, Iceland
Hernö Old Tom Gin, Sweden
Poor Toms Strawberry Gin, NSW
Never Never Gin, SA
Applewood Gin, SA
Four Pillars x Hernö Dry Island Gin , VIC
Tattarang Springs Australian Botanical Gin, WA
Tattarang Springs Bottle Blush Gin, WA

Eraze Waste

Make a positive impact by reducing waste!

31st Mar 2019 | News

Now available in our produce section! Eraze is a Perth, Western Australian company, established with a passion to make a positive impact by reducing waste around the World, Eraze has launched a range of Organic Cotton Produce and Shopping Bag, therefore limiting the ongoing side effects from the use of the intoxicating material we call "Plastic", by providing sustainable products that inspire people to make the swap from damaging plastic bags to reusable's. Eraze Organic Cotton Produce and Shopping Bags are made in India, through a ethical organisation that supports Fair wages, support for women in the workplace and community employment and development.  

Raw Smoked Honey

Certified organic honey cold smoked with Redgum

30th Mar 2019 | News

Fireworks and Smoke are a small batch producer of smoked honey. The honey produced by the bees in Western Australia is 100% pure, unfiltered and unpastuerised using WA made cold-smoke. For great recipes using this amazingly unique and delicious product, visit this website!

Honey is such an incredible ingredient. This liquid gold is everchanging; the product of it’s environment and the efforts of many bees. At Fireworks and Smoke we take 100% raw certified organic honey and gently cold smoke it with Redgum, highlighting the natural bushy flavour of West Australian honey.

WA's unique and isolated environment/ecosystem mean our bees are some of the healthiest in the world, protected from many of the diseases and chemicals necessary in other farmed environments. Our raw honey is worth celebrating, and for me a gentle lick of smoke both highlights the natural qualities of the honey and lends it so well to my other passion; bbq food.

Try out your Fireworks and Smoke cold smoked honey on cheeseboards, roast pork, hams, bacon, chops, beef cheek tacos, beef ribs, rockmelon and prosciutto, haloumi, fruit platters, chicken wings, lamb ribs, chorizo, sausages and anywhere you might feel like a sweet and natural hit of smoke!

Délice aux Truffes

Tasting Saturday, 30 March from 11 am - 1 pm

29th Mar 2019 | Tasting & Events

Join us for a tasting! This is a special version of a decadently rich cheese that hails from Burgundy. It is made using milk that is enriched with crème frâiche and then filled with a mixture of mascarpone and truffles. The fluffy white rind allows the cheese to develop its characteristic rich flavour. When young, the delicate interior is firm like butter and has a fresh creamy flavour. As it matures, the texture will resemble thick cream and the flavour develops more savoury notes. The flavour of the truffles combined with the rich luxurious texture is a real winner for any occasion.

Bi-Coloured Corn

WA grown, Non-GMO

28th Mar 2019 | Fresh Produce

Now only 99c each from our produce department! Corn is a versatile and nutritious vegetable that can be enjoyed right off the cob, cooked on a barbecue, or as part of a salad. Corn should taste the way corn smells and ours certainly does! Try this delicious Grilled Corn with Herbed Butter recipe from Bon Appetit!

Gentle Folk by Gareth Belton - tasting with Sophie Warmer

Friday, 29 March 2019 from 5 pm

27th Mar 2019 | Tasting & Events

Complimentary tasting in the Wine Loft with Sophie Warner. 

Deep in the rolling vineyards of the Basket Range in the Adelaide Hills lives Gareth and Rainbo Belton.

They are two of the country's leading experts in seaweed who caught the wine bug a few years ago and now run a winery making small batches of fun and creative wines with their friends in the Basket range. 

Gareth farms their three vineyards himself. He works organically in the vineyard and with little to no additions in the winery. The Gentle Folk wines have an energy and style all their own. Made for drinking with friends and family, these are clean, unpretentious and delicious wines built for fun times. Get involved and be Gentle with each other!

Unico Zelo - New Release Single Vineyard Wines!

Very limited allocation!

26th Mar 2019 | New Arrivals

Unico Zelo is the project of winemaking husband and wife team Laura and Brendan Carter who are one of the most dynamic winemaking duos in the country. In their words:

“We aim to craft wines and spirits of vibrancy and vitality from new and exciting varieties, underdog regions and native produce. We espouse a low-fi and sustainable method. Crafted for the food and culture we enjoy in Australia.”

Last years single vineyard releases were some of the most well received wines in our store and this year is sure to be no different. Quantities this year are extremely limited – what’s in store is all we will get so be quick!

What’s in store:

Panda Panda Fiano 2018: Textural, off-dry fiano from Birdwood in the Adelaide Hills. A wine of incredible balance – searing acidity balanced by over 30 grams of residual sugar! Only 600 bottles made – a must try!
Dreamers Creed Fiano 2018
: Fiano left on skins for 210 days and fermented in terracotta vessels. Intense aromatics and a spicy, earthy palate. A rare and curious wine and again, only 600 bottles made.
Slate Farm Fiano 2018: Clare Valley Fiano, specifically from Polish Hill River – it’s blue slate soils famous for their ability to impart incredible minerality and tension to white wines. Absolutely delicious and only 700 bottles made, just 24 in store!
Halcyon Days Nero d’Avola 2018: Certified Organic Nero from the Riverland. A light, bright and juicy wine.
Pipe Dream Nero d’Avola 2018: Spicy, powerful, structured, widely loved and only available in limited quantities.
Mallee Gambit Nero d’Avola 2018: Polish Hill Nero from a site surrounded by Eucalyptus Trees. A more savoury example of Nero – dried herbs and bright acidity.
Taboo Merlot 2017: Very expressive on the nose, the palate is incredibly refined – drying tannin, pure fruits and great acidity.
Exocarpus Nebbiolo 2017: Dry grown and hand picked Nebbiolo! Dried rose petals on the nose, and more savoury dried herbs on the palate coupled with classic Nebbiolo tannin and acid-structure. A beautiful wine that begs for food!

Eco Bread

Traditional Polish bread made!

25th Mar 2019 | New Arrivals

Marta and Yaneck run their small home bakery in Mindarie, Western Australia. They use high quality products without preservatives or flavour improvers to make their traditional Polish bread. Their range of delicious and nutritious breads are now available from our bakery!

Baby Carrots

Locally grown, WA

24th Mar 2019 | Fresh Produce

Our baby carrots have their leafy green tops and have been farmed by local, WA farmers just for us! They are freshly picked just at the right time making them sweet and tender, with a much slimmer core than the standard size carrot.

Petit Gres Champenois

Tasting Saturday, 23 March 2018 from 11 am - 1 pm

23rd Mar 2019 | Tasting & Events

Join us in the cheese department this Saturday, 23 March 2019 between 11 am and 1 pm for a tasting! This cheese is produced by a small dairy in the region of Champagne. For its manufacture the milk is enriched with crème fraîche and each cheese is individually handmade in specially developed oval forms. The cheeses mature for 14 days. A nice, white mould develops on the rind. The specially selected mould means that the rind remains very thin. The texture is smooth, the colour yellow and the taste creamy and slightly sour. The Grès Champenois is packaged in an attractive wooden box.

The Food Philosopher - Organic Pasta Sauce & Dip

100% all-natural ingredients using only certified organic Florina peppers

22nd Mar 2019 | New Arrivals

Florina peppers are globally renowned for their incredible flavours and aromas with both mild and spicy varieties cultivated. The Food Philosopher's range of Pasta Sauce & Dip are delicious, farm-direct products that combines roasted organic, Florina peppers with fresh tomato to make a sublime pasta sauce and dip!  Made from 100% all-natural ingredients using only certified organic Florina pepper

Organic Spicy Red Florina Pepper - combines roasted organic, spicy Florina peppers with fresh tomato and grape must to make a sublime pasta sauce and dip with a fiery kick!
Organic Mild Florina Pepper & Tomato -  combines roasted organic Florina peppers with fresh tomato and pure olive oil to make a simply sublime pasta sauce and dip
Organic Florina Pepper with Basil & Wild Garlic - combines organic, roasted Florina peppers with fresh basil and wild garlic collected from the forest of northern Greece

Sweet Celebration Seedless Red Grapes

Crispy with wonderful flavour!

21st Mar 2019 | Fresh Produce

Sweet Celebration is one of a new generation of red seedless grapes with excellent eating qualities. Its size is medium to large with the colour being a pink-red to magenta-red. Its texture is crisp with very little mouth-feel from the skin, and the taste is nicely balanced between sweetness and acids. This is a very sweet grape, but with the acid balance, may have wider appeal. Firm texture with crunchy skin, wonderfully juicy & deliciously sweet. Now available from our produce department!

Midnight Pearl Potato

Purple potato variety!

20th Mar 2019 | New Arrivals

Midnight Pearl potatoes are an unusual variety that has purple skin and flesh that have been bred by Australian farmers Peter and Sandra Scott. Used in potato salads, they can give a pop of color to a typically bland-looking dish. These potatoes will keep their shape when baked but also mash and blend well after boiling for use in mashed potatoes and soups. Purple potatoes have a delicate skin which contains many of the beneficial nutrients. This skin should be kept on when cooking to gain the maximum nutritional benefit.

Try these Purple Potato chips with garlic and rosemary by Ciao Chow Bambina!

Hippocampus Gin - 'Meet the Maker' Lex Poulsen

Sunday, 24 March from 12 pm - 2 pm

19th Mar 2019 | Tasting & Events

Distiller Lex Poulsen is back in the west for one weekend only and joins us this Sunday 24th March from 12pm to 2pm
Join us in the Loft for a complimentary tasting!

Hippocampus was set up by a group of like minded friends who shared a passion for quality, handcrafted spirits. By using local organic wheat, fermenting in small batches and then distilling in the custom- made still, Hippocampus Distillery produces unique Australian spirits crafted from the ground up. Originally operating out of West Perth, Hippocampus has since merged with Boatrocker Brewery, and has subsequently packed up their still and moved to the east coast. 



Frankland Estate - 'Meet the Maker' Elizabeth Smith

Friday, 22 March 2019 from 5 pm

18th Mar 2019 | Tasting & Events

Frankland Estate viticulturist Elizabeth Smith joins us this Friday 22nd March for an intimate tasting of these highly celebrated wines. 

Family owned and operated since 1988, Frankland Estate Rieslings are regarded as some of the best in the region, if not the country. Their major focus is on their certified organically grown fruit that reflects its terroir rather than the hand of the winemaker. 

"Superb wines that stand the test of time" - Max Allen, The Financial Review

"Frankland Estate has emerged as one of Australia's great vineyards" - Huon Hooke, Decanter Magazine


2016 Isolation Ridge Riesling
2017 Poison Hill Riesling
2016 Estate Shiraz
2016 Franc Land Cabernet Franc
2017 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
2016 Estate Chardonnay