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Le Col Des Fourches

In-Store tasting this Saturday, 22 May 2021

22nd May 2021 | Tasting & Events

Saturday, 22 May 2021
10:30 am - 1:30 pm

As a French raclette, it's already soft, gooey and ready for melting - though it's delicious even as a table cheese. But melting it really brings out the full profile - a slightly sweet tang reminiscent of stone fruits, but also an intense savoury flavour which really makes you want to go back for seconds. It's best with toasted bread, pickles, sliced meats and potatoes. Naturally, perfect for hearty meals on cold winter nights.

Cape Grim Beef Shank

$12.95 per kilo

21st May 2021 | News

Cape Grim is collective of beef farmers that are committed to sustainable farming and ethical practices. Raised on rich pastures with nothing else added, Cape Grim Beef is hand-selected and rigorously graded. This is the perfect cut of meat for a delicious winter meal. Beef shank is best cooked low and slow - the marrow in the bone melts out, creating a smooth, rich sauce, and the meat itself goes incredibly tender. Match the robust taste of this beefy cut with your favourite bottle of red wine from our Wine Loft and enjoy!

All The Things - Vegan Curd & Cheese

Nutrient dense, essential nourishment

20th May 2021 | New Arrivals

The range of Vegan cheese and curd are now available from our dairy department. This beautiful range comes in 100% recyclable packaging. The facility is exclusively dedicated to vegan production, no animal products are used anywhere within the kitchen at any time. All The Things are all about creating truly delicious food. The kind of food you reach for first, without even knowing that it’s 100% plant-based and whole, more often than not gluten free, and quite often raw. Nutrient dense, essential nourishment of a particular kind that ticks all the boxes. It’s all the things because it’s All The Things.

Piemonte Wine Two Part Masterclasse with Andrew Moody

A special two part masterclass!

19th May 2021 | Tasting & Events

Part I - Wednesday, 2 June 2021
Part II - Wednesday, 9 June 2021

$250 per person (covers both classes). For ticket purchase please click here.

Please note 1 ticket is admission to both masterclasses and this series is not available to purchase as individual masterclasses. Cancellations less than 48 hours before the class cannot be refunded.

It is such a pleasure to bring this exciting masterclass series to you. This 2-part series will guide you through a variety of expressions found in Piemonte, with the first class covering varietals other than Nebbiolo, and the second class focusing only on Nebbiolo… and the featured menus are just as exciting as the wine line -up! Andrew Moody will be joining us to host this 2-part series, with Piemonte wines being a topic he has devoted much time and passion to.

Part I: More than Nebiolo (Wednesday, 2 June 2021)
Featured Wines:
Adriano Sauvignon 2018
Paitin Arneis 2019
Gaudio Grignolino 2018
Paitin Dolcetto 2018
Scagliola Barbera Nizza 2017
Marcarini Moscato 2019

Our Japanese Hibachi Grills and chefs will join us on the mezzanine, pairing a variety of freshly charcoal-grilled dishes.

Part II: Only Nebiolo (Wednesday, 9 June 2021)
Featured Wines:
Negretti Rose 2019
Marcarini Nebbiolo 2019
Poderi Colla Nebbiolo 2017
Negretti Barolo 2016
Ghisolfi Barolo Bussia Bricco Visette 2016
Marcarini NV Barolo Chinato

A classic Italian menu, with custom-paired pasta made by our friends at Sal’s pasta on Napolean Street.

MoVida Piquillo Peppers

Grown in Navarre, San Sebastia

18th May 2021 | New Arrivals

Now available in our Grocery department! The best Piquillos MoVida could find... grown in Navarre and processed by hand in the traditional way. MoVida Piquillo peppers come from the autonomous region of Navarre, just to the south of San Sebastian. In fact they fully qualify for the prestigious Denominacion de Origin de Lodosa which certifies the best Pimiento del Piquillo from this area and if it wasn't for a silly bureaucratic disagreement about font sizes they would have included that on the label! Bureaucracy aside what matters most is that these are the best Piquillo's they could find. They are hand harvested over a period of weeks to ensure they're taken at perfect ripeness, meticulously sorted then roasted over an open wood fire which ensures a gentle smokiness against the sweetness of the pepper. The peppers are then peeled and de-seeded by hand before being jarred with only their own juices and a little salt. The results are incredibly sweet, complex and smokey.

Black Diamond Olives

Hand picked in village of Kiveri in the Peloponnese

17th May 2021 | New Arrivals

The very popular roasted Olives from Food Philosopher are now available in store! These are true farm to fork, small-batch, hand-picked olives from the little seaside village of Kiveri, in the Peloponnese. They are 100% all natural & have been made in the most authentic and traditional way! The flavour and texture is unrivalled - they are a must try & a perfect addition to any grazing board!

Vannella Cheese

Originally from Puglia!

16th May 2021 | New Arrivals

Vannella Cheese are Sydney-based cheesemakers who are originally from Puglia, and trained in making the region's traditional stretched curd cheeses. Their care and skill shines through in the creamy, subtly smoky Wood Smoked Buffalo Mozzarella; sweet, stretchy Scamorza Affumicata and tangy, creamy marinated Buffalo Feta. The Mozz and Scamorza are perfect for pizzas, the Feta (and Mozz!) for salads. But personally I can just just eat any of them with a bit of bread, they're really quite good.

Cantina Zaccagnini Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 2018

Open to taste in the Loft!

15th May 2021 | Tasting & Events

$39 per bottle

Zaccagnini are one of the most respected producers of this grape variety, making a wonderful tier of wines from this distinctive grape. Each bottle of Zaccagnini Montepulciano wine has a small piece of the grape vine around its neck as a “tralcetto”, or necktie. This dry, red wine made from the Montepulciano wine grape in the Abruzzo region of east-central Italy is noted for its deep reddish-purple hues and subtle nose with clear aromas of coffee and dark chocolate. This delicious medium bodied red is juicy with more-ish savoury complexity cries out for Italian food! Viva Italia.

House-Made Seafood Pie

Made using locally caught, WA seafood!

14th May 2021 | News

Our House-Made Seafood Pie is made fresh, every day. In true fin-to-fork form our chefs make the seafood broth which adds an incredible depth of flavour. We use freshly caught, succulent fish which is dry filleted onsite as well as local WA prawns & scallops. The seafood is cooked to perfection in a deliciously creamy sauce with sweet green peas, locally grown carrots, spinach and a mix of fresh herbs. It is topped with a layer of mashed potato that has been made with Royal Blue potatoes which turns a glossy, golden brown once cooked. Bake in a preheated oven at 180oC for 25 minutes or until crisp. It is the perfect meal option for these cooler Autumn days.

Wines of Quinta da Pedra Alta - Masterclass with winemaker Matt Gant

Wednesday, 26 May 2021 from 6 pm

12th May 2021 | Tasting & Events

Wednesday, 26 May 2021 from 6 pm
Only 12 tickets available - to purchase click here
$95 per person

On Wednesday, May the 26th we are honoured to be joined by international winemaker and guest, Matt Gant of Portugal’s Quinta da Pedra Alta. Quinta da Pedra Alta’s vineyards are located on the steep slopes of Portugal’s Douro region. They only grow indigenous and traditional Douro grapes, producing a range of still wines and ports that are considered the most faithful interpretation of the land.

This one-time-only masterclass features a carefully selected list of Quinta da Pedra Alta’s wines, led by winemaker Matt Gant and paired alongside a tasty, Portuguese-inspired menu, prepared by our team of chefs.

Matt is the consultant winemaker for, and co-director of, Quinta da Pedra Alta. With 25 years of winemaking experience around the world, his escapades have taken him far and wide within Australia, New Zealand, the US, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

When Matt first visited the Douro in 2007 he was totally blown away by the landscape and the opportunities that this region presented for creative winemaking. Today he is as inspired by the region as ever.

During this masterclass Matt will present some truly magical wines from this unique estate and give you an insight into one of the great wine regions of the world.

Featured wines:

  • White Port Spritz on Arrival
  • 2018 Pedra a Pedra Branco
  • 2017 Pedra a Pedra Tinto
  • 2018 Reserva Branco
  • 2017 Reserva Tinto
  • NV Pedra No. 3 White Port
  • NV Alta No. 10 Ten Year Old Tawny Port

Price includes:

  • 6 cuvees + a spritz on arrival (7 drinks)
  • Bacalao Fritters
  • BBQ Portuguese Piri Piri Chicken and Charred corn salsa
  • Portuguese Tarts
  • Evening is led by international guest, Quinta da Pedra Alta’s Winemaker Matt Gant

Roasted Olives

From Kiveri, Greece

11th May 2021 | New Arrivals

The very popular roasted Olives from Food Philosopher are now available in store! These are true farm to fork, small-batch olives from the little seaside village of Kiveri, in the Peloponnese. They are 100% all natural & have been made in the most authentic and traditional way! The flavour and texture is unrivaled - they are a must try & a perfect addition to any grazing board!

Aeijst Gin

Made in Styria, Austria

9th May 2021 | New Arrivals

Aeijst is distilled by Wolfgang Thomann and his family with a blend of 9 botanicals with a base of wheat spirit. Everything that goes in to this gin is organic and the flavour profile and palate length are really quite extraordinary. We love serving this directly from the freezer in to a chilled narrow wine glass - no garnish is necessary. It is simply unforgettable.

Trediberri Langhe Nebbiolo DOC 2019

Complimentary Tasting in the Loft

8th May 2021 | Tasting & Events


Trediberri translates in italiano as the three from Berri (a little hamlet of La Morra, the highest town in Barolo and renowned for wines of elegance and refinement). Father and son team Frederico & Nicola Oberto and friend Vladimiro Rambaldi (a banker) make up the trio and back in 2008 they purchased 5ha of Berri vineyards in La Morra. Anna Rosa Oberto (wife/mother) is also hands on pruning vines fastidiously when not working at the post office. Ripe with charm and classic nebbiolo structure in this fine medium to full bodied vino. Lovely fragrant florals, classic nebbiolo minerality, depth of dark cherry fruit with layers and ripe tannins on the finish. Wow seriously impressive quality and value here.

Cloudy Confections

Handmade Gourmet Marshmallow

7th May 2021 | New Arrivals

These delicious marshmallows are handmade and don’t contain any preservatives! Carmen makes them in very small batches, which are made to order - this ensures the freshest possible product. The range includes Lamington Marshmallows, Mint-Chocolate Marshmallows, Salted Bourbon Caramel Marshmallows, Raspberry Chocolate Marshmallows, Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookie Marshmallows and a whole lot more exciting and seasonal flavour combinations! They really are a treat, utterly delicious and make for a great gift!

Sisko Chocolate

Perfect for Mother's Day gifting!

5th May 2021 | News

Sisko Chocolate is a bespoke chocolate studio based in Hawthorn that creates innovative chocolate creations and experiences. This studio specialise in sourcing and working with the finest couverture chocolate. Sisko Chocolate was founded by Christina Tantsis in 2009, who wished to combine her love of design with her love of chocolate. Whether you are looking for a self-indulgent treat or a more elaborate custom-designed sculpture or centrepiece, the aim is to leave you with an impression of not only quality but one that would have stimulated your senses. It is Sisko's philosophy that their designs are both innovative and visually appealing as well as delicious when you dive into them or perhaps gift them.

Mother's Day Showcase

Saturday 8 & Sunday 9 May

4th May 2021 | Tasting & Events

Join us in the Courtyard this Mother's Day weekend for our annual flower market! Let us help you spoil the women who inspire you! Our florists have created the most beautiful floral bouquets that are available in both traditional and contemporary styles. Make you own selection of flowers from our range of premium blooms and our florists will arrange and wrap them especially for you. Our gourmet Mother's Day hampers are made up of beautiful, best selling products that we know your mum will love!