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Maison Marc Corichons

A French gherkin that is so tasty!

4th Oct 2021 | New Arrivals

A great classic we will never get tired of. In salads, in sandwiches or with sausages : any excuse is okay to eat them! Maison Marc develops a very delicious and unique gherkin. There were cultivated by the book without any weed-killer nor insecticide. These French gherkins are the smallest of the range. There are crisp, appropriately acid and very exquisite. You can taste them with you winter dishes like a raclette or a good tartiflette. It can also be served during your aperitifs or alone by simply greed.

Le Baume de Bouteville

Grand Cru Vinegar from Bouteville, France

2nd Oct 2021 | New Arrivals

The Baume de Bouteville is a handcrafted French balsamic vinegar, produced in the village of Bouteville in the Cognac area of western France. It is crafted from freshly harvested Ugni Blanc grapes, which descend from the same grape families as the world-renowned Trebbiano and white St-Émilion. After the “chauffe” process (heating at more than 60°C) in copper pot alembics, the Baume de Bouteville is carefully aged for several years in oak barrels that previously contained Cognac.

Spring Drinking Series: Mediterranean Rose

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1st Oct 2021 | New Arrivals

3 pack now $99 (RRP $120)

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Spring is a beautiful season! As the days get warmer and warmer with the promise of summer in the air, our taste buds start craving a lighter, more refreshing wine for spring and summer, like Rosé. The birthplace of Rosé is Provence, and there is no doubt that some of the most delicious Rosés come from this area of France, but quality pink wine can be found in almost every wine-making region in the world. Our Wine Loft team have put together three of our favourite Rosés for you to enjoy!

3 Pack:
Whispering Angel - Côtes de Provence
Château les Crostes - Côtes de Provence
GAIA ROSé - Greek Peloponnese

La Violetta - Loft Bar take over with AJ Hoadley

Friday, 1 October 2021 from 4 pm - 7 pm

29th Sep 2021 | Tasting & Events

Friday 1 October from 4 pm - 7 pm

A winemaker with a playful approach to serious wines, Andrew (“AJ”) Hoadley, needs no introduction. On Friday the 1st of October AJ will be taking over the Loft with 6 carefully chosen drops to ring in Spring! Enjoy these delicious wines by the glass or in a flight while the enchanting winemaker captivates your taste buds.

AJ has been producing wines in the Great Southern under his own label, “La Violetta”, since 2008. Each of his bottles, linguistically diverse and colourful as the next, invokes curiosity in both the wine and the maker. With vintages in Beaujolais, Puligny Montrachet, Abruzzo and Piedmont under his belt, he has a bounty of European experience, all of which has influenced his elegant and approachable wines.

Spunk Nat 2021
YéYé Blanc 2019
YéYé Grisé 2019
Loosie Skinsy White 2021
Penury Pinot 2018
Bilingue GMS 2017

Le Chocolat des Francais

Organic, French Chocolate!

28th Sep 2021 | New Arrivals

Its near Paris that these delightful organic chocolate bars are handcrafted made. After touring all around France, the team have found the best artisan with who they now closely collaborate to develop our recipes. Because it’s a family business, this expert has inherited of his specific know-how, which is transmitted from one generation to the next. Everything starts from the cocoa beans: the team have chosen to work with beans coming from Equator and Peru. This type of cocoa is exclusively dedicated for “grand cru” chocolate ! Like wine, its environment and climate allow the cocoa to develop amazing flavours. All this in the respect of sustainable agriculture.

This box of 4 organic chocolate offers many different recipes with visuals illustrated by a variety of talented artists Jessica Das & Sébastien Pastor!

Maison Boissier Paris 1827

Boiled sweets from Paris!

27th Sep 2021 | New Arrivals

One of Paris’s oldest sweets shops, Maison Boissier was founded by Bélissaire Boissier in 1827. At the time, the shop was located on boulevard des Capucines. Located today on avenue Victor Hugo, its reputation for fine confections has endured for nearly two centuries. Our grocery department now stocks a range of delicious boiled sweets made by one of the best confectioneries in the world. They come in a beautiful array of tins and make for a lovely gift!

Morel et Le Chantoux

Salt of Guérande IGP

26th Sep 2021 | New Arrivals

Fleur de sel (flower of salt) is known as the caviar of salts. Only the youngest crystals from the very top layer of the salt ponds are hand harvested by barely skimming the surface. It has a delicate flavour, a moist texture, and a rich, sweet flavour that melts as it touches the tongue. A natural complement to steak, french fries, salads and pasta sauces. Sprinkle on freshly picked radish or raw sardines.

Dingo Lager - WA's Own!

Perfect for the Australia Day weekend!

25th Sep 2021 | New Arrivals

$15 per 6 pk

Dingo Brewing Co is brought to you by a group of WA farmers and a talented brewer who have a shared belief in uncomplicated quality and supporting local. Their Dingo Lager is uncomplicated, classic; all-weather beer made for easy drinking. Handcrafted using only West Australian malt and barley, the product is a refreshingly simple beer that gives people a taste of what it means to be WA. Dingo Lager is a classic companion for all-occasions and perfect for this weekends Australia Day entertaining! Special available until 29 September 2021, whilst stocks last.

Confiture Parisienne - Exceptional Jams

Cooked in small batches in copper cauldrons!

21st Sep 2021 | New Arrivals

A jam is only the combination of fruit and sugar, but made with exquisite ingredients, it becomes unique. Confiture Parisienne recipes have unexpected flavours. But they still are made according to traditional, artisanal methods, without any additives or preservatives. Cooked in small batches in copper cauldrons, each jam is lovingly prepared, with a balance of ingredients that lets each one find its proper place and express its flavor to the fullest. In the Confiture Parisienne atelier, all fruit is selected at the peak of the season, in close collaboration with small orchard farmers who are passionate about their produce. Whether it’s rhubarb from Picardy, pears from the Loiret, and apricots, figs and strawberries from the Vaucluse area, Confiture Parisienne chooses harvests from the Ile-de-France and around the country as often as possible — and sometimes from further afield depending on the recipe. Meanwhile, unrefined, organic cane sugar and conventional sugar are sourced from a mill in the Bouches-du-Rhône area.

Pharmfarm - Black Barley Tasting

Saturday, 25 September 2021

20th Sep 2021 | Tasting & Events

Meet farmer Roger Duggan in-store this Saturday, 25 September 2021 from 11 am to 1 pm for a complimentary tasting!

Black Barley Australia was founded by Roger Duggan when he sourced 160 grams of ancient grain from University seed banks. In 2016 Roger collaborated with the then Department of Agriculture to expand the volume of seed under quality assurance standards at their research station in Western Australia. Roger Duggan now grow the grain on his family property in New Norcia. Black Barley is a delicious ancient grain that is low GI and contains high amount of protein, fibre, vitamin B6 and phosphorus. It offers a nutty taste and unique texture. The beauty of this grain is that it is hull-less and is the only cereal grain that does not require further post-harvest processing, you just soak and eat or cook from paddock to plate. This is how it maintains its wholegrain health potential, coupled with the environmental benefit of less energy required for growing and processing the final product.

Australian Organic Food Co. - Pasta Sauce & Passata

100% Australian. 100% organic.

17th Sep 2021 | New Arrivals

All of the Australian Organic Co products are without synthetic pesticides, no artificial colours or flavours, BPA free packaging, GMO free and 100% certified organic! We stock a full range of the pasta sauces as well as passata! Try one of their delicious pasta sauces - chose from Pumpkin & Sage, Traditional Bolognese or Tomato & Basil Napoli Sauce. You can taste the difference!

Alewife Kombucha

Made in WA's South West!

16th Sep 2021 | New Arrivals

Alewife Wholefoods is a small, family-run business, curious by nature with a preference for doing things the old-fashioned way, using ancient handling techniques, to provide maximum health benefits & showcase the depth of ingredients available locally in SouthWest, Western Australia.We now stock the full range in our dairy department: Lemon & Cayenne, Orange, Turmeric & Ginger, Rooibos, Chair & Ginger & Jasmine Jun Kombucha.

Gazander Oysters Premium Pacific Oysters

Exclusive to Boatshed Fishco!

15th Sep 2021 | New Arrivals

Harvested and air freighted directly to our Fishco - whole & live!
Delicious Produce State Award Winner 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017

Gazander Oysters is fully committed to producing only top quality oysters with minimal impact on the environment. The waters of the Coffin Bay and Little
Douglas Bay waterways are fed by the cold upwellings from the Great Southern Ocean. This ensures that our oysters are grown and nurtured in the most pure of environments. Our oysters filter feed from the bountiful waters and this is evident in their taste and quality. We source our infrastructure as ethically and sustainably as possible. We are committed to using renewable energy in our operations thru solar power, water catchment, recycling water and waste materials.

Bone Dry Gin - Archie Rose

Now available in the Loft!

14th Sep 2021 | New Arrivals

Created as a true homage to gin’s foremost botanical, Bone Dry Gin reverently showcases juniper’s raw power to deliver a hedonistic encounter with a bracingly dry finish. As the first gin released from our new Banksmeadow Distillery, this limited-edition spirit exemplifies the innovation made possible by our one-of-a-kind copper vacuum stills. To draw out a multitude of diverse flavours from our Macedonian juniper, this hand foraged ingredient was both cold and hot distilled to create three distinct expressions. Joined by a supporting cast of single estate Australian coriander seed, Tahitian lime and lemon scented gum, the resulting spirit offers a supple start on the palate that makes way for a bold balance of citrus and herbaceous intensity that dovetails to a profoundly pine-laden dry finish.

Japanese Festival

Saturday, 18 September 2021

13th Sep 2021 | Tasting & Events

Complimentary Tasting Event
Saturday, 18 September 2021
11 am - 2 pm in the Courtyard

Join us in the Courtyard on Saturday, 18 September 2021 for a an authentic Japanese street food experience! Yakimono is a popular Japanese way of cooking food that is enjoyed at traditional festivals and events. Our Japanese chefs will be cooking vegetables, pork, beef and more on open hibachi barbeques in the courtyard. Our Wine Loft team will be featuring popular Japanese Fruit Liqueurs & Shochus alongside Japanese beer. We are very excited to have Taiko On, a dynamic troupe of traditional Japanese drummers who will be performing throughout our Festival!

Catering - New Salads!

Made to order by our chefs!

12th Sep 2021 | News

We have 6 brand new salads on our catering range! Shop online for in-store pick up here.
Persian Walnut Salad
Thai Noodle Salad with Peanut Sauce
Crispy Tofu, Sesame Cabbage & Rice Noodle Salad
Vietnamese Vermicelli Salad with a Chilli Vinaigrette
Moroccan Chickpea & Sweet Potato Salad
Beetroot Salad with Feta & Pistachios

Hosting an event has never been easier with our range of house-made catering. Each platter is made fresh, to order using the highest quality ingredients to ensure the best of all the flavours! We have gluten free and vegetarian options.