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Bravo Apples

New season apples

28th Apr 2019 | Fresh Produce

With its alluring dark burgundy skin, vibrant white flesh and sweet juicy taste, it’s an everyday luxury you will love. Always beautiful in its natural state, Bravo is refreshingly juicy and sweet. Bravo skin is packed full of anti-oxidants, you can see them infusing through the crispy white flesh when you take a bite. Now available from our produce department!

Triennes Rosé

2 for $49*

27th Apr 2019 | News

2 bottles for $49 - whilst stocks last!

This French Provence wine has a bouquet of strawberries and white flowers with hints of vanilla. It has the harmony and elegance that has earned worldwide appreciation of the Rosés of Provence. Triennes Rosé is the perfect accompaniment to a sunny afternoon.

100% Pure Wagyu Beef Burger

House-made and full of flavour!

26th Apr 2019 | News

$2.95 each - special available until 1 May 2019, while stocks last.

Entertain friends and family this weekend with our 100% pure Wagyu Beef Burger. Our skilled butchers hand make these burger patties fresh every morning. We use only pure Australian Wagyu Beef and a mixture of our own herbs and spices. These burger patties are juicy, rich and perfect for the barbecue!

Leeuwin Estate Art Series Masterclass with Winemaker Phil Hutchinson

Monday, 29 April 2019 from 5 pm - 7.30 pm

25th Apr 2019 | Tasting & Events

$30 per person - includes tastings of 5 varietals, cheese platters and presentation by winemaker Phil Hutchinson. 
Only 20 tickets
Purchase here

The Art Series represents Leeuwin’s most opulent and age-worthy wines from each vintage. They are identified with paintings commissioned from leading contemporary Australian artists. Leeuwin Estate winemaker Phil Hutchison will be joining us for a guided tasting of some of Margaret River’s most coveted wines, including the most recent release of Art Series Chardonnay, recently awarded 99+ points by Ray Jordon.

2018 Art Series Riesling
2017 Art Series Sauvignon Blanc
2016 Art Series Chardonnay
2016 Art Series Shiraz
2015 Art Series Cabernet Sauvignon

Vida Glow - Digestive Water

Ginger & Passionfruit

24th Apr 2019 | News

If you’re feeling bloated, heavy, gassy, unease in your stomach or generally sluggish, your digestion may be out of whack. Vida Glow’s Digestive H2O is specifically formulated with key ingredients to help alleviate poor digestion.

White Tea is known to improve digestion and helps to avoid constipation, promoting regular bowel movements, whilst also targeting nausea and stomach cramps. Digestive H2O is also infused with ginger, ginger is one of the healthiest spices, and is renowned for its digestive benefits. Ginger helps to relax the intestines during flare ups in the form of symptoms such as stomach cramps, bloating, gas, constipation and heartburn. Ginger has also been shown to boost nutrient absorption.

Passionfruit doesn’t just add a delicious flavour to this drink, but has potent benefits for digestion. Passionfruits are rich in soluble fiber, which facilitates healthy digestion of food and the regulation of bowel movements.

The combination of White Tea, Ginger, Passionfruit and Vitamin C creates an antioxidant rich, lightly sparkling, deliciously refreshing drink targeting digestion!

Mexican Cheese

String-type mozzarella

23rd Apr 2019 | New Arrivals

Now available in our cheese department - Amore Mexican Cheese. This is made from pasteurised cows milk, non animal rennet, citric acid and salt. It has a mild and clean flavour, is stringy and moist. It is the perfect cheese for all Mexican dishes, sandwiches and patters!

Autumn Crisp - Seedless Grapes

Swan Valley, WA

22nd Apr 2019 | Fresh Produce

The beautiful climate, rich soil and talented locals are the Swan Valley’s secret to growing beautiful produce! These Autumn Crisp grapes

offer large clusters that perfect for sharing. You'll be pleasantly surprised at this grape's firm and crisp texture bursting with mild sweet flavor and subtle hints of Muscat. Great as a snack or part of your grazing board. 

Picardy Chardonnay New Vintage

$39 per bottle*

21st Apr 2019 | New Arrivals

The new vintage Chardonnay has just arrived in our Wine Loft and is tasting as good as ever! Picardy is one of Australia’s leading premium boutique wine producers. In 1993 Margaret River wine region pioneers Bill and Sandra Pannell (Moss Wood) turned their attention to Pemberton, with the view of creating cooler climate wines inspired by the great wines of the old world. 

*Special available until 24 April 2019, whilst stocks last

Cambray Cheese

Handmade, farmhouse cheese

20th Apr 2019 | New Arrivals

We are excited to introduce a range of delicious cheese from Cambray Cheese who are farmhouse cheese makers in Nannup, WA. Their cheeses are handmade, using traditional farmhouse methods and fresh milk right from their farm! Every stage involved in producing their range of cheese happens on their family farm using age-old techniques. The result? Pure, award-winning farmhouse cheese of exceptionally high quality. 

Matured ewes milk cheeses are available year-round, soft ewes milk cheeses are only available seasonally from August to March. During this time Cambray produce an interesting selection of soft cows milk cheese to tide you over until the next milking season. 

Premium Unwaxed Apples

Lyster Orchards, Manjimup

19th Apr 2019 | Fresh Produce

A family owned and operated orchard cluster located in the pristine Southern Forests region of Western Australia. Three generations of orchardists with a combined 60 plus years in the apple and pear industry, the Lyster family is passionate about producing premium products. You can now find a range of these locally grown, unwaxed apples in our produce department.

Juice Station

100% pure & raw cold pressed juice

17th Apr 2019 | New Arrivals

We are now stocking Juice Station in our health food fridge! Their range of cold pressed juice is 100% pure,  free from sugar, processed food and preservatives - making the best juice possible without adding any nasty elements. They are a 99% plastic free company!

Hot Cross Buns

We have the finest selection!

16th Apr 2019 | News

Hot cross bun season is well and truly here! We have sourced the most delicious range of hot cross buns from some of the best artisan bakeries in Perth, WA. Whether it be traditional buns, no-peel and plain mixed-spice buns, spelt flour buns, vegan buns or gluten-free buns – we have something for every hot cross bun lover! Enjoy toasted or fresh, with a healthy slathering of butter!

Kaffir Limes

Delicate citrus flavour!

15th Apr 2019 | Fresh Produce

Kaffir lime leaves have a lingering yet delicate citrus flavour. The rind of the fruit is slightly bitter.  Both leaves and rind quickly lose their flavour when dried, so it’s best to use fresh if available. Kaffir lime leaves are used in many Thai, Indonesia and Malaysian curries, soups, salads and stir fries. The rind is also used in curry pastes and fish cakes. You can remove whole leaves from the dish before serving (similar to how you would use bay leaves) or shred finely if using as a garnish. Kaffir lime loves fish, seafood, mushrooms, noodles, pork, chicken, rice, coconut milk and vegetables. It marries well with Thai basil, chilli, coriander, galangal, ginger, lemongrass and star anise.


14th Apr 2019 | Fresh Produce

Related to apples, pears and plums, the quince is a member of the Rosacea (rose) family. They must be cooked before eating - they are deliciously fragrant, and once cooked, the flesh turns rosy pink and the flavour develops a sweet, piquant richness. Quince contains a naturally high level of pectin, therefore one of its main uses is as a preserve, both on its own and as an addition to other jams and chutneys. Try this Roast Quince recipe by Donna Hay - it contains cinnamon, vanilla bean and orange rind. 

Moreish Menu Lavosh Shards

Artisan crackers made using organic Australian ingredients

13th Apr 2019 | New Arrivals

Made using only exceptional Australian and organic ingredients sourced from our country's finest producers. This includes organic olive oil from the Grampians region, organic roller-milled flour from New South Wales, premium Australian salt flakes and pure filtered water. We then infuse our lavosh with carefully sourced organic herbs and spices. Based in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Moreish Menu craft their lavosh in small batches. They are hand-roll, bake and then partially snap them into uniquely-shaped shards, allowing you to crack your own crackers into your desired size.

There are no artificial additives, preservatives, colours, fillers or numbers. Just pure food with exceptional flavours!

Thai Eggplant

Perfect addition to traditional Thai recipes!

12th Apr 2019 | Fresh Produce

What makes it unique is the crunchy texture and mild flavor. That's why it can be enjoyed raw without removing the skin. Typically, this veggie has a tiny bit of a bitter taste, but the bitterness could become stronger when the plant is over-matured. As for the aroma, they have a very neutral smell when raw and develop a little earthy scent when cooked. Try this authentic Thai Eggplant & Pumpkin Green Curry recipe - this curry is such a celebration of everything from the earth.